Friday 14th of August 2020

Here's The PM on March 15, Four Days Before Ruby Princess Docked, Saying Cruise Ships Would be Put "directly Under The Command of The Australian Border Force"...

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Here's the PM on March 15, four days before Ruby Princess docked, saying cruise ships would be put "directly under the command of the Australian Border Force"...
"Political correctness has grown to become the unhappiest religion in the world" Australian rock star Nick Cave compares cancel culture to 'bad religion'.
As a longstanding friend of India, Australia joins wholeheartedly in its celebration of independence and extends our warm congratulations to the people of India: Message from Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison (in file pic) on India's.

Agreeing with the point would be one thing... but not even being able to interpret it!?
It actually begs the question about being a good journalist. Can you be "good" when working for an institution that is seriously bad, some would say evil. We've all heard the excuses about following orders and "it was my job", in the past. It excuses nothing.

Its amazing how white supremacy is such a dominant feature of Australian politics, and the political class just cant see it. If you cant get this, how ya gunna get how the we stole all the Timorese gas or cant get the miners can cause climate change ffs.

Well stop promoting their rubbish each morning Michael ...the standard you walk past.
Australian squad for the T20 and ODI series against England: Finch Abbott Agar Carey Cummins Hazlewood Labuschagne lyon Marsh Maxwell Meredith Philippe Sams Kane Richardson Smith Starc Stoinis Tye Wade Warner Zampa.

"...that ]Australian Made] stamp allows us to deliver on quality assurances." The next video in the IndustryGovAu 'COVID-19: Australia Responds/Australian Made series features.
The racist australian makes a loss of $40million per annum. its not there to make a profit.
End game for Morrison Government is security and welfare of the Australian people, not to seek short-term political advantage. They have clear responsibility for aged care, quarantine and the ADF. Cut the crap, accept the responsibility and do the job for which you were elected.

Aussie ARMY dont forget tomorrow night, Saturday 15th August 6PM KST we will be attempting to chart BTS_twt Vs solo track Inner Child from MOTS:7 to 1 on Australian iTunes Chart in addition giving the song its 83rd 1 worldwide Playlist & funds will be provided!

I feel really sorry for those good journalists at the australian when their stories appear in the same paper as this. Shameful.
Instead of retweeting the cartoon how about sharing this photo of The Australian's editor Chris Dore, let's make him the face of racism.
The entire australian Board should resign if the paper is not prepared to formally and officially speak out about this racist filth. The cartoonist should also be sacked before the end of the weekend, as should the editor who approved it.

Scott Morrisons COVID plan, launched in February, told Australians that: The Australian Government will be responsible for residential aged care facilities; working with other healthcare providers to set standards to promote the safety and security of people in aged care.

Don't have to discuss it, just call it out for the racist/sexist rubbish it is and move on.
It's making the point that Biden is racist. My God, the left are joyless Puritans who don't understand what they are upset about.
A reminder that while Scott Morrison & his vast team position him as a saviour, you are forking out $$ for his mother & mother-in-law to live in luxury at our harbourside mansion - Kirribilli House Watch for the PM ramping up his older Australian's sympathy in weeks ahead too Onulb.

Leak Snr's later career was famously horrific, just absolute indefensible dogshit. His son picked up from there and decided he would add even more racism but compensate by subtracting the talent. Just australian levels of quality from the pair of them, circling the drain.

Sickening, a vile racist piece of garbage that the newspaper, called the Australian, and the cartoonist, Johannes Leak, have done similar things in the past but this is a new low. They will no doubt excuse it as open freedom of Media, but it makes it no less RACIST garbage...(1).

So with 70% of all Australian deaths being in nursing homes, and aged care being a 100% federal responsibility, why isnt Morrison and his Aged Care Minister being held accountable for this failure to prepare the sector for covid.

Message from the Australian Prime Minister ScottMorrisonMP on Independence Day of India 2020. Australian PM says deep friendship between Australia and India is about more than trade and diplomacy. Founded on bharosa (trust) and samman (respect).

My australian friend attempts to sing the american national anthem.
It is final, England & Australian cricketers will miss the first week of IPL 2020. UAE's bio bubble to be different from England one..
Australian politicians and public officials have created a culture of non-accountability that even the deaths of hundreds of people can't shake.
The Borg, but with a thick Australian accent.
This is Christopher Dore, the intellectual and moral pygmy whos editor-in-chief of The Australian.
Pretty sure the entire point of satire is to point a mirror at society. So the problem doesn't lie with the artist.
The only way to deal with racism in the country, such as what weve seen on the Australian today, is by having an anti-racism strategy. It cant be business as usual. Every good Australian with conscience should support this campaign. Otherwise, its futile.

Thats the same amount Murdoch has been gifted by the Australian govt over the last 12 months A $30m gift and more recently a $10m gift.
The cartoon is racist, it shouldn't have been published, the editor of the paper should apologise (like, now), and anyone who still thinks racism isn't a thing in Australian media is crazy.
We have an opportunity to raise our voices and turn things around for struggling Australian wildlife. We need to send an urgent message to our leaders to improve the laws that are in place to protect the environment Your voice is powerful, sign here.

A racist cartoon published in the australian a Rupert Murdoch newspaper.
Australian companies like Sydney Airport, Commonwealth Bank and Challenger join the list announcing they're cutting their dividends by half, or not paying anything at all. Retirees rely on dividend income to help pay for everyday living expenses.

Twenty-four dangerous crash sites on Tasmanian roads will be substantially improved over the next 12 months, thanks to funding under the Australian Governments Black Spot Program. .
Is 18 on the Australian iTunes chart! Let get it to 1 guys!!
It is a really outdated and Americanised style that should have gone to the grave with Bill Leak. To think, the Australian used to have Kudelka. A perfect analogy for the papers political switch and decline in quality illustrated in the passage of two cartoonists.

For a special National ScienceWeek event next week, Flinders Dr Danielle Clode and Dr Christele Maizonniaux will discuss the early French voyages who were the first to name, describe and beautifully illustrate many Australian species.

ECUnulbNearly 3bn animals are estimated to have been impacted by the Australian bushfires. A WWF-commissioned report using what could be world-first research has revealed shocking impacts to: 143 million mammals 2.46 billion reptiles 180 million birds 51 million frogs.

Heres the racist quote the cartoon is mocking. I bet you lefties are fine with the racist quote, as hypocrisy is part of your DNA.
275 of the 361 deaths are in victoria, like I said in the other tweet not all the blame can go to scomo, I'm a union working Labor voting Victorian but I'm a realist and Victoria has let the whole of Australian down.

So heres the Biden tweet which, being in the Leftists blind spot, failed to generate any outrage; and the Australian newspaper cartoon which sparked a storm of indignation when viewed out of context.
The Australian way of dealing with a Qaren not wanting to wear a mask or socially distance in public. (Swearing warning...).
The Australian's editor-in-chief, Chris Dore, has defended today's cartoon, saying it was quoting Bidens words i.e: a tweet where he said that young children ("black and brown girls") would be inspired by Harris meadea has the full response here.

Its a disgusting cartoon and does not achieve the objective of mocking Joe Biden. It reinforces racist and misogynistic thinking and behaviour.
You're not thinking. Blacks are 14% of the population. Half are women = 7%. It means that roughly 93% of eligible Americans were instantly omitted from the process long before he chose Harris. Racial bigotry is the preferencing of one race over others. Wake up, they're using you.

Overnight, we'll need to rethink how the Australian economy works in the age of COVID-19. That ''age of covid'' drives me nuts, a few months is not a fucking age, it's a minor blip, jesus Gen X are stupid.

The Australian should change its name to something that doesn't represent the very people who wish the publication didn't exist.
Dear brisbanetimes, Id agree if it wasnt for the fact that your colleagues over at australian regularly publish lies and racism in support of Murdochs fascist buddies. Have a bleat when your industry has regained its integrity.

Congratulations to our Group Company Secretary, Jane Bowd, who was recognised as the In-House Company Secretary of the Year at the LawyersWeekly 2020 Australian Law Awards for her contribution to better practice governance within Australia.

I could tell you a joke about the South Australian border. But its so ridiculous you'll have trouble getting over it.
Nobody panic. But Ive been day drinking. Ive eaten three curries. And I have feelings about the.
Planned this? This was Hezbollah doing. They planned it, they are firing on protestors in the streets now. Venezuela went through this as well, so did Vietnam! If you truly know Lebanese people you could not hate them. Australian are the most ignorant fucks.

Yes, in the Murdoch mould his cartoons are meant to offend and cause outrage, just like Andrew Bolt and all those other Murdoch muppets. Make no mistake about it, this was intentional.
The 2020 Australian Cocksucking Championships featured 4 of the hottest & talented Fellatio Queens! The final will be held later in 2020! Who would you love to see performing in the 2021 series?
I dont want to spend any mindspace on Australian racism today - wishing Indians and Pakistanis happy independence for shafting the British. A reminder that all unjust power meets its end eventually. A poem from Pakistani poet Faiz. Lets keep searching for the promised dawn.

7809 Marcialangton This is a 4.3 km wide asteroid located in the main asteroid belt. Prof Marcia Langton is a Yiman woman, Provost, and Foundation Chair of IndigenousUoM at unimelb who leads the incorporation of AboriginalAstro into the Australian National Curriculum.

Why are so many people fixated with labelling Kamala's heritage, as if they're experts on the subject? She was raised embracing her Indian culture but living a proud African American life. I've yet to find any evidence of her calling herself a South Asian Black Woman.

Re Melbourne coverage - the State of Vic is under the government of Labor Party (left wing). This government signed a memo of understanding with China for Belt & Road - soccer is not the preferred code of football, Melbourne is the home of Australian Rules football.

Johannes Leak cartoon of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris denounced as racist Australian media The Guardian.
*checking my watch* Hey, its about time for another racist Australian editorial cartoon controversy.
If The Australian has any respect for decency and standards it must apologise immediately, and never again publish cartoons like this.
I will be ending my subscription with the Australian.
How did Johannes Leak get branded as the racist?
I dont have any Australian friends who like him tho I know the exsist!
We here at the IPA would like to introduce the editor of Australia's leading national newspaper The Australian. Chris Dore. Hand picked by Ober Fuhrer Murdoch, Chris is the Face of Racism sorry multiculturalism. Tune into the Bolt Report for more racist bile.

White TV and radio hosts: you dont need to bring in brown and black guests to debate whether or explain why the australians cartoon is racist today. Make that assessment yourself. Call it for what it is. Dont euphemise racist. You have eyes.

What You Really Think

Bespoke arrangements = If the Good Lord did not see fit to save someone from Covid-19, then they weren't meant to be saved.

Perhaps he resorted to the 'bespoke arrangements' because there were 'Australians on board' and we therefore ended up with no control at all, by direction of ABF.

Im a huge fan of your work & integrity, Andrew, thanks for trying to bring us factual news, very necessary & in short supply during COVID-19. My concern for you is how long Scomo will endure your prodding to obtain the truth, which he detests, & you may follow Emmas path.

Scotty and his bespoke arrangements with Border Force. Who is really in charge now? The Lieb Gov or Border Force. Is PD to be our assumed new PM? Just so that SM keeps his job.

Careful Andrew - keep this poking up and you might find yourself "Albericied".

Thanks for sharing I was looking for this clip.

Ping tonytardio go on mate. Show your followers how fair and balanced you are and get into this story too.

Bespoke arrangements could be literally anything.

Scott Morrison has not made wrong decision all based on incompetent MPs he is surended with, especially Peter Dutton who failed to establish early pandemic control at overseas arivals same as we have for biosecurity. Peter Dutton as always blaming and pushing buck on others.


Thank you Andrew. Your work is appreciated.

How does Peter Dutton control the PM? Aust. Govt. and Borderforce are responsible...

Besmirching is irrelevant. People DIED! Bring Dutton to heel!

That seems pretty clear. How can Morrison get away with not cooperating with this inquiry?

Whats the difference between Vladimir Putin & Scrotum Morrison?

It would be great if the rest of the media pack were like a dog with a bone too!! Its time the media stood up and started to ask the hard questions!!

How many Victorians were on that ship?

15 March, 4 days before the Ruby Princess docked.

These are not the synergies you are looking for ...

PM reiterating that Border force has no responsibility for public health. Why then would the PM announce cruise ships would be directly under BF during a Pandemic? What other role were they performing ?

Lied people died.

.but that was yesterday I will give you my freshest word salad the one containing denial juice and culpability extract.

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