Friday 26th of May 2023

Target Removes All Towels From Stores After Soaking-Wet Lunatic Objects To Dryness.

Social Media Says

I've obtained EXCLUSIVE internal email from TARGET LEADERSHIP management. Target reaffirming their support grooming kids LGBTQIA content minors. Target wants lose another billion. Let's help them!

Target Removes Towels From Stores After Soaking-Wet Lunatic Objects Dryness.
Cant believe target supporting this nonsense, never shopping there again, cool school these shirts ridiculous. going school WILL learn.
should executive firing day, like didnt have BudLight example.
What bullish chart! Tomcatinu2023 reached 3000 Holders now! Next Target 4000 listed, Coingecko coming.. Huge marketing still going. Chart: Telegram.
target claiming that tuck-friendly bathing suits were only adults. Look where SarahPPerry found them. kids/teen area store. Right next child mannequins. Sizing teens always different from adults. still stocked for.

this? Associated Press removed their claim violence being inflicted upon Target employees demanded examples they caught lying they deleted This peaceful boycott protect children Your lies smears will stop us.

Youre making baby Jesus cry.
This Target employee perfect responses this loser. find give raise?
$lina *Top analyst price target next week.
Happening Now: Target posted billion loss market just week after they faced backlash their Pride gear which included tuck friendly swimsuits other gender related products. Just like Budweiser, theyre learning quickly that parents normal.

TARGET LYING TARGET: removed Satanic items Reality: Here they TARGET: PRIDE section Adults only Reality: Groomer child mannequins, toddler onsies, books TARGET: relocated PRIDE display Reality: Front store, KIDS Section WATCH.

GIVE INCH. target boycott continues. They scared. winning. Target Light have lost BILLIONS stock their sales plummeting. Find alternatives, ideally small local businesses. Never give them cent your money ever again.

Target Targeting Kids? Retweet Support.
Newly discovered documents show that Biden administration been secretly funding groups that maliciously target Republicans Christians. Most corrupt administration American history.
Target pulled Light Americans have spoken. woke, broke.
Black fuck white women world still hold their black card second Black woman fucks white man, Black immediately erase their Black card. Their target Tina Turner.

Dont worry MAGA will back Target couple weeks.
REDNECK TRUTH Rednecks afraid recession inflation right target.
Google reportedly manipulates search results boost liberal views target children.
Budweiser 15.7 BILLION value. AT&T lost billion value. Disney streaming services losing billion quarter. Netflix lost billion value. Target lost BILLION value like week. Again majority America categorically rejects this woke.

help take Shadow Mewtwo, were giving away codes Purified Gems reach 150k participate: Follow Twitter this post with ShadowRaids Receive confirmation reply reach target, well send participants code Shadow Raidthemed items!

Well, guess North Face wanted taste what conservatives Light Target. many times have explain woke marketing departments these disgusting companies that America nation degenerates? time boycott product.

Congratulations anyone filming themselves Target while stomping rainbows screaming obscenities mannequins cant wont ever scream back. You look exactly like hateful, ignorant fucking asshole everyone ever already knows be.

also shows what coward attack show without giving opportunity counter claims. marklevinshow lacks integrity disloyal they come. Nobody loves listening Mark Levin talk more than Mark Levin himself. must over target.

They shut down your small business during Covid while Target stayed open Feeding your family wasnt essential their record profits were theyre targeting your kids with sexual grooming Satanism Were disgusted This were boycotting Target.

Conservatives successfully boycotted Light point that referred Tranny Semen that considered main ingredient. Now, Target lost $9,000,000 week their Satanic clothing collection. Conservatives getting REALLY good this boycott.

Target wouldnt condemn rioting looting even when cost stores MILLIONS MILLIONS damages theft. They will apologize their wokery until they literally bankrupted. relent now.

Please share. Americas Parents must know what theyre supporting shopping target. youre Target shopper youre funding Satanic child grooming. Target cant their Lets make sure people know what Target supports. Lets viral.

Anyway, fuck Target, you utter cowards.
Shame Target Where supposed shop now?!
Where's satanism this lmfao.
Often its the clergy or those associated.
Great news!!!
look what these MAGA Boycotters Target!! wait this from riot Democrat-controlled city.
First, like your other topical songs, this pure cheeks. Secondly, Target budweiserusa... were they given permission film music video your store (Target), show your product/beer (Budweiser)? Don't these things require clearances?

shaming Target "catering" these threats, thinking clearly. Target employees, customers protect. they nothing, they're liable because they were aware potential dangers.

most organically grown groups that continues grow gain love recognition over world, going their year! remaining most humble, kind, beautiful talented humans ever will sadly always make them target vile that feel threatened .

Altman only known digital age.A greenfield cyber world,without boundaries. Technology, cutting edge,without wisdom lived experience? Integrate learnings history with technology with target equity. Ref: Deakin, Lincoln, world oversight equity.

Target letting their employees handle this. Have them arrested, press charges. It'll bumped hate crime with hefty sentence. Make nazis afraid again.
This their billion dollar theft loss they reported during their earnings American mothers have stood wouldnt count them. Most weak dont issue with grooming. hope wrong have little faith considering state US.

Hate grifting... neat. about campaign something real Chrisitian would like helping poor.
Target loses billion market value week since boycott over controversial LGBTQ Pride products, presidential candidate says big-box retailer 'spit face' customers.
Boycotting Target isnt even conservative issue, common sense issue. Parents dont want their kids being force propaganda from satanic cult while theyre shopping paper towels batteries.

honest, dont really care what Target does this point never shop there again. Theres apologizing sexualizing children, even though they havent attempted even yet. Target .

From opposite extreme. places vulnerable public pressure campaigns than Target places equally shopped across political aisle.
Trump lost 2020 without excessive fraud, they wouldnt excessively weaponizing agencies target Trump impeding 2024 run. They know depths they went order steal 2020 even worse now!

It's gotta harder these companies bailouts and/or handouts... purge needs much harder... This sort filth they peddling.
your kids handle active shooter drill school, they sure heck handle pride section Target.
Armani Rogers projected make some noise this season, before going down with achilles tendon injury yesterday. Another second year Tight next Curtis Hodges offers target passing game EB.

Target Pride Month items front store where they belong. close minded idIot piece
bought target pride shirt kinda drunk couple weeks then after realized kinda ugly that conservatives glad bought
Target Tops Light, Goes Next Level Pushing Satan Worship Murder.
Satanic? Well, this work Target Pride designers.
Netflix Avatar last Airbender series actually group queer people trying find after disappeared when needed most. Avatar: last target employee.
They like Target promoting this like
"...somehow encouraging ?? You. Give. Them. Money. Even your fellow hooligans boycotting Target understand primitive level that give someone money you're saying, "Yes, like what you're doing. Carry on.".

great Target that would great you.
Target: Last time target. buying anything when store made deal with devil. Pride displa.
think this Target boycott real staying power. Target branded itself left organization, point where embarrassing shop there. This branding that makes boycott stick. happened Light. think happening Target.

Democrats divided over fentanyl bill bill brought Republicans target drug that destroying country House Democrats voted against What would they prefer? they care nothing about their constituents?

target, wokeness cost million billion gazillion dollars.
agree with her. Stick with boycott. They'll learn like Light did. Let's libs keep target afloat. Just goes show that liberals majority.
angry white Missoula, Montana destroyed vandalized pride display Target while harassing trans customer. These people unhinged lunatics.
What sucks even more about target removing their pride collection publicly that queer artists carriages that they COLLABORATED WITH PUBLICLY that worked hard their pieces line going loose much money just because target giving into.

now, their idiotic quest "unwoke" America, we're going subjected videos dipshits Target beating displays harassing customers because they don't like LGBTQ rainbows? can't they just people live their lives love they love?

RIGHT WING JOBS DESTROY TARGET STORE CARRYING KIDS' PRIDE APPAREL!! (Just joking, this 'mostly peaceful' destruction during 2020 riots.).
Anti-LGBTQ conservatives reports children being abused Catholic Church, Southern Baptist Convention, Scouts America, numerous politicians, they think: "You know what kids need protection from? Shirts with rainbows them Target.".

History doesn't repeat itself does rhyme. boycotts directed Target, Light other companies meant completely dehumanize LGBTQ people with goal being eradication. holocaust started with boycott Jewish businesses.

yall talking about boycotting Target, yeah, happy about this, come ladies, what about Starbucks? Boycott them too! They've been pushing alphabet agenda LONG time, yall keep getting your pink drinks frappuccinos.

What You Really Think

. I'm so old I remember when the onion was funny.

The Left cant meme.

The amount of conservatives that dont get this is both tragic and predictable. Humor is not for everyone & Ive never met a funny conservative.

Onion suuuucks.

The onion used to be funny years ago.

You're tiresome.


I miss the days when the onion was funny.

The onion used to be funny.

Fuck me doesn't this just seem exactly like it is.

The onion is still a thing?

You may think selling tuck friendly gear to children and gay pride clothes to toddlers is okay but we dont do your spoof article..not funny.

Youre probably on the inside of the joke. Im sure 5 people got it though. Im sure it was funny.

I remember when you guys used to be funny. Sad now.

Know the funny part? These companies are learning really quick who has the spending power in this country.

Im old enough to remember when the onion was funny.

When did the onion go far left fringe lunacy?

Remember when The Onion was kind of funny?

You all are awesome.

I mean I ain't much different from what really happened.

You've never seen so many people scared of refractions of light.

Wow, that is almost kinda funny I guess? No Babylon Bee, but keep trying! You may get there!

This is a terrible attempt at humor.

The Bee does it better. Again.

Onion is so lame now. Just give it up already.

The Onion cant Onion anymore.

Is the Onion like MAGA controlled opposition or something?

Damn liberals are bad at this.

Member when you use to be funny.


I remember when you all used to be funny.

I was told you were funny back in the day.

I don't get it.

Youre a knock off BabylonBee.


The Onion used to be funny.

Whatever happened to The Onion? They used to be so good, so funny.

Is this supposed the funny?

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