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Friday 22nd of May 2020


From Director Christopher Nolan. , coming to theaters. Watch the new trailer now.
Watch the all-new trailer of Christopher Nolans , starring John David Washington and robert-pattinson">Robert Pattinson.
One word: . The new trailer for Christopher Nolans latest is here.
Whats your favorite movie by director, Christopher Nolan?
Me: So how will time travel work in ? Christopher Nolan:.
"Theres info about the movie that I was surprised [Nolan] revealed [in the trailer]." John David Washington. The official trailer has arrived, and its massive. Watch it here:.
New trailer for Christopher Nolan s.
The way WB chose to invoke Nolan s iconic filmography in the new trailer was absolutely glorious. Has a movie trailer for a new film ever been edited together with old footage from completely unrelated films? That s how you know Christopher Nolan is big-time, cash-money.

Check out the new trailer for right here!
The new trailer is out!
Our new Bruce Wayne.
robert-pattinson">Robert Pattinson trailer Part 1.
men can have rights as a treat.
Rolling up to the theaters to see.
Something something put my top down flip it and *invert* it. [crowd booing].
John David Washington says that what Christopher Nolan does with will dictate the next 10 to 15 years of cinema .
Can anyone explain whats going on in ANY trailer?
robert-pattinson">Robert Pattinson accent.
Although the trailer doesnt give a date, I love the firm, dramatic, "coming to theaters." Nolan is a staunch believer in the movie going experience and will never accept a VOD release. Nor should he. I hope it helps rescue theaters--Whenever its released.

As phenomenal as this looks. I can t see going to a theater in July.
I need to show some love to Interstellar on the trailers.
A film by Christopher Nolan. in theaters July 17. See the trailer in theaters for .
Both from the way the trailer debuted (MST3K-style w/ Fortnite characters blocking the screen) and the preview itself, which seems to be (especially the interplay between its leads) gently mocking Nolans own cliches, Im wondering if will be almost a (gentle) self-parody.

Wow, just wow!
The new is absolutely amazing! The direction from Christopher Nolan! The Cast, the acting and the concept of Tike Travel were absolutely incredible!
Stay tuned for some info on The Secrets of Tenet - the BTS book on the making of Christopher Nolans film. The publisher has let us know "to expect some content this Friday". Cant wait to review and help promote. Thanks Eric and .

Another teaser for the new trailer dropping today. Aired during The Today Show.
New trailer tomorrow!
Back in like February I saw the second trailer in theatres. It was flanked by the Deadshot and the new Fast and Furious trailers. Tenet was the only one that actually LOOKED like a movie. STOP SHOOTING MOVIES ON DIGITAL.

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Cannot wait to see the the academy award for the best director in reverse already.

Going from July 17th to "Coming to Theaters".

Bc bitch yup am moo r b fr Rh hi jeh.

This is a masterpiece! I look forward to the film itself!

esse aqui vai ser o brabo.


las expectativas son ilimitadas.


Even without Hans the soundtrack sounds absolutely wicked. Thanks Papa Nolan.

R u sure its coming to theater?? Or gonna release on streaming platform? .

Let s get ready to UNRUMBLE!!

Esses filmes sempre tem briga na cozinha e um mulher branca excessivamente magra.

Aber sr.

You re not shooting the bullet,you re catching it.

My mask ready to watch.

I have seen that opera shooting scene. My local imax theatre showed the complete scene as an imax commercial before the rise of skywalker.

Ummmm holy crap. Please end the quarantine so i can see this.

Even Dileep Rao is in here! Inception 2 confirmed.

Yes please.

Me in preparation for the mental gymnastics this movie is about to put me through.