Tuesday 13th of July 2021

It Took Taiwan... 85 Days to Reach 1 Mio. Covid Vaccinations 14 Days For 2 Mio. 9 Days For 3 Mio. One in Seven Taiwanese Has Received at Least One Dose by Now. Source.

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don't want live world dominated CCP. When hear Jinping make threats like that, threats people Taiwan, requires resolve, strength, deterrence from America. hope President Biden will take that up.

Congratulations Taiwan's Hsieh Su-wei partner elise_mertens becoming Wimbledon doubles champions. Your victory will inspire future generations tennis lovers Taiwan around world.

Biden Communist Chinese government's dog. Why?
That's think integration silicon next. wouldn't require such radical departure. chip shortages, that's fresh water shortages Taiwan. Thank climate change that.
Taiwan MATTERS!!! Contractors cleaners business booming. dearth work vehicles making hard them keep adds stress day-to-day operations.
vaccine donations date (may complete) South Korea J&J Mexico: 2.5M (loan), 1.35M J&J Canada: 1.5M (loan), Pfizer Taiwan: 2.5M Moderna Brazil: J&J Honduras: 1.5M Moderna Peru: Pfizer Colombia: 2.5M J&J Ecuador: Pfizer Pakistan: 2.5M Moderna 1/3.

This pure china laced fentanyl grown from depths taiwan.
Prof. Radhika Desai makes point about Russian, East European Chinese revolutions forced imperiaism finance welfare reform Europe land reform Japan, Korea Taiwan forestall revolution there. Starts in.

For we walk by faith, not by sight. Matthew 9:35.
$TSM traded sideways since early April, change could way.
Taiwan frogs team.
What control does China have over Taiwan.
This will lisa's magazine cover this year alone. SHE'S INSANE. -Elle Korea (April) -Bazaar China (April) -Elle Thailand (May) -Vogue Japan (June) -Vogue Korea (June) -Vogue Hong Kong (July) -Vogue Taiwan (July) -Vogue Thailand (July) -W Korea (August).

Don't bring along Taiwan virus Tokyo.
Love More Than Anyone" JYPETWICE entered Taiwan iTunes Song chart ]NEW].
Fixing our eyes on Jesus, the pioneer and perfecter of faith. For the joy set before him he endured the cross, scorning its shame, and sat down at the right hand of the throne of God. Hebrews 12:2.
vogue covers, incoming korea cover, back cover marie claire taiwan, global campaign, dream dare campaign, more come. hands down bulgari giving lisa treatment that deserves.

For the righteous will never be moved; he will be remembered forever. Psalm 112:6.
For everything that was written in the past was written to teach us, so that through the endurance taught in the Scriptures and the encouragement they provide we might have hope. Romans 15:4.
This more than economic crisis. People cuba have been starved, deprived freedom, medical care, earned income years. It's human nature want freedom they freedom, Taiwan's Philippenes jeopardy communists, know they must something now.

"The earth Lords, everything world, live it." Psalm 24:1.
White House reannounced will support Taiwan 'independence'. means Taiwan indepedent country yet, part China. With correct historical view take news easily without pain.

direct comparison, lived Taiwan years. Studied spoke Chinese every day. Became conversationally fluent. Could read write 1,000's characters. even peak understanding, wish translator. Especially when diving into niche topics.

Indonesia Iraq Ireland Italy Jordan Malaysia Mexico Morocco New Zealand Norway Peru Poland Singapore South Africa South Korea Spain Sweden Switzerland Taiwan Thailand The Netherlands The Philippines Turkey Saudi Arabia United Arab Emirates United Kingdom United States.

'The Story Begins' EP has entered Taiwans iTunes Albums Chart at 178 ( 75).
ViewSonic Partners with German A.M. Architekturmuseum Bring Immersive Architectural Exhibition Taiwan Acts! World.
Stan Shohei! Great article, always amazed your work. Even Taiwan there lots fans start watch again because him, desperately want watch ESPN2 here.
Major diplomatic crisis points since Biden "elected." -Haiti suffers near-coup event -Cuba undergoing mass protests -Russia arms Baltic border -Belarus becomes quasi-dictatorship -China warmongers after Taiwan -DPRK suspends bilateral talks -etc etc.

Then they took away everything that they could. Under guise Taiwan Businessmen, Chinese Communists taking advantage American laws culture rights BREAK America. Trump what attack America from within. Biden Chinese puppet!

shops find life Taiwan while whole country burns!
Taiwan independant country every right exist away from China. Beijing needs BUTT OUT.
China: Heavy military deployment been reported, close Strait Taiwan Fujian province amid growing rumours upcoming invasion Taiwan Communist Dictatorship. WW3INFO CL[?]CL.

There are many things to love about the big and small auditoriums of Taiwans Traditional Theatre Center Xun , but sur/sidetitle placement is definitely not one of them.
Congratulations Kaohsiung Kaohsiung Port represents Taiwan participate World Port Sustainability Awards wins "Resilient Physical Infrastructure" It also highly recognized international experts. After epidemic, come visit.

wasn't superpower before either, Germany was. this arugment goes both ways isn't really convincing. Also think you're engaging vague language you're accusing others. Other than China-Taiwan issue, there really wasn't "Asia status quo".

However, DisabledWomen, being mother can't determine themselves stereotype eugenic lack accessibility hospital forced sterilization Taiwan, 'DWERA' advocating them.

don't think truly understands hard they will fucked they really wanna this Taiwan. personally, hope they fuck around find out.
most cases money gained from this scheme sent back corporate home countries Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Canada, Australia continent doesnt stay Hawaii benefit locals, sent away others enjoy profits. 10/18.

from Taiwan just followed Channel! Check free previews videos, with 2869 screenshots other models including Darek_KraftXXX, Reyallenking joegillisxxx. videos have been viewed 259710 times.

Knows that America only strong next generation. This fight isnt about about preserving America them.
mainland willing success deal, official said, noting that mainland expressed willingness long that would like support Taiwan island fighting epidemic, including providing WHO-approved vaccines.

ordered shirts same time from . (to Taiwan from store) TeePublic: weeks. Threadless: 10-15 weeks. (supposed weeks) diff?
Tell Taiwan Cruel Animal Tests.
Im not entirely sure yet. Could be Italy. Could be Taiwan.
Paracels among hundreds islands, reefs atolls resources-rich South China contested China, Vietnam, Taiwan, Philippines, Malaysia Brunei.
America leads best when interests values placed first, last. must undeterred unapologetic fight protect American values.
Taiwan Berlin
Shall not be infringed.
Never give an inch. Period.
Freedom depends on adhering to the Bill of Rights and the Constitution.
lose freedom here, theres place escape This last stand Earth. President Ronald Reagan.
We are not going to start WWIII over Taiwan.
Is AssHoe : Football Fight CCP HongKong MilkTeaAlliance Malaysia Thailand Japan.
proud American. Join CAV_PAC Cavalry help champion great American values.
Girl trying date: "What would lottery?" "Probably hire private plane willing over North Korea, Cuba, Taiwan could drop crates weapons down their citizens.".

Taiwan will battleground 2030.
RETWEET youre Pipehitter!
Yeah, locked spat because Taiwan's government politics before lives Taiwanese.
Given demographic problems, China only short window project herself global powerincluding retaking Taiwanand will have that during next years Iran similar problem.

Taiwan, Bangladesh Vietnam.
Three-Point gdudejp Randy serviced above beyond expectations, while Victor found something secret about SPA. don_taiwan bareback asian massage twinks gaysex Directed
Foxconn TSMC strike deal million COVID vaccines Taiwan.
]WTS/MY DREAM photocards from taiwan seller prices pics second payment just excluding local postage! RM12 postage eta: July PLEASE CIRCLE WANT THANKS.

Make sure youre following me and CAVPAC on GETTROfficial.
Where call action Taiwan(Cuba time)? think have responsibility nations sphere despite their economic bility which course hand messing That then this cycle wagons.

Neglecting Chinese mainlands goodwill shown Fosun vaccine deal with Taiwan-based firms, DPPs claim based BioNTech vaccines place production Europe seen observers political move steal credit, erase mainlands role.

Because their smaller naval presence, Australia/Japan cannot really threaten early stages Chinese invasion Taiwan. That means China afford wait their response. That makes risk accidental escalation less likely.

Even today, with much having changed since heady days which they were written, Constitution, Declaration Independence Federalist Papers invaluable dealing with challenges face nation. latest ACLJ.

Cloud Software Engineer (Cloud One File Storage Security), Taipei City .
Field Process Engineer 2, Hsinchu City .
Customer Service Manager Taiwan, Hsinchu City .
Key Account Manager, Taipei City .

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TBH, it's not fair at all. But even more ridiculous is that some in Taiwan kept depreciating all kinds of vaccines, and kept pushing gov to buy Sinovac... Shame on them...

Update with the weekend numbers: Last week, Taiwan for the first time reached its goal of administering more than 1 mio. vaccine doses. Total no. jumped from 2,518,860 to 3,565,840.

Taiwanese are in fear.

Supply would be the key controlling factor...

I'm up this week. Yay!

Thanks for Japan and American supporting vaccines to Taiwan . We remember that forever.

Omg, that's the exact curve how Foxconn ramps up its iPhone production.


Taiwan can certainly dose plenty of people. Whether supply can sustain this is another question.

That's a beautiful graph and statistic.

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