Thursday 21st of October 2021

Tom Holland & Mark Wahlberg Are Nathan Drake & Sully in The First Trailer For Uncharted Hitting Screens on Feb. 18.

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Holland Mark Wahlberg Nathan Drake Sully first trailer Uncharted Hitting screens Feb.
Nathan Sully from game movie.
Fortune favors bold. first trailer Uncharted sees familiar faces, villains, tons action Nate Sully embark their first adventure.
This NOTHING with Holland Mark Wahlberg's acting. They're both exceptional actors, they Nate Sully. They look, sound, behave, talk NOTHING like Nate Sully. This equivalent rebooting Indiana Jones casting Daniel Radcliffe.

Ayo, added Sullys mustache.
Mark doesn't look like like sully all.
mean watch still feels like Drake Sully were HORRIBLY miscast, unfortunately.
much looking forward UnchartedMovie still convinced casting this one. Mark Wahlberg Sully? Give break! This version almost ideal.
UnchartedMovie starring Holland, Mark Wahlberg, Antonio Banderas looks.. Fun, Entertaining, Thrilling, little nods game. This looks better then thought. Cast looks like their having great time. Sully better mustache lol. Can't wait.

this looks like fun. Still thrilled about Sully casting (Bruce Campbell RIGHT THERE), think will good time.
They didn't even with Sully. When found Drake kid, already older.
Yeah, this doesnt look anything like origin story, they seem also retconning Nate Sullys introduction. incredibly confused.
"Sully doesn't have friends. should know, them." Reminds this.
doesn't look TERRIBLE, still into Mark Wahlberg Sully makes want commit crime plane piece looks stupid live action lol.
Holland Mark Wahlberg fucking miscast Nathan Drake Sully.
good: Antonio Banderas! Tone seems fairly similar games. bad: Holland Wahlberg still horrible choices play Nate Sully.
mean... looks pretty cool. think games feels like they're taking young Nate Sully with Chloe some stuff from Uncharted What weird mix. We'll that works February!

takes reserved footfalls. Although speaks such, he's still much curious about stringy thing that Seraph keeps raving about. "Why sully yourself [?].
only thing liked from this theyre actually aware Sams existence. character not, doubt there wouldnt time where Nathan would mention Sully Elena over years.
Finally, origin story Sully's mustache.
Wahlberg Sully suspect too.
Casting mark wahlberg sully will always beyond fact that they didnt even give mustache crime.
probably watch Would have rather seen older Sully Nate.
Mark walhberg sully, sold.
wish they real sully.
Mark Wahlberg woefully miscast Sully rest looks promising.
games, this looks like it'll least entertaining watch. actually like Wahlberg Sully, calling Holland feels right completely sold Holland Drake though, might just getting tired being everything.

Mark should Drake, they wanted young Drake some reason Mark Sully.
would make more convincing young Sully than Marky Mark.
Still hate mark sully also playing will elena that girl gonna elena?????? play elena idc.
Hard believe guys (Sony) actually care when cant even Sully with Moustache right lol.
Change that awful song choice. Recast Sully. Mark didnt sell before DEFINITELY doesnt sell now. Stop with style physics bullshit. Thats exciting, cheesy awful. Scrap whatever hell this That bad.

UNCHAED Official Trailer (HD) REACTION, REVIEW, FIRST THOUGHTS! check full reaction here:
sorry, said. audacity Mark Wahlberg only forego mustache, also grey Sully. even sprinkle pepper. don't care he's younger Sully, that needs least Silver Fox. AUDACITY.

Cranston wouldve been Sully too, which wouldve been
Even ignore looks, mark wahlberg just doesnt give sully vibes. like all.
Noooo mark whaleborg sully.
honestly really like Uncharted trailer. always liked Nate, Mark Sully kinda over (still pissed doesnt have Hawaiian shirts mustache tho). movie looks great Imo, hyped.

This movie supposed prequel right? locations/events from hell Sully having mustache? love Uncharted franchise much confused about this movie could greenlit, with these decisions mind.

sorry hear that. looks like good boy, sure.
holland nathan drake mark wahlberg sully. say, lord giveth lord taketh away.
This just mark wahlberg dont hint sully him.
Sully's moustache important story nathan there moustache sully's face.
Uncharted movie trailer looks Except casting Sully Drake. wrong.
Mark Wahlberg Sully like: "Drake don't care valuable this treasure going Vietnam find it".
Sully bigote.
Check Holland Nathan Drake first Uncharted movie trailer.
sorry both Nathan Drake Sully were terrible castings. love Holland this
Horrible Sully.
Yeah liked could mess such important detail Sully having mustache!

What You Really Think

This kid just leaped forward onto a moving plane.


Looks like an algorithm cast this movie.

The Nathan Drake and Sully casting is awful.

I think the age of Nate is ok if they are planning a huge franchise like The Fast and The Furious. By movie 6 they can fit the roles perfectly.Them showing the plane scene in the first movie is a big NO. So much from the first game or second but we jump into set piece from 3?????

I mean... it looks good. What's all this moaning about?

Tom Holland & Mark Whalberg are Tom Holland & Mark Whalberg in the first trailer for.

I reckon this film would make an excellent PlayStation game.

I'll pay ticket just for the airplane scene.

Looks good.

Can't wait.

Is he playing teen Drake?

Not impressed.

Terrible casting, not wasting my money on this.

Yo he kinda look like spiderman.

Three Things 1. Tom Holland is too young. Shouldve been Bradley Cooper. 2. That airplane scene is absolutely ridiculous. 3. This movie is going to be bad but I am still going to watch it.

Wish you stopped casting Mark Wahlberg. Terrible human being.

So he is infact still Spider-Man.

Sic parvis magna.

People need to stop talking shit Nolan North Lakes Tom is Nathan drake so I accept Tom doesnt even look bad at all.

Not bad. Looks like solid wait until ]insert streaming service here] type of movie.

Mark Wahlberg as Sully Using Led Zepps Ramble On in the trailer.

I appreciate the plane scene being recreated! But it context of story it doesnt make sense and Im not feeling Mark Wahlberg as Sully.

Damn this looks good.

This feels nothing like the game.

I keep expecting Tom to break out the web-shooters.

I feel like they went this route so they can just age up each film. I like it. Each film we have a older Drake and Sully gets older.

This actually looks cool but Tom Holland was horrendously miscast as Nate.

I'll be honest, I've never played this game. From the trailer it looks to be an action comedy of sorts. But Tom Holland is a talented actor and a very decent guy so I'm happy to give it watch to support him.


This looks fun. Not good, necessarily, but fun.

What's with the subtitles?

It sucks this will probably be better then whatever indy 5 is.

My birthday V.

Awful just awful. I hate Sony much for making this.

Feeling a little skeptical about it.

Honestly, I really love Toms acting but if you have really grown up with Sic Parvis Magna, youd agree with me that Tom Holland is not a good fit for Nathan Fraking Drake, but hey, its a movie so lets see how it goes, slick_rod what do you think?

Everyone: Give us an Uncharted movie Them: Oh you wanted a Preschool Iron Man movie? Here ya go teenage girls.


N o. Doesnt work.

Uncharted two train scenes should be in this movie.

This looks actually pretty damn good Im excited to see it.

Is the only acceptable Nathan Drake, sorry.

They fuck it up by putting Marky Mark as Sully.

Please tell me Tati Gabrielle is Nadine Ross I can see it.

This looks so bad lol.

The new spiderman trailer looks crazy.

Menarik nih.

Tom Holland plays Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg plays Mark Wahlberg. That's all this movie is.

Im so sorry Tom, but you shouldnt have been the Nathan Drake.