Wednesday 21st of April 2021

Trump's Comments to Hannity on Kim Jong Un And Vladimir Putin Are Beyond Parody.

Social Media Says

Trump right about soup.
statement from Maxine Waters used justification overturn guilty verdict Derek Chauvin appeal, then courts gonna have back revisit every single case where Donald Trump made comment about pending trials years when office.

would White House reporter question about ongoing trial? they think this still Trump White House trying interfere with juries?
sure President Trump told that year ago. What your title again?
this straight. Trump saying march peacefully patriotically inciting riot. Maxine Waters saying take streets confrontational encouraging peaceful protest? What backwards country!

Trump blame will years.
You gotta love Trump.
Biden showed restraint sanity here that Trump incapable correct. Biden wrong commenting before verdict announced.
Another disgraceful moment GOP: Scalise defends Trumps speech ahead Jan. Capitol breach while criticizing Rep. Waters.
Sgt Putin's Heartless Club Band by LTCartoons trump.
learned from Trump then.
failed utter single word against Trump when Instigated insurrection January you're doing stop Congressional investigation. lack credibility gravitas.

President Trump last night!
Waka Flocka Flame gets lifetime achievement award from Donald Trump.
RUNNING AGAIN 2024? Im looking very seriously. BEYOND SERIOUSLY. Trump
Trump took America Paris climate pact 2017, emissions continued fall, reaching lowest level since 1992 2019 lowest capita since 1950, thanks largely shale (which Team Biden want curtail).

this poll after John Bolton Superpac. released Friday. Primary voters would support Trump 82-15. VERY VERY STRONG TRUMP REPUBLICAN BASE.
Your reminder that simple majority Congress Donald Trump's postpresidential compensation package. $200K annual pension million dollar travel allowance staff support. Democrats alone make happen.

that biden sped deportation regime, expanded kids cages, reduced number refugees accepts, provided more surplus military equipment local police than trump, privatized troop deployments afghanistan, super annoying?

Rep. Steve Scalise: "President Trump used words peaceful when talked about statements that made. haven't heard Maxine saying anything about peacefully protesting.".
Supreme Court Hands Another Major Legal Blow Donald Trump.
imagine outcry Trump ever told jury vote?
Interesting, nothing said nothing when trump President.
GOODBYE TRUMP SWAMP: Trump's Under Andrew Wheeler Discarded Climate Science Research. READ.
Union leader presses Biden immediately fire Trump Social Security holdovers.
Assholes voted Trump helped give like Derek Chauvin feel like right kill black man. look defiance face people begged stop. Trump allowed white supremacists crawl from under their rocks because himself.

document showed listing most names from 2014. LGBT discrimination healthcare happens time, even under Obama, only Trump tried make easier do.

Dude tank democrats. They could never anything won't cosign. What Maxine Watters said more inciting violence than anything Donald Trump ever said. Keep cosigning BS.

Presidential diplomacy about having BFFs, must focus advancing national interests. What American people Trump-Putin happy talk? Nothing.
apologies deadly wars? Biden team sorry Trump climate policy, bigger apologies unlikely.
This Disney heiress here tell exactly what with Trumps cuts Spoiler: They didnt create more jobs increase salaries.
Maxine Waters exactly what Donald Trump worse! deliberate call violence direct threat jury, approve verdict. accountability Democrats pose danger America?

Marco Rubio complicit Donald Trumps unconstitutional actions. Marco staying silent DeSantis.
going retract every time posted that murdered Trump supporters?
Nikki, change paths...the leads into shadows. Just look thousands responses your Trump friends get...not great!!
Europe took seriously much worse results. What more could have been done prevent virus from being here? Trump literally shit down travel country trying stop it.

right! NASA drone result President Trump space force. Liberals know nothing great will come from your years maybe some 2022.
Ignoring Facts doesn't change facts narrows mentality - creates DoubleStandard justifies CrimesAgainstHumanity eventually, will destroy your country.
Chauvin could walk because you. Stop asking violence, sounding like Trump supporters.
Fair enough, polls pundits were first Trump coming, they suggest DeSantis could pretty far.
room, theyd concerned just like Boltons stupidity going into Middle East. difference with Trump Administration there were endless wars, wars kind President Trumps watch...

DeSantis already acts likes Trump starting look like too.
Headlines: "Trump Complains Being President Very Traumatic Him" Him?! about Geez..
would have looked like Derek Chauvin." Donald Trump's statement from Mar-A-Lago.
During presidential election last year, Trump's campaign team conducted fraudulent online fund-raising activity, many Americans were tricked into losing their money! this what Republicans doing?

Trump Obama.
Notice Trump gone constitutional crisis continues. Because central conflict isnt Trump, white Americas ongoing refusal allow birth multiracial democracy where human civil rights extended everyone.

When Trump said that America would unrecognizable under Biden administration this what meant.
When Donald Trump running Presidency said "You don't think could win, you?" Everyone thought idea absurd. same thing happened with Johnson. here experiencing fallout from electing manipulative, populist clowns.

What fuck George Bush? Like Boehner, come speak against Trumpism? NOW? many former Republicans lost everything publicly opposing Trump these past years, said nothing. speak? Pardon rant, come man.

know least dozen people have said they will vaccine. Trump supporters watch News listen other right-wing media outlets. They believe Covid hoax deal, they shouldn't have mask vaccines safe.

This will be one if the *many* garbage dumps we'll be dealing with because of trump. This one just happens to screw the environment as well.
Trump Hannity looked ragged grooming issues. Slathered love Putin. Incoherent nervous word drool Russia like fears coming news. talks thinks will shield from prosecution-From legal standpoint, dont really want talk yet.

Ohio Republicans rename state park after 45th President Donald Trump.
It's fairly obvious that Trump aptitude democracy.
Please trump people from post office. They have destroyed
Trump stooge DeSantis reaches psychotic level villainy.
Gross SecretService chuck full nazis just like trump admin.
opinion, just trying headlines. student Trump marketing. Like Trump after dollars. Giving many headlines will only help her.
next covering face same next maroonpb that picture holding Trump banner.
Commonwealth billionaire's club felonytrump DJMAGICD1 dj_sir QueenMahm meghanmdaily VogueUkraine katyperry SnoopDogg mcdoni1 ScottMcDoniel9 that accurate right have find Doni Melanie Trump.

many miss Bullshit, America First approach President Trump?
causing violence like racist Nazi thug Trump cult followers caused hell Jan. 6th!!!!!!!
Dethroned, like trump was? LMAOOOOO.
Trump's thugs were able storm takeover Capitol despite intelligence warnings their intent potential violence. because they were angry their Chosen lost. Compare that rhetoric enforcement precautions right before Chauvin verdict.

Also hows your doing Biden with border well mass shootings every other Trump brought national guard your people called Nazi.
Kinda funny that stupid trump supporters Kinda creepy that guys difference than maga people.
Trump Obama this type thing too, they shouldn't have. Presidents shouldn't publicly weighing active criminal trials deliberations. just adds fuel fire.
Theres terrible stuff world right now. just tiny more bearable because Donald Trump isnt twitter anymore.
Trump without Twitter: Will move Trumpnet?
Trump ventilator there only plug room, needed charge your phone...?
think Trump family have crossed some kind Social Services threshold
Crybaby BOLTON, STILL LASHING TRUMP!! WHAT HACK!! GIVE BOLTY!!puts poll sandbag Trump.
Sadly, Donald Trump (realDonaldTrump) remains large prison.
Compared Trump genius.
concerning number Trump appointees sought permanent career positions civil service, including DOJs Executive Office Immigration Review (EOIR). worry that previous Admin's politicization immigration courts ongoing.

Weiner and IQ45 are sociopaths.
Donald Trump takes role adviser inside Trump family. Fredo ascends golden throne.
Cheney Trump going retreat Florida: haven't invited him' govkristinoem either.
understand that that Saddam's dead taking advantage national mood post-9/11, deceiving public, attacking your intelligence services (like Trump did) matter good intentions be.

Remember Donald Trump?
civil rights ending segregation passed 1964 that's years ago... People like McConnell, Trump, Kennedy, etc... were young white their late teens 20's time think they just "Stopped" believing segregation because law?

Right. Adderall sniffing doofus can't remember committing crimes he's guilty many which crime family have already admitted Good story, Donald. money pouring from Russia." Donald Trump Jr.

This refuse We're ready.
And this surprises who?? >>Trump wants you to boycott Coke. His properties are still serving it.
agree female version Trump adore just went inside Capitol file resolution ExpelMaxineWaters history inciting violence ordering Black Lives Matter terrorism against National Guardsmen Minnesota.

What You Really Think

Putin poisons people.

You are no use to them and they dont need you. Get over it!!!!! Kim is gone & his Sister is running the show. Gotta say the body double is pretty damn close.

Please please do not put Trumps face or his words on Twitter. He was banned for a reason.