Friday 31st of March 2023

'I Didn't Think I'd Still be Subjected to Homophobic Abuse': Sydney MP Alex Greenwich Has Spoken Out Against Mark Latham's Tweet And Pauline Hanson's Response. .

Social Media Says

didn't think still subjected homophobic abuse': Sydney Alex Greenwich spoken against Mark Latham's tweet Pauline Hanson's response. .
Sydney Alex Greenwich pushes protections LGBTQ people after hurtful Mark Latham tweet: Independent says didnt think still subjected homophobic abuse Labor minister calls for.

What You Really Think

But AlexGreenwich can abuse as much as he likes? Pretending hes the aggrieved party in this shows his hypocrisy.

There should be more MARK LATHAMS, in the world GOD BLESS MARK LATHAM. LONG LIVE SIR.

So I read the article, What did he say ? Typical SBS only tells one side of the story.

Pauline Hansons chief of staff is a gay man.

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