Thursday 28th of May 2020

At The Target in Minneapolis That Was Being Looted Tonight During The BLM Riot, A Woman in A Wheelchair Was Attacked.

Social Media Says

If you can stand in line at Target You can stand in line to Vote If you can stand in line at Walmart You can stand in line to Vote If you can stand in line at Costco You can stand in line to Vote People fought & died for my right and your right to stand in line to Vote.

At the Target in Minneapolis that was being looted tonight during the BLM riot, a woman in a wheelchair was attacked.
Jennifer coming in to defend Target.
Me tryna take an 80inch smart TV by myself from target.
I bet target got some good deals.
Some context for people who don't live here: Target HQ is in Minneapolis. Lake St. Target, which got looted tonight, is literally Target's experimental site for loss prevention & surveillance policies geared toward poor people. Very few people in the neighborhood like that Target.

The scene outside of Target, which company officials decided to close earlier in the day.
When you come out of Target after robbing it and see 30 dead niggas in the parking lot.
Target got hit ?
So how are they gonna protect a murders house but not target smh.
Twitter wants to target conservatives -- with none of a publisher's responsibilities.
How you name a store Target, then act suprised when it gets hit?
How can you complain about looting at Target when you live on looted land and looted wealth.
HAPPENING NOW: Rioters looting Target store in Minneapolis.
Title Announcement On May 31st ? Just 3 days to go ? Previous records under dhfms foots ? SSMB27TITLE ? Target.
Take a look at the Target/minneapolisriots">MinneapolisRiots trends. I counted over 50 violent calls to action in less than 2 minutes. Twitter are you going to do anything or are you waiting for another BlackLivesMatter Dallas shooting?

Twitter is on Nique les keuf, Nique les racistes, Nique Target, Nique les Karens mode and i love to see it.
CALL THE NATIONAL GUARD! minneapolisriots">MinneapolisRiots are stupid! We all want Justice for George Floyd but burning down TARGET and AUTOZONE and STEALING is crazy THIS WILL NOT BRING JUSTICE! You have ruined businesses and took jobs away from people! SICK! RT ?

Nothing screams grieving like stealing Target televisions.
What if we kissed in the target ruins.
That one guy who spend $300 at target seconds before it got looted.
Me trying to teach my grandma how to use all the shit I stole from target during all that rioting.
That guy's shirt looks like a shooting range.
All of your Smash character suggestions and predictions are wrong. Think about this for a second. There is one game that has had a significant influence on Smash Bros, leading to the creation of Target Angry Birds. So you know what that means? Yep. RED is getting in.

When the police show me a video of me walking out of that Target with a flatscreen.
Remember when white people destroyed and burned down an entire Black community, killing an estimated 300 and injuring 800? Oh you don't? Because it's never talked about. One Target gets looted by BLM and I can bet you anything white people never gonna stop bringing it up.

Target HQ donated money, forensic research and equipment to MPD in exchange for as many criminal convictions Klobuchar's office could hand down.
Good, I'm glad Target is getting looted blind.
Video captured earlier of the elderly wheelchair-bound woman who was attacked at the Minneapolis Target during the BLM riot. In a later interview, she said she was trying to do her part in stopping the looting. She was beat on the head & sprayed in the face w/a fire extinguisher.

Wearing a better together shirt STABBING people outside of target kejdkaciiwwlrkdmajxgaiaj.
Jennifer when she heard the niggers started looting target.
And then Jennifer grabbed a knife and started stabbing black people leaving Target, but let white people pass right on by. She got what she deserved.
Target Employees walking into work tomorrow.
Minneapolis Target will have a close out sale today on work boots , belts and school supplies that went untouched in last evenings riot.
Minnesota target refused to sell teargassed protesters milk they also fund the minneapolis police department so protesters burned down target and trashed the police station.
When grandma heard them nggers was up at target looting.
They should have played Payphone by Maroon 5 while they were looting that Target.
This is what someone said regarding the target looting.
Niggas said Big Sean albums still available in that target.
The target manager when he comes to work tomorrow.
The people hit target so hard because that target funds the Minneapolis police department. They also denied service to protesters when they needed milk for those who were tear gassed.
Trump is responsible for over 100k deaths of disproportionately black and brown people, an unarmed, handcuffed black man on the ground pleading for his life was murdered in front of us, but some folks looted a Target, so let's all shift the narrative. Stop being such patsies.

White people be like "that target could've been someones son".
Why are you tweeting about the Target situation yet had nothing to say after seeing a black man murdered on camera by a white police officer? Looting and riots are the result of years of racial injustice and violence. People reach a breaking point.

Why did a wheelchair bound elderly woman declare herself the Target Vigilante and start stabbing mfs lmfao like what did she gain from it.
The cleaning crew when they arrive at the Target in the morning.
Niggas done stole trains, cop cars, iphones, I HEARD THAT A HELICOPTER GOT STOLEN, niggas done put auto zone on fire, looted target, cub foods, t-mobile, and boost mobile. wild fucking day ??
Me in the chips section eating hot cheetos while everyone stealing electronics from target.
People have erected their own barricade using Target carts.
Time & time again we have seen Twitter exploit its immunity to silence the voices of those with whom Silicon Valley billionaires disagree. But yesterday the company stooped to a new political low, using its ubiquitous platform to target the President of the United States.

What You Really Think

She started stabbing ppl that's when she was attacked. Also, SHE CAN WALK!!!!

This is world news. Oh wait, it's a white woman in a wheelchair, no, not important.



I know 250 of those poor violent looters against one fat 30 year old who can walk in a hoverround. SO SCARY its so awesome they beat her, threw her off the chair,sprayed her w/ anextinguisher. GOOD for those freedom fighting superloving caring great good people.

From what I can see in this video the lady in the wheelchair is trying to stop the people from stealing from target. Low life people.


She got a knife.

She was the one attacking. Get the headline correct.

I care what color of skin you, no disabled person should be attack. The people attacked is such a big disgrace to human kind, but your own race. You should be ashamed of yourself for acting out the way you did.

What's fucking wrong with people?

Poor thing. These are not looters they are animals. Who does this? Crazy ! Hope she is ok.

She's 30, she can walk, she GOT A KNIFE. And the fire extinguisher guy was WHITE. i love the facts ??

Ugh please delete this shit ?

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