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Friday 10th of July 2020

Donald Trump Likes Summer Walker Praise Tweet For Bringing Stripper Vibes in Her New Music.

When Summer Walker said "I am a child of God so I cannot be touched" I felt that.
Da galsssssas Snoh Aalegra & Summer Walker dropping tonighttttttt! My coin is readyyyyyyy!!
In the dead of night, for reasons that are, at this point, beyond sufficient explanation, Trump liked a tweet praising R&B star Summer Walker for bringing back a stripper vibe.
Summer walker got every girl on the tl tryna see if they should text her ex or not.
Summer Walker always drop something when I need it.
Summer Walker ass new what she was doing when you made SWV nulb.
Summer walkers new project sheeeesh.
Deeper by summer walker.
Summer walker make music for hopeless romantic women but hate men but still need to be up under one but then again have a boy fuck you attitude***nulb.
Donald Trump likes Summer Walker praise tweet for bringing stripper vibes in her new music.
Dead love this song !!!
Idk if its me buttt Summer Walkers EP wasnt giving ... its something ima have to listen to a few times to see if I like it.
I told facebook that Summer Walker album is like groundhog day for women, and it will determine how women will treat you niggas this summer.
Sza better come tf through with a album since she the queen because summer walker dropping heat.
Wondering how summer walker just said everything I didnt know I wanted to say.
When I listen to Summer Walker I dont even know which boy to think about.
Summer walker snapped on let it go.. I heard you sis.
Summer walker does not miss. She just sweeped the finals 4-0.
Summer Walker : even tho I dont wanna show EMOTIONS Im open Me : RUN THAT SHIT BACK.
Summer walker said when you have something, you treat it good yall did not feel that.
New Snoh Aalegra & Summer Walker on repeat.
Summer Walker: "Baby, all I gotta say, nobody get they way faster. Claimin' that you're here to stay, we'll see how it plays, actor" Me.
White tee By Summer Walker & NO1-NOAH Literal fire.
Summer Walkers EP is fucking amazing.
SWV ~ Summer Walker.
How yall feel about summer walker new EP?
How is that summer walker joint?
Jhene aiko And summer Walker need to hop on a track together again.
Summer walkers EP is good but is it good enough to forget about her xenophobia? i think not.
Summer Walker: What have you become? Matter of fact, nah, thats what you been. I was just blind. I was just so committed. I dont regret it. I learned what love is once I Let it go. Track one and we already done with the listen through for tonight. Yall be blessed.

Summer Walker confuses me I thought she was done with music.
Summer Walker: You know yo mamma aint raise you like that Me.
Summer Walker never ever misses.
Summer Walker in the morning really hits different.
Summer Walker makes music for women who dont want deal with men but need dick on the reg.
Im trying so hard to find a song on summer Walker album I like but this aint ittttttt.
Summer Walker x Party Next Door.
That new Summer Walker EP dropped just in time.
Let it go by Summer Walker really got me thinking about why it took me so long to let go of some the people dat hurt me the most.
Summer Walker told us to let go of that one side love.
*Summer walker breathes* Me: Start that shit over.
Summer Walker without the features >>>>>>.
Ouuu summer walker made an EP.
Im getting into that new summer walker when i wake back up.
Summer walker better release a deepest because damn.
Summer walker NEVER disappoints , sheesh.
Summer walker and juice dropped in the same day Im in heaven.
Summer walker and juice damn today got a whole lot better.
If you actually been trough something with someone and they aint treat you the way you supposed to treated Let It Go by Summer Walker will have yo ass crying.
Switching between that Summer Walker and Juice Wrld album.
Summer walker didnt impress me idk i just didnt like it.
Top trends today at Worldwide: Goya ApoyosEdomex Summer Walker.
Summer walker is for deep thinkers & smart thinkers . gets you contemplating at 2am.
Donald trump a summer walker stan?
Summer walker drops music and Spotify starts to jam.
Soon as I talk about cutting a mf off, here go Summer Walker confirming its time.
Snohs one song was better than Summer Walkers whole EP. i said what i said, have a good day.
Okay Summer Walker.
You lot listened to Summer Walkers EP last night now Spotify has crashed LOOOOOOOOL.
I believe Summer Walker is extremely talented but I am not feeling this EP of hers.

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