Saturday 3rd of October 2020


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The best part is it was four year to the day that he got hospitalized Edit: spelling.
Ive been sitting on this for a day waiting for my chance to use it when my conservative friend finally says to show a little compassion of empathy. Cant wait.
Loser and sucker.

What You Really Think

TaKe ThE hIgH rOaD.

And suddenly freaking democrats are caving to this bs.

"He'all dun dieded from to much melanin! MAGA! KAG!" \-Cletus Trumpvoter.

Pretended it didnt happen at the debate. I guess Black Lives Dont Matter for real.

Hes only 3/5ths a Republican.

"Covid is an exaggeration." -The Cain Gang.

Because the conservative party uses black people as props. Black people are just tools they use to show they're not racist. They don't actually care about them so when Herman Cain died no one really batted an eye.

Yeah but he's still tweeting so all is well.

Conservatives: What, do you think were black or something?

Happy cake day!!!!

He's not dead, he's tweeting. &x200B; Deceased I tell you! &x200B; Tweeting.

Happy Cake Day.

No negative effects Imagine being Herman Cains family hearing him say that in the debate. He didnt forget. He just doesnt care.

Demanding civility and giving none is a trait of an abuser. Refusing to give it is the first step to freedom.

I feel like Im in an abusive relationship. When I do something Im a horrible hateful bitch. But when he does the same, hes just joking or being sarcastic and I need to toughen up.

I hope Biden campaigns hard the coming weeks. As many media shows as possible.

Bitch boy.

Helping a murderer up so he can push you down the stairs.

Thats a very good point actually. Trumvid-19.

Whoever was calling it the "Wuhan Flu" can now call it the "White House flu". You don't even need to change the "W" and the "H".

Its been officially the Trump Virus since about April/May.

Covid just snuck up on the White House...who knew?

Hes a narcissist. If he could spin it, he would absolutely love the idea of it.

Don't disagree, but I do blame China for not cracking down on wet markets and for underplaying covid at the end of last year. I also blame Trump for his part in the US this year. Lots of leadership failures all around. Edit: To be clear, I think Trump and the GOP are to blame for the wild spread of covid in the US. Hell, as a New Yorker I'm furious that they withheld a pandemic plan to "make blue states look bad" and let us die as a result. All I'm saying here is their gross negligence does not excuse China's gross negligence either.

You blame trump for removing the pandemic response task force. The CDC knows that the majority of zoonotic diseases are going to come Africa or China. this was in no way a surprise. The reason that the Chinese are notorious for eating about anything, and ]Karl Pilkington has a great take on this]() Is because they had one of the worst famines in human history where tens of millions died, and there is still a collective psyche about you eat when you can whatever it is. the fact is that if the pandemic protection program was left in place, we would have had about 2500 deaths and it would be done. Mind you, this program was put in place by Bush. So not only did trump through away a decade of hard work by thousands of emergency response employees, billions were also wasted keeping the pandemic protection program in place. The amount of money the Cons threw away on a program they created is not only ridiculous, is absurd, and we now have 200k dead Americans including my relatives and friends. He totally owns this.


No, its Chinas plot to assassinate Trump. China carefully monitored through Tiktok that the virus would be passed on to Trump in an elaborate 9 months. Putin has other methods.

I doubt it. I've dedicated myself to spreading facts about masks online, and so far only one (Canadian) listened to me, and started wearing masks in public. The lack of common sense, and distrust of science is way too strong.

Until Trump recovers and starts touting how the corona virus isn't all that bad and there's nothing to worry about.

What Ive been hearing is that if "even the whitehouse isn't safe from coronavirus" then there's no point in taking precautions at all because nothing will help. Yeah it's as stupid as it sounds.

Very fine people on both sides have gotten the virus. Oh, and Trump.

2:1 would support a candidate that did not have COVID.

All things considered, we already have that proof. She hasn't as of yet.

She would have also never let things get this bad. (Both sides can play the you-cant-disprove-a-hypothetical-scenario game).

Can you imagine if Hillary was President and got a disease like this? The Republicans would absolutely be mocking her, whipping up conspiracies, etc. Theres no way theyd show her the decency that theyre demanding for Trump now.

You think she woudlnt have gotten it because she would have taken it more seriously?

The Democrats didnt stop attack ads Only Biden stopped attack ads.

Some people are saying it. Very intelligent people.

Well, if this is true and it most certainly is not, it certainly has given me a good chuckle and brightened my day.

"Oh, mah *HEAVENS*!!! I'm feeling quaht unwell! I do believe I need my temperature taken, too, gentlemen!" says senator Graham, as he climbs pantless onto a table, posterior in the air, ladybugs glistening around his impressive goatse-level booty cavern, while a slight prolapse pulsates around the edge like the tongue of a panting dog.

He's supposedly taking the high dose version of an experimental drug which has a couple viral antibodies in it. It's being tested but hasn't been approved by the FDA.

That would be Trump's one and only bright idea.

Or they could try a little bleach, internally. I hear it knocks it out in a minute.

Obama and Biden also called for empathy here. And I respect that because it is class. Of everything that has happened this presidency, the biggest issue to me is the increase in divisiveness. I believe one side has contributed more, but the fact is that both sides have been falling into that hole on basically every issue for 4 years.

Hell, it's like they forgot how in 2008, people were on national tv with effigies of Obama hung by the next. "We're not racist! But remember lynching~?".

Let's hope the Democrats have clued in. Take off the freakin' gloves, FFS. The game only works when both parties play by the rules.

Nope and if they do, they will never admit it.

I C U U C Me We're in an infirmary With an intubated Don No hydroxychloroquine Won't you say "It's a Hoax" again.

...theres beauty up above.

I too feel a new sense of purpose that the universe has meaning, or at least Karma.

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In the wild, there is no healthcare. Healthcare is Oh, I broke my leg! A lion comes and eats you, you're dead. Well, I'm not dead, I'm the lion, you're dead!

One of the defining traits of Republican psychology is their empathy deficit.

Even in the liberal cities, the Trump supporters were supercarriers. They just completely pretended Covid didn't exist. People infecting entire churches, throwing 'Covid Parties' despite there being no evidence of long term immunity and a risk of permanent damage. Their conservative safe spaces all contributed and downplayed the risk and now we have over 50 times the deaths of 9/11 because of it.

Stop equivocating both sides as if one isnt more toxic than the other. You cant criticize one party legitimately without this inane bOtH pARtIEZ R eQuaLlY bAd bullshit.

There are good, caring empathetic politicians on both sides of the spectrum. They exist. Theyre just ridiculously few and far between and the public is so jaded that anyone being genuine comes across as a fake front or virtue signaling. Also, most of them get jaded or poisoned after so long in politics, so even if they start out good natured and genuine, it doesnt last.

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