Thursday 6th of January 2022


Social Media Says

"Vocal anti-gay political found participating at orgy with teenage boys.".
Just like class="u-nolinkc" href="">a large amount of class="u-nolinkc" href="">people on reddit, lol. Everyone seems to have class="u-nolinkc" href="">a strong opinion on everything nowadays.
Its almost like theyre afraid to admit they class="u-nolinkc" href="">jack off..

What You Really Think

Of course the country isnt at its best but it is still her home country and she has some sort identified with that place. It would be different if she actively decided she doesnt wanna go back. My friend is gay and he is scared to visit his family in Iran. It just sucks honestly.

Dude if i were to be the Lebanese President I will make her a national artist.

>Not that I watch her though. And that's a fucking lie.

Why you have to end with a lie?

What?? Lebanon is a beautiful country with amazing people and food. It's terribly sad that someone can't visit their home country due to religious conservatism and a government in shambles for various reasons. You're not wrong that it is on a very dark period but painting it as a shithole country just reinforces anti middle east American propaganda.

Just like that time at the circus when I jerked off in the hall of mirrors: didn't know if I was cumming or going.

Slogan of the Mia Khalifate.

Seriously, the mental image of a crowd of angrily screaming Libanese chasing after her whilst jerking it at the same time is wonderfully wierd.

The same ones getting their rocks off *to* me want to throw rocks *at* me.

I find group chats dedicated to porn sooooo weird.

>guys here has at least 1 group chat dedicated to porn. Uhh *what?*.

9/10 people watch porn and 1/10 is liar.

I have groups that sometimes share something vulgar, boys will be boys, but what does group dedicated to porn mean? Like strictly sharing porns and such? Created just to share porns? Or I'm probably in that older generation Indonesian that uses gadget rather conservatively?

Wow really!?!?!

AFAIK she lives in the U.S., so yes.

Just like 80% shit on reddit.

As a muslim myself I do hate it when some muslims judge others in the name of our religion, yet are commiting countless sins themselves. Those people are indeed hypocrites, because they are so obsessed about judging others, that they are too blind to look at their own issues for once. Whether a person is atheist or religious, its better to not judge anyone over personal things especially when that person isnt better themselves.

Non-religious people are hypocrites too . There are atheist hypocrites , christian hypocrites , gay hypocrites etc.. It has nothing to do with religion .

The cat really is out of the bag when it comes to religion in a world where everyone can see that everyone else is full of shit. You point out the terrible things that people have done in the name of whatever religion to its followers, and the best you can get out of them is eVeRyBoDy hAs dOnE tHaT! Its like, oh okay, so youre saying that your book and your whole system of belief, which you claim are both bestowed by a divine creator, possess all the needed truths to live a decent life, and are imbued with the wisdom of an infinite deity *dont actually make you act any differently from any other group of humans*, and if anything have historically given you a justification for trying to control, conquer, and/or exploit other people? Well, I dare say it sounds like you dont have a leg to stand on.

I love her too.

>Mia Khalifa She is smoking.

Don't have high expectations. Sure she's hot as hell but she cannot fuck (when compared to other porn actors). Obviously I'm still a virgin so I'd still bang her.

Don't. Her whole porn career was bred from manipulation and abuse. Some really bad stuff happened to her and it's best to not join in watching her yk?

Nothing vpn can't solve.

No its not blocked.

They use vpns i would assume to get around the blocks.

]So who do I believe here]() Now, clearly not every country in the top 10 are muslims, but according to that article, a lot of them are.

When you google it the same list keep showing up that shows 6 out of 10 countries are Muslim countries. I can't find a source on any of those sites though so it could very well be made up. I also found another list from Pornhub but that only accounted for how big a percentage of daily traffic each country had. So that's not very useful either as total population will be too deciding of a factor. Or some countries will be prone to use other sites so they won't show up on Pornhub. How did you find information showing that Muslim countries are nowhere near the top 20?

Came here for this. This has been reposted many times and people seem to believe it.

Sorry, but people here want to comment in how they want to give her one, make sexual puns like the virgins they are and bash religion because sometimes one's intellectual dominance must be asserted Sorry but the truth isn't allowed here.

Got some spare acne cream if you need some.

Thats Pure gold .


But not enough to give them rights lmfao.

Muslim talking about respect. Irony.

Ahh yes, Muslim women are treated so fucking well. Maybe stop stoning them?

You respect women enough to not "let" them be a product? What if she wants to be a porn actress? If she feels that she isn't degrading herself by doing so, shouldn't it be her own choice?

Sure, there's neither porn nor prostitution in muslim countries. In which world are you living in?

You're right, not a product, but property of their husband instead.

So what?

I like hijab porns.

There are no internet censorship in Lebanon. You are full of shit.