Thursday 23rd of April 2020

The Batman

BATMAN: GOTHAM BY GASLIGHT Sketch is of 60. This is the last full image for a while so bid wisely. Sketches 21-40 will be headshots and last 41-60 will be a return to full figure and 3/4 shots. Proceeds to benefit comic shops in need.
The Batman co-writer Mattson Tomlin says the new October release suits the moodThe Long Halloween coming? (via ).
The Pope just watched Batman..
the thought of bruce wayne is batman rumor in gotham being exaggerated to the point its the same thing as ted cruz being the zodiac killer is so funny to me.
PERIOD. And Batman is a more interesting character w/ better villains at that. W/o Batman, and the characters in Batman, DC would be boring. You can name 5 Batman characters/villains w/o thinking twice, but name one character in Supermans arc other than Lex Luthor. Ill wait..
STEVE ENGLEHART turns 73! Dig this look at BATMAN 77: The Best Premium Television Series Youll Never See:.
WhatsApp is really the bane, of my existence, and me? Im batman. My back is hurting dredging thru these conversations..
Shit is so funny some people who reference it probably dont even know they are just because of how ingrained in the Batman mythos the gags are.
i would not survive a single day as a batman stan the amount of shitty takes yall have to put up with every week phew nightmare.
The song Joker sings, is pretty deep when you notice that he talking about Batman.
"Youre alone and drunk before noon. You arent handling the quarantine well.""I lost the remote and the George Clooney Batman was on. I made a decision.".
"where is the double blind peer reviewed trials"As opposed to the double blind peer reviewed trials showing is effective? Holy double standards, Batman!( Lupus and RA patients arent being ravaged by a deadly virus).
Whos the real pope and why are they both tweeting about Batman?.
The Batman Beyond episode "April Moon" debuted 20 years ago today (on April 22, 2000) on Kids WB! One of the shows best episodes, its a cool, kinda different small-scale noir caper with easily the most chilling final shot of the entire series..
Samurai Jack Avatar The Last Airbender Tom and Jerry Batman the Animated Series Scooby-Doo! Mystery, Inc..
Roses cats! red! violets are blue Batman Wars Jurassic Rings Alien Terminator Day! Armagedon Ryan Black Man Zone Harry The Carribean Titanic.
Toddler blames Batman for drawing on the mirror.
Holy fuking Hell, Batman. Did you know that this is the golden age for lobbyists getting cushy jobs in the Trump Administration?.
batman pass the mustard and batmans diary oops both of them are rim tim grumps.
should i make animatics of grump bits that include batman but with the hmb characters and jon and jeff as dan and arin.
5 Imperfect Movies-Toy Story 5: To The Incinerator But Not Beyond-A Star Is Born 2: Fighting With Spotify For Royalties Edition-Lincoln Returns-Batman vs Superman: The Whiny Manchild Cut-The Shape of Water (Explicit Cut).
God I love Sonic in Shadow the Hedgehog. Hes just so hilariously out of place in this dark and grim setting its like shoving Spongebob into Batman. He just has like almost zero self awareness the entire game and I just love the relief the dude provides from this edgy plot..
Holy give the lowdown, Batman!.
Kyrie was the worst of the 4. Russ got mvp but I dont even think his team was over .500 that season. PG was just in the East wit Lebron. He was trying to be Batman. Shouldve been robin. So AD is left. Hes the best robin. Aint get far as PG but he is wit Lebron so.
I believe this Batman comic has all the essential elements of Batman..
Shadowhunters dont worry about scary neighborhoods, said Dru.Have you learned nothing from the way Batmans parents died? said Kit, feigning shock.Ty smiled. And for the first time since Livvy had died, Dru laughed..
Its the second highest selling comic of all time, above Batman and Spider Man but behind Superman despite only being around 23 years.Yeah, its good.But I would say watch the anime only up to time skip then switch to the manga. And skip all the filler.Or only read manga.
Alright -- hear me out yall why wont they just release the new batman movie right now before its even finished! think about did.
The fact that Hooters hasnt launched a home delivery service called Knockers seems like a missed business opportunity to me. Like how theres Batman shampoo, but no Conditioner Gordon!.
If it was the Batman edition then maybe.
Mask of the Phantasm, Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker. Brian Azzerello and DC plus how late it is really works against The Killing Joke nothing against personally..
til the asian black bear has a batman logo on its chest.
anyway i just wanted to say that THIS is the poison ivy i want to see in live action (and also in any other media), not the same old batman-obsessed version but the one with a real objective of saving the environment and protecting the green.
Top five superheroes of all time Marvel/DC:1. Batman2. Ironman 3. Captain America 4. Spider-Man 5. The Green Lantern/Wolverine/Thor.
Batman weak really be letting a mentally deranged lunatic with a crow bar and clown makeup give him the BLUES.
Thank you for the chance and these are amazing. I love the Harry Potter themed and I also love marvel and batman!!! So appreciate the chance to win some Masks!! Great work. RT and following.
i took a class about dc at my uni for fun and our final exam is an essay about BvS so i just wrote a 7 paged paper about the socio-economic impact of choosing team batman or team twitter had prepared me for this i just wanna say thanks.
I just dont like the idea of a batman that looks like I could beat him I was 12.
The dark knight is top 5 batman movies.
After discovering that the Joker revealed each of their faces..
Welcome to my masterclass on being a younger sibling. First tip: One minute after your brother goes to his girlfriends for the night, dash to his superior computer and install Lego Batman..
The Adam West Batman Movie its not even a question.
Batman going to town on the broad he just picked up at the watering hole.
Is this the same parking lot they used in . I wonder why our batman let the criminals go..
Give the Pope a guest arc on Batman..
this is just the mood every time either cass or I bring up ttg batman.
What is a comic you think is underrated? Honestly, All-Star Batman and Robin.It is an unintentional character study of how important Superman is to DC comics.He sets the standard of a universe.In ASBandR, hes a horrible perso.
Insert or not?.
New variant covers announced for "Batman: The Adventures Continue" . Arr by Warren Louw after Batman Adventures The one on the left will be available in a 3,000 print run and the and the right in a 1,500 print..
Republic TV editor in chief Arnab Goswami and wife were attacked early this morning in Mumbai by 2 unknown persons while they were driving home from their studios. A police complaint has been registered, details awaited. Both Arnab and Samia Goswami were unhurt in the attack..
how u holdin up w the batman delay adam.
The simpsons, batman the animated series and the tick!.
You just have to be grateful that the ones with power are dumb most of the time and not as capable as characters like Lex Luther; or of the sort. Even if our current leaders scheme "world domination", we wont need characters like Batman; we can handle that shit ourselves..
Heres my effort using colored pencils, paint, a coloring book, flowers I thankfully didnt throw away when the died out, and some grey lace harvested from some clothing that was then painted black. Inspired by Batman issue main cover by Mikel Janin ..
He really put a suit on Batmans suit Adsjhgskkf I am so happy that Thomas won that award, he has the best moral justification..
Why did Jack Napier need plastic surgery in the 1989 Batman? Was it from the chemicals or the ricochet bullet?.
Im not opposed to a new Batman - it right!! Batman has always evolved his suit over the yrs/ with the times. Its year 2020! I think a Batsuit for Batman 2020 should probably look like this - yay or nay? (Images from the net. BC I cant draw my own ).
Thats fairIt obviously had flaws, and Ill be the first to admit the only DC movies Id seen before were the first two Nolan Batman movies, and I only have like two DC comics, but I mean it was a fun two hours or so.
If you told me that we were gonna have the Boondocks, South Park, Sesame Street, Spirited Away, Rick and Morty, and Batman in the same image I probably wouldve sent you to Arkham asylum.
Like assess closely what new things added that got positive reception but negative for their execution. The safe route is to bring back the old reliables of their roster like DC has Batman and so on and do very personal stories. Like keep it very powerful..
Jesslyn Callista membaca "Batman The Killing Joke (Deluxe Edition)" (2008) karya Alan Moore and Brian Bolland..
For some appropriately-themed Batman: The Animated Series viewing for Earth Day 2020, press play on "Pretty Poison" and "House and Garden." Both episodes dive deep into Poison Ivys character and offer some legitimate surprises!.
Robin Hood (1973)Tim Burtons Batman (1989)The Princess Bride (1987)Home Alone (1990)Rushmore (1998).
//Yeah I mostly enjoy the sc-fi genre given how my childhood has Batman the animated series, Star Wars, and Halo..
Youre going to be waiting longer for Robert Pattinsons The Batman debut.
Jack being Jack -Chinatown / One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest / The Shining / Batman.
Th is the funniest fucking thing ever.
i jus been waatchin the joker ovr n ovrrr mann bc it gets better everytime likfkkkk iv read comics since kid n thts how he was before villian a strugglin comedian n it explains why he turned so evil n h8s batman somuch.
If you look closely, Im carrying The Joker and he has Batman attached to his scooter..
Yess I cant !! And no worries, Im also pretty new to beyond too. Honestly, if you have the time , the animated batman beyond series is really Top notch. seriously highly remind it..
5 perfect movies- Labyrinth - Batman Returns - Last of the Mohicans - The Song Remains the Same- 2001: A Space OdysseyAll because of the sound tracks..
Agreed. I think it worked on that Wonder Woman story, but not Batmans Grave. On the topic of Batmans Grave, I wish Nowlan would ink more issues. I still like when Hitch inks himself, but Nowlans inks just make it look amazing..
I lowkey wanna play thru Batman the Telltale series again.
The period from 1995-2005 where CGI allowed to us to create stuff like Batman and Robin, Wild Wild West and Son of the Mask needs to be studied. 80s indulgence has nothing on it. Those films come from another world..
Pretty proud that Ive managed to include an example on roller coasters, Apple vs rasperberry-lemon pie all in the 1st paragraph of this philosphy essay. Next up is Batman.
Lego Batman is the greatest song ever written..
Why is Superman all the way in the back and Ben Afflecks ugly ass Batman front and center? A crime.
Marty after taking Klonopin: Mountain Dew and Doritos are the Batman and Superman of snacks.
They could have introduced the Sky High equivalent of Batman, who doesnt trust those powered heroes and admittedly kind of has a point.
The Batman and Black Adam.
I love the ending to Batman: Arkham City, when you find out that Hugo be poundin your moms strange..
If there isnt a reference to TikTok and OnlyFans in Matt Reeves THE BATMAN, Im just going to assume that the film is set in the 1990s and that its a prequel to the Ben Affleck films, despite Alfred and Jim Gordon being played by different actors. Also a Zoom meeting needs to occur..
Batman all the way.
Okay 1. He said the lions oh helllll no and 2. Omg the laugh he sounds like a villain after Batman.
for bane i couldnt sympathize fr cuz he had all the choice especially when batman himself came from the same masters bane had. yeah he had it rough but it was the only life he knew. you cant compare nothing to something.