Wednesday 14th of April 2021


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Excuse me ".
Check out my beer flight at Po Boy Brewery in Port Jefferson, Long Island, New York. Want to support me? Want more content?...
Hmm this girl is different -.
Montcroix uwu o // o !!!
Hi~ I just wanted to say that I fully enjoyed reading the Sakura series! Thank you for taking the time and effort to write such...
My Manager brought us Moes Chips and Queso to our Leads meeting tonight... I was only half joking when I suggested it.
Every time i look at myself in the mirror, i'm always surprised at the colors staring back at me.
My friend who knows me for 18 years told me that I'm a superwoman for her. She explained why and a funny thing...I don't see...
Me every week: Mmmm I LOVE Critical Role for the riveting story, fantastic role-play, and cuz Matts cliffhangers are to die...
"You cant embroder outdated memes" Me.
The Void wishes to remind you today that you are a most wonderful, beautiful, amazing kind soul whose existence is a...
Who wins?
Oh, look at that!
With this recent trend, Im surprised no one paired these two together from /vexillology Top comment: When u secure the Norse...
So many things I want to say, but Im going to keep this as simply meaningful as possible. I recently had a conversation about...
What a good match what magic is this apexlegends surprised xboxone...

What You Really Think

Idk what looks better.

Well yes, Critical Role IS D&D, it's also a high-production, independent web series about two specific D&D campaigns. Tagging Critical Role posts with the dnd tag spams it with Critical Role content, which could be frustrating to people who want content specifically about D&D the game, or things which are posts about campaigns, but are non-professional, personal campaigns.

I'm so sorry for accidentally tagging you here, I don't know how that happened.

Every episode I fear the next words that exit Matt Mercer's lips during a tense scene or the standing on the threshold of a discovery That cursed sentence that makes me wait for a week to go by "And will pick that up in the next episode".

What? Why? As long as it's tagged Critical Role too... It is dnd, isn't it? That's because tagged it dnd that I discovered Critical Role.

Please don't tag critical role specific posts as "dnd".

This is so cute.

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