Saturday 20th of February 2021


Social Media Says

076 Living On a Sailboat in the Caribbean and the Stories You Can Tell.
Telling Stories.
You're telling me a game stopped this market?
He shows Her.
I'm finding that the amount of aesthetic/-core pics I reblog is indicative of my current mental state.
A waist tie on anything will make you look 10x hotter.
The Big Lie is another Lost Cause, but Trump will keep telling it.
5 Things Liars Always Say To Convince You That Theyre Telling The Truth.
Dean winchester is jackles imaginary best friend.
I hear so many voices. They keep telling me things. They make me strong just to see me break. These voices don't know silence...
Telling A Woman You Love Her.
So I made myself a new steam account and got dbd and... Here are my 3 first games.
You need to keep telling people that youre fine!
Wikipedia - Performative Utterance.

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