Thursday 14th of January 2021

Paul Pogba. Stunning (: NBCSportsSoccer).

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Those who lied about the presidential election results for months deeply divided our country. Their hypocrisy now in calling for unity now is stunning.
Pretty stunning to see House Republicans blatantly ignore security measures put in place the week after a violent mob stormed the Capitol, and particularly ignore the Capitol Police officers who risked their lives to protect lawmakers a few days ago.

As stunning as Rs moving against Trump would be, the alternative is that he sticks around and makes their lives/careers hell for the next four years (at least.) If that's going to happen anyway, a clean break looks pretty attractive. Now or never.

Happy new year, Trainers! Heres to another year of cheer in Pokemon Masters EX! Guest artist TEDDY has created this stunning illustration of Lance & Gyarados and Lillie & Ribombee, who appear in the Seasons Greetings story event ending today at 9:59 p.m. PST!

OMG!! What an incredible report! If you missed it, do catch up. Thank you SimonMarksFSN - stunning work.
A Hall of Fame Lawyer, a Real Housewife and a Stunning Fall.
Stunning how these GOP speakers are ignoring everything Trump did to kill them. It is not about one speech. Why were those people even there on Jan 6th? Because he summoned them.
Take a peek inside this stunning modern-rustic Minnesota home.
"He's not a clear and present danger because he's ALWAYS been this way" is... stunning.
BLM/Antifa riot for eight months. BIG TECH AND DEMS: Stunning and brave! We feel your pain! Patriots cause hours of mostly peaceful chaos in The Capitol, after Trump speech about election fraud. BIG TECH AND DEMS.

Stunning comments by Shaun Bailey and an honest write-up by PeteApps here, well worth a read.
If illegal immigrants had overrun the capital building you would be telking is how stunning and brave it was.
Hello, Heejin noona hope you don't mind with me greeting you at this ungodly hour. You look so cute and innocent in that gif. I mean I prefer you with bangs but turns out you look just as stunning and cute with every hairstyle. Oh yes, I'm Jake *clears throat* and I'm a fan >nulb.

I threw together a little composition of 7 and Ace using some recently released shots by the glorious if_photographer () - you should check out his work, it's simply stunning. (This work is not for profit and was strictly made for fun.).

You are stunning, wowersVnulb.
Stunning photos capture the first Sahara snow in 37 years.
Stunning to see insurrectionists coordinating efforts in real time, with discussion of floor plans, police positioning and plotting to "take this building." What jumps out at you here AshaRangappa_ selectedwisdom DavidPriess EvanMcMullin egavactip?

Ah, old & beautiful serbian town, the capital of Dusan the Mighty's empire, so many memories there, devine monuments also, gorgeus 14th-century serbian orthodox church Our Lady of Ljevis, heavily damaged during the 2004 unrest but still stunning. Thank you very much, Vlora.

Stunning V.
Pretty boy stunning.
This stunning valley in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan is something straight out of a fairy tale.
Although small, Eswatini has an amazing variety of stunning scenery: mountains, wildernesses, highveld & plains. All waiting to be explored & take your breath away! [?] Check out the video.
.shrutihaasan Stunning Beauty latest pics Stylish Icon For a reason Keep calm and stay Rockinzzz.
Omg you are absolutely stunning xx.
Join us for our VIUAL Alaska event on Wed, Feb 3 6 p.m. CST. Fox and Holland America Line are working together to bring you a stunning visual presentation that will inspire you to travel to the Great Land of Alaska and the Yukon.

Western media might try to tell you otherwise, but trust me Pakistan is an absolutely stunning country.
The International Space Station happened to be passing over the Sarychev Volcano just as it was beginning to erupt. A newly released video based on several stunning snapshots taken by astronauts reveals the beauty and power of the erupting volcano.

The valley of Rumbur is particularly stunning. Here, kilometres of dusty road and mountains rumble alongside the Kalash River.
He is stunning in yellow RKV THE GAME CHANGER.
This speech is so fucking stupid it is stunning.
A stunning sunrise off Berry Head last week. Captured by one of our Rangers. Simply beautiful. We live and work here - how lucky are we!
There's some stunning houses in there! Check out the most viewed homes over Christmas and New Year.
Ask any child it will be a stunning Unicorn every time.
It is just stunning to learn more about the allegiance to Trump of US congressman GOP --sworn to protect the country and constitution, yet failing to do so in the face of an armed resurrection on US soil!

Ugh you're stunning.
Shes so stunning, miss her.
Drive, cycle or walk - the NC500 is the ultimate Scottish adventure, promising over 500 miles of stunning sights! Have you completed the NC500? Or is it on your travelwishlist? Check out TravelCatsBlog epic guide here.

Reeves Cock Pheasant looking glorious on this afternoons feed.
Ur absolutely stunning.
Get two stunning styles in one blind with Day and Night blinds. Whether you're looking to let in the light or shut down for sleep, these blinds allow you to do so with their inventive design.
- A stunning one !!
Stunning photos V.
You can satisfy the stunning Goddess MissExoticVenom only financially Be a good cuck and send while She have fun with alpha Buy exclusive clips here iWantClips.
Thinking about how han wrote the masterpiece that is CLOSE like its stunning can we talk about it more.
Really strong first episode of wonder EGG. The visual is absolutly stunning. The story is a bit weird for now but in a good way, can't wait to of it.
Priced at just $13,486 is this 2017 Kia Sportage LX in a stunning silver exterior. Get financing and schedule a test drive now!
Absolutely stunning.
So stunning!
Both the UK and the US are lucky enough to have resources and wealth that many other nations can only dream of having at their disposal. That those two nations have handled the pandemic so badly is down to a stunning level of negligence and incompetence at the highest level.

Vintage Rolls Royce Seats Velvet Twin Seat Sofa SEE EBAY AD >>.
This is stunning!!
Is as natural a Milf as your lightly to findThose lipsThem eyesThat BustStunningBrand Ambassador TheCutestMILFs Not alone is her content Hot Her Real Mother Daughter Content is FollowSubscribe.
How stunning are these hyper-realistic lips by Limitless PMU? We are loving seeing so many PMU artists using this downtime to get creative!
Stunning omg.
Stunning indeed. Pictures of American troops inside the US Capitol, as Washington prepares for the peaceful transfer of power. Not since the civil war has America seen this.
Like Broghil, Chapursan Valley also borders Afghanistans Wakhan but is situated more to the east. This stunning collection of villages and vistas sees only a handful of tourists and is one of the most remote places you can visit in Hunza.

Check out these stunning shots that were taken earlier in the month at our Bleasdale site in Lancashire, when the snow fell upon us and glistened under the morning sun. Majestic.

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I need him.

Hes so hated/underrated its beyond me. Guy is so technical on the ball. Has a absolute rocket too.

Quite a deflection and a strike.

It deflected off a defender or it probably would have been saved. Stop pushing the Arsenal and Man U hype non-stop.

Beautiful ball from rashford.

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