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Friday 5th of June 2020

BREAKING NOW: I Just Confirmed, The 2 Officers Seen Shoving The Elderly Man in This Video Have Been Suspended IMMEDIATELY, According To The Buffalo Police Commissioner.

This man started an account where he tweets exactly what the president tweets. He just got suspended.
UPDATE: The mayor of Buffalo says the 75-year-old man shoved by cops is in serious condition. Two officers have been suspended without pay.
UPDATE: The two officers involved have been suspended without pay pending an Internal Affairs investigation. The 75-year-old man is in stable condition in the hospital.
Two Buffalo cops suspended after shoving 75-year-old protester to the ground, where he lay bleeding, motionless.
BREAKING NOW: I just confirmed, the 2 officers seen shoving the elderly man in this video have been suspended IMMEDIATELY, according to the Buffalo police commissioner.
One Twitter account is reposting everything Trump tweets. It was suspended within 3 days. It took 68 hours for it to be suspended for glorifying violence.
Just suspended? Why not charged with assault? Or elder abuse?
Two police officers in Buffalo, New York, were suspended after shoving a protester in this incident that was caught on video. An official said the man was hospitalized with a head injury. The video contains vulgarity and disturbing images.

Suspended. Not fired? I swear to got I keep losing my shit more and more every single fucking day. ACAB.
Cops who pushed elderly man suspended without pay. Elderly man in serious but stable condition.
We will be covering this live MSNBC at midnight. Officers have been suspended.
They only suspended them when the video was shown. Initially they tried to say he "tripped and fell" I wish I was making this up.
Good, it's a start that they've been suspended. The others who passed by and saw the man lying on the ground and did nothing, also need to be suspended. We cannot afford to keep these soulless people on our police forces. Imagine how much of this happens when no one is watching?

Two police officers have been suspended in Buffalo, New York, after knocking down an elderly man during protests.
Officer Torgalski has been suspended by the Buffalo, NY PD. Will probably be fired. Will probably not be prosecuted. The PD will use the "bad apple" excuse, and Torgalski will probably get a job with another PD. Bad cop, or just poorly trained?? We Need National Police Standards.

Both officers involved in the video have reportedly been suspended.
Update: The mayor of Buffalo says the 75-year-old man attacked by regime security forces is in serious condition. Unknown if he'll make it. Two officers have been suspended without pay. Not under arrest. Currently hiding.

Well welcome CBS, but we already ah d.ed this on Twitter and the Cops have been identified and suspended.
My original account has been suspended for over 3 months with over 5000 followers.
They tried to issue a statement that the man tripped and fell, if no one records this shit happening, these fucking monsters will try to get away with anything warning: the video is very graphic.
Why suspended? Why not fired? The video is obvious. What more proof could possibly be needed that these individuals do not deserve to be in law enforcement, ever again?
UPDATE: The two officers have been immediately suspended by Buffalo Police Commissioner Byron Lockwood. A full Internal Affairs investigation is underway.
Victim is in hospital, stable but serious. He's 75 years old. Both officers have been suspended without pay. THEY BETTER BE CHARGED!
Scroll down past video for info on condition.
Suspended? That was a crime, commited by 2 guys with badges.
Suspended. Just suspended. After an attempted murder. This is why police violence perpetuates. Cops see that even when other officers are caught lying, murdering, & abusing people *on camera* the worst is not even that bad.

I wonder why his TikTok account got suspended ?
Suspended without pay is not enough. If I shove an old man to the ground and he sustains a serious head injury my ass would be in jail for aggravated assault. NO ONE is above the law, not even the "Law" itself!

New York has suspended Habeus Corpus for protesters.
Every single officer that walked right by needs suspended for 30 days and the officer who pushed him needs fired! Those National Guard know better. SHAME on them! They need written up!

What You Really Think

ALL of the cops in this video who showed their indifference need to be fired.

Oh that poor man. Just awful to watch. We have to act like humans first he was obviously badly injured.

The officer try to crouch down to help the guy and that other officer backed him away like wtf.

I know that a lot of people are afraid of the military and for good reason. However, the fist to check on him was the military individual. They follow the rules, but they aren't machines. They will follow them in a roundabout way or quite before harming someone. Hope he is okay.

Suspended is not acceptable. They need prison time.