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Sunday 7th of June 2020


Literally no one has time for your TERF nonsense, lady, so pipe down.
If you are a TERF and following us, please fuck off and unfollow us.
Support women who need it more than this terf.
TERF is not a slur. TERF has negative connatations, but thats because TERFs are shitty ppl, regardless of what theyre called. Political Lesbian, TERF, radfem, gender critical, it doesn't matter. The issue is your bigotry, not the word.

Boo hoo go cry terf.
Loving draco is a curse when his creator is a terf.
Terf isnt a slur.
TERF is literally what you are joan? You are a trans exclusive radical feminist. Does that not describe you? Stop acting the victim.
Percy Jackson better. JK Rowling is terf scum.
Terf is an acronym standing for trans-exclusionary radical feminist, a phrase which perfectly describes the viewpoints you have expressed this evening, and which you seem proud to express.
I'm sorry but do people really think terf is a slur...
Terf is not a slur you terf. Educate yourself before spouting transphobic remarks to your extremely impressionable audience.
There are plenty of women, cis and trans, who dont menstruate (including me!) jk rowling is just a TERF addicted to blabbing her potato chip lips.
How many times do we have to teach you this lesson you old TERF? Stop being so damn transphobic for a second Joanne.
TERF ain't a slur, you ignorant piece of shit.
Yes we hate you terf.
You'd have more of a hill to stand on by not hating people you disagree with the existence of. Begone Terf.
Someone said terf is a slur?
Just can't help herself with her TERF bullshit.
Me running to see why JK Rowling is trending on Twitter. Also me running away after finding out that JK Rowling is a TERF.
Yes, actually!
Oh cool, J.K. Rowling just said the quiet TERF part out loud... If you feel a wizard school shaped void in your soul, go read Earthsea.
You are the one erasing the voices of women here by making yourself a victim... Terf isn't a slur.
Honestly fuck jkr for being a vile transphobe and also using her one lesbian terf friend to validate herself and therefore aligning all lesbians to her rhetoric to her followers. as a lesbian, i support and love trans women and trans women are women, there no debate here.

It's not just J.K. Rowling. It's British culture in general. The TERFs have them convinced that trans rights is an attempt at infringing on womens' rights, by drawing a line between trans and cis womens' validity.

Incase you forgot, JK Rowling is a raging TERF.
Im starting to suspect your mate might be a terf too joanne.
Yes mara!! call out the terf queen!!
JK Rowling blocked me. Outstanding. She's a coward, a TERF and a traitor to her own characters and audience. And she writes like shit, can we finally start saying this? She writes like the PARODY of the Fab Five Rides Again sketches French and Saunders did.

You ARE NOT a feminist, because you are denying an entire group of women, you are a TERF.
Go fuck yourself, terf.
That actually is not how this works at all you fuckin terf. You'd think an author would know that words mean things.
"It isn't hate to speak the truth." Then it isn't hate to call you what you are: a TERF. Stop SPEAKING about trans people as if you know anything about transness. You need to LISTEN to what actual trans people (NOT cis LGB people) are telling you.

Okay terf.
Oh hey JK Rowling is back on her TERF bullshit. It's been less than a week since her last "middle age moment.".
Not only is J.K. a terf, but she's also old, which means we have to watch her work through the most insufferably stale discourse on a one year delay.
Terf isnt anti woman its calling people like you out on your anti trans bullshit. TRANS WOMAN ARE WOMAN JUST AS MUCH AS YOU ARE A WOMAN PERIOD.
How dare the TERF speak of "That Which Should Not Be Named"! Calling all Death Eaters!!
No, it's definitely hate you moronic TERF.
Imagine equating the terms TERF and bitch LMFAO. TERF literally means that you are ignoring and erasing trans people. It is not an insult more a critique.
Anyways people seem to be sharing this piece of mine again for some reason.
Her terf behavior makes me so fucking angry and all those terfs following her, giving each other pats on the back for spreading their vile messages. they make me. so. fucking. angry.
For christ's sake joanna we are all busy trying to keep the cops from murdering Black people right now no one has time for your TERF bullshit today why are you like this why do you need attention this badly all i want for Pride is for you to shut up.

So JK Rowling has just decided to go full mask off and officially start tweeting TERF propaganda on her timeline. Remember that her account is currently being used to reply to children. How do we explain her sudden weird hatred and talk about sex to those kids reading her? :(.

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