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Ted Cruz And Josh Hawley Helped Kill Four People Yesterday.

Thursday 7th of January 2021

Ted Cruz And Josh Hawley Helped Kill Four People Yesterday.

So he's off the hook? That's it?
Other republican senators: Ted cruz learned his lesson. No expulsion.
Republicans: call for a coup Also Republicans: attempt coup Also Republicans: why would antifa do this?

What You Really Think

Ted Cruz is actually a fucking idiot. Honestly, didnt expect him to have no political tact at all given his political ambitions. Wanting to overthrow American Democracy is not a valid political position and here hes choosing to die on this hill. His political career should be over 10 times over. Even though Mitch is a heartless bastard but hes not politically ignorant like a majority of his colleges. The Republican Party died yesterday the moment right wing terrorist smashed the windows of the Capitol.


Cruz: Ahhh, let's try and put this behind us pls.

Nah ,he pretends to.

Surprised Pika-coup!

Nixon resigned for much less.

I swear, its like Conservatives say things thinking people won't take them seriously, then get shocked when people actually listen and act on what they said. Happened with Brexit, its happening repeatedly with Trump and his political cronies.

I'm ootl. What did cruz do?

I would think more. Someone planted a pipe bomb outside the RNC HQ. These people are past party lines. They hate cops, Republicans, and probably the military after the national guard was called in. The only one that matters to them is trump.

Which half?

I assure you these people would not recognize who anyone was. They would have killed everyone.

How so?

Looks like ol' Zodiac almost doubled his self-proclaimed streak.

Expel Josh Hawley of Missouri, Ted Cruz of Texas, Tommy Tuberville of Alabama, Cindy Hyde-Smith of Mississippi, Roger Marshall of Kansas and John Kennedy of Louisiana from the Senate immediately under Article I, Section 5.

Impeachment is a process that takes months, and in the history of impeachment, almost every vote was along party lines, making it near impossible to be an effective tool. So the impeachment would likely be a symbolic vote. We were told we couldn't force a medicare for all vote, because it would be symbolic. You know what is waste of time? Fighting and taking time to impeach when you can spend that time actually fighting to relieve the economic pressure that is creating the tension that leads to the current situation. Trumpism is not the problem, it is the symptom. The problem is the very real economic pressure on the lower and working class that is feeding the beast that is the rightwing desire for leaders with fascist tendencies. We should all be appalled, that in the past month our government refused to give us significant help in terms of stimulus checks, and that our leaders refused to even force a possible vote for medicare for all, but act shocked and confused when chaos ensues after an election. We need to realize that Trump is Godzilla. Do we need to stop Godzilla? Yes. But you know what is even more important? That we stop creating the conditions that formed Godzilla. ]Godzilla was a monster created by exposure to nuclear radiation from American bombs](.) according to the original story. Trumpism is the Godzilla that is created when we don't address the serious issue of income inequality in America. **The dirty secret that the oligarchy does not want you to talk about is that the underlying cause of the racial violence we saw this summer, and the chaos we saw at the capitol building, is one and the same**. Namely an imbalance in political and economic power cooked right into our entire government. MLK knew this, and said as much in 1967- > We must realize that the problems of racial injustice and economic injustice cannot be solved without a radical redistribution of political and economic power. The crazy people who ran into the Capitol are upset because they lack economic power. It's why they rail against taxes, it is why they blame illegal immigration for a job market with wages that can't meet their needs, and it is why they turned to Trumpism as the solution. With Trump losing the election they saw their last hope for economic and political power disappear. They believed in Trump, right or wrong, and his electoral loss was devastating to them. We all agree that what they did was terrible, but until we realize that their actions are a direct result of the failure of our government to serve their needs, and until we address those needs, we will see them again and again. Again, in the past month our government and leaders refused to give us $2000 stimulus checks, the Republicans didn't want the checks, ]the Democrats weren't willing to fight for them](). You might say one is the "lesser evil" but in the end it doesn't matter which one is less evil, the failure to meet the needs of the people has the same consequence. Our leaders would not even fight to get a vote for medicare for all, telling us that it isn't time, or we don't have the votes. Then we act shocked when chaos ensues.

I thought it would only take a 2/3 majority vote?

I challenge his fat ass to trial by combat.

And he needs to shave that damn white trash Wolverine beard.

Ted Cruz is like Trump but stupider, and that's saying a lot.

Here is ]the full song](), for everyone's enjoyment. You and Your racist Friend, by They Might Be Giants. We blasted this out the window at our neighbors back in college one night when they were being a-holes one night. We felt it was appropriate because the entire year they had a confederate flag up in one window.

Appropriate political They Might Be Giants.

This is where the party ends.

Here's the list (copy pasta) Alabama * Sen. Tommy Tuberville * Rep. Mo Brooks * Rep. Jerry Carl * Rep. Mike Rogers * Rep. Barry Moore * Rep. Robert Aderholt Arizona * Rep. Andy Biggs * Rep. Paul Gosar California * Rep. Mike Garcia * Rep. Kevin McCarthy Colorado * Rep. Lauren Boebert * Rep. Doug Lamborn Florida * Rep. Matt Gaetz * Rep. Byron Donalds * Rep. John Rutherford * Rep. Bill Posey * Rep. Brian Mast * Rep. Scott Franklin Georgia * Sen. Kelly Loeffler * Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene * Rep. Jody Hice * Rep. Andrew Clyde * Rep. Barry Loudermilk Idaho * Rep. Russ Fulcher Indiana * Sen. Mike Braun * Rep. Jim Banks * Rep. Jackie Walorski Kansas * Sen. Roger Marshall * Rep. Ron Estes * Rep. Tracey Mann * Rep. Jake LaTurner Louisiana * Sen. John Kennedy * Rep. Clay Higgins Maryland * Rep. Andy Harris Michigan * Rep. Lisa McClain * Rep. Jack Bergman * Rep. Tim Walberg Mississippi * Rep. Steven Palazzo Missouri * Sen. Josh Hawley * Rep. Sam Graves * Rep. Vicky Hartzler * Rep. Billy Long * Rep. Jason Smith Montana * Sen. Steve Daines Nebraska * Rep. Adrian Smith New Jersey * Rep. Jeff Van Drew New Mexico * Rep. Yvette Herrell New York * Rep. Elise Stefanik North Carolina * Rep. Madison Cawthorn * Rep. Ted Budd * Rep. David Rouzer * Rep. Richard Hudson * Rep. Greg Murphy Ohio * Rep. Jim Jordan * Rep. Bob Gibbs * Rep. Warren Davidson * Rep. Bill Johnson Oklahoma * Sen. James Lankford * Rep. Markwayne Mullin Oregon * Rep. Cliff Bentz Pennsylvania * Rep. John Joyce * Rep. Dan Meuser * Rep. Glenn "GT" Thompson * Rep. Mike Kelly * Rep. Lloyd Smucker * Rep. Guy Reschenthaler * Rep. Fred Keller * Rep. Scott Perry South Carolina * Rep. Jeff Duncan * Rep. Ralph Norman * Rep. Joe Wilson * Rep. William Timmons Tennessee * Sen. Marsha Blackburn * Sen. Bill Hagerty * Rep. Chuck Fleischmann * Rep. Mark Green * Rep. Diana Harshbarger * Rep. Scott DesJarlais Texas * Sen. Ted Cruz * Rep. Lance Gooden * Rep. Ronny Jackson * Rep. Louie Gohmert * Rep. Brian Babin * Rep. Randy Weber * Rep. Pete Sessions * Rep. August Pfluger * Rep. Jodey Arrington Utah * Rep. Burgess Owens * Rep. Chris Stewart Virginia * Rep. Bob Good * Rep. Rob Wittman Wisconsin * Sen. Ron Johnson Wyoming * Sen. Cynthia Lummis Washington * Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers.

Cori Bush is moving to have them removed and Ilhan Omar is filing articles of impeachment.

Not even that, prison guards should decide his meals.

He should not be in charge of what he eats either, as in prison you eat what you're given.

To actually answer your question, it requires a 2/3 vote in favor of expulsion to remove a person from the senate. As for bringing the vote, either McConnell can do it any time he wants, or you can wait 2 weeks until Schumer becomes majority leader and can do the same.

Ted Cruz is a spineless, pathetic craven. A bottom feeding, ratfucking, amoral grifter - too stupid and too cowardly to even feign being anything other than the two bit charlatan that he is.

Cruz thinks to himself, "Well, they elected an incompetent narcissist. It's just a hop, skip and a jump to elect a serial killer. Time to write more letters.".

I feel like this falls under sedition at this point.

Ashli Babbitt, 35, was shot and killed at the US Capitol building. These three were listed as death by 'medical emergencies': -Benjamin Phillips, 50 -Kevin Greeson, 55 -Rosanne Boylan, 34.

According to what I read, 1 person shot by police and 3 people who had medical situations (although I didn't see in depth what happened there).


One of them tased his own dick off and had a heart attack.

Yea, this is what I am looking for. Four people now?

I haven't read the causes of death or any details of the other three. Wouldn't be surprised if they were trampled in the chaos or simply had underlying issues that were exacerbated.

Apparently one of them accidentally tasered themselves to death while trying to steal a painting, probably a heart attack.

You are absolutely right. The entire establishment and that's including a majority of "leading" Dems is, by their willful inaction, enabling this chaos. You've just witnessed a putsch. It's Rome-burning, big F-word fascism. History as tragic farce. And I'm just observing this from my foreign land ("socialist" Denmark). I can't imagine how it must be to live in the midst of this. My heart aches for you, America. You might survive this disgraceful instance. But please, for the future of your nation, fix the root cause. Which is capitalism. It doesn't magically disappear when Biden *knock wood* is sworn in. Best of luck. You can do it.

I agree. I fear that there is already a precedence for pardoning a president for wrong doing with the Watergate scandal. Trump could easily step down and have Pence pardon him, like Nixon did with Ford. This could set a dangerous precedent (hell, it already *is*) that the office of the president is entirely immune to consequences for ilegal actions. It's practically **beckons** a dictator to take control in a few more years.

The Democrats dont control the Senate yet.

Same body count with regard to Americans...

"medical emergencies" is all ive heard. boomers having heart attacks?

I want all of the Georgians out! Hice, Clyde, Greene & Loudermilk!! Theyre all a bunch of nutters.

Its not clear yet. All theyve said at this point were those were due to medical emergencies. It seems likely they were deaths due to things like heart attacks and falling while trying to climb walls or scaffolding in order to gain access to the capitol building.

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