Friday 29th of January 2021

UPDATE II: Even Labour Are Now Condemning The EU, Saying The "move is Deeply Destabilising And Undermines The Huge Efforts Being Made to Make The Protocol Work".

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Oh youd be treating it as a competition alright if Germany, France et al were vaccinating millions more than . You wouldnt be able to hide your delight, dissing and bigging up the EU. Your grief at doing well re Vax is clearly inconsolable. And dont swear. Blocked.

What turned me from a reluctant Remainer to a Brexiteer was witnessing the EU's treatment of Greece. The EU was complicit in the fraudulent admission of Greece to the Euro and when Greece was unable to cope, the EU punished the country for what was their mistake.

'I believe in the power of doing things together!' says Boris Johnson, who's just led us out of the EU.
EU seriously upped its game with the J&J contract. Only signed two months after the UK placed an order. Better hope its not a butchers shop again eh.
People not to trust The BBC The EU The SNP Nicola Sturgeon.
What's Biden's view on this? Does he support the right of US company Pfizer to supply its customers (the UK) without their property being arbitrarily seized by govts (the EU)?
It was all sunshine and until the soul of an ambitious weatherman got trapped by an evil -nulb. You still have time to hack your way in hackthebox_eu and claim the firstfor my Web challenge WeatherApp.

This is shameful. The EU are essentially stealing vaccines rightfully belonging to the UK in an attempt to cover up their own incompetence on procurement.
The EU is doing the cruelest and stupidest thing they've ever done...for political reasons. This is muscle-flexing..using people's lives.. But there's a hardball government at Westminster, too. And who suffers-again?

I wonder what happened to all this good faith that was spouted left, right, and center during the trade deal negotiations with the EU.
The European Union was originally inspired by Christian social teaching - at the heart of which is solidarity. Seeking to control the export of vaccines undercuts the EUs basic ethics. They need to work together with others.

Tim mate we've already left. The mess in the EU at the moment was because it was doing what the EU does. It saw Covid as a chance for more EU. It took control of vaccine procurement and seriously screwed it up.

I spent weeks listening to EU types moaning about international law being broken in a limited and specific way without it ever being broken. Tonight the EU has breached it in a very certain way by not bothering to notify the UK about triggering Article 16 of the NI Protocol.

Why attack the EU over vaccines yet not a word of AZ supplying (rightly) 400 million vaccines to Africa. Remember we are in this together, and we took first vaccines from BioNTech Pfizer last month with no arguments. Johnson has caused 120k (gov't data) Covid deaths.

EU decision to invoke Article 16, clearly without prior notice has managed to unite the British and Irish governments, Labour, the DUP and SDLP in disagreement with the move... When did that last happen?

Dendias in Sarajevo: It is important Bosnia-Herzegovina aligns with EU on the East Mediterranean.
We said it all along: the EU isn't a friend and ally, it's a protectionist racket and a bully.
Prof. John Edmunds says while there has been "excellent progress" in UK's vaccine rollout, those currently vaccinated don't "play a big role in transmission", and it won't be until the majority of the population are immune that restrictions should lift.

Thisalso matters to us, the million GB in the EU People coming back tell stories. We will feel it by ricochet I've been in France since 80's. People tell me every day I have an accent but so far no one has ever made me feel that as a European, I am not welcome in Europe.

So you think it should break its agreement to the UK which was made much earlier so they can satisfy the contract with the EU. If the US did this on vaccines the world would condemn them.
The EU are playing a dangerous game with the UK and the US. They are trying to throw their weight around because they can't negotiate contracts properly. The EU are a disgrace at the moment. Hell! They only approved the AZ vaccine TODAY! Talk about a bit effing late.

What is it with your obsession with the EU ? Worse... whats your obsession with wanting them to suffer? Really not nice...
We were asked by the EU if we wanted to join their vaccine scheme. We said no, well go our own way, which is exactly what we did. What is wrong with that?
How are the fishermen, exporters, importers,individual buyers of goods from EU having to pay custom charges all doing? I'm glad we are ahead on the vaccine but you do realise from now on EU will compete for every resource with UK and we will not always win. And where is my FoM?

EU triggers Brexit clause after just 29 days as Commission panics over vaccine chaos The EU should & indeed MUST have sanctions served against them International Law, they cannot be allowed to prevent vaccine entering NI. BORIS MUST RIP UP THE DEAL!

How long until the french demand a PCR test for hauliers ? If that happens itll decimate imports and whats left of exports strait away . If the french want PCR tests for EU citizens crossing into France they could ask the same of truckers.

Its written there in the EU vaccination strategy. This explains how Germany procured extra vaccines before member states agreed to the EU strategy.
Not finding any sympathy on the island of Ireland for the EU move. Unionists, Nationalist and others flabbergasted. The Governments bewildered. As a very senior government contact told me a mess like no other.

Peel, Fleming, & Chazan: "One EU official suggested those proposals, floated in a letter this week from Mr Michel to the leaders of four member states, could enable the bloc to require companies to share patents, licences and knowhow needed to broaden vaccine production.".

Is engaged in peace & security in Africa w/ its participation in int'l UN EU missions and bilaterally. Among the main contributors to UNPeacekeeping, Italy has participated in 29 UN missions, 13 in Africa. ItalyMFA A partnership with Africa.

Perhaps the EU shouldn't have blocked the earlier negotiations of EU countries with the company and demanded that they retreat for a bloc negotiation! If you waste 3 months of negotiations and now stamp your feet when you haven't even approved the vaccine! Vac from approval date.

There are Remainers on here who could walk in on the EU shagging their wife and they'd offer to fetch it a beer and light its cigarette.
It seems to confirm the biases that Brexiteers alrea ST have about the EU. Whoever decided this was a good way to go shouldnt be making decisions like this again.
Boris dispatches Ambassador to the EU.
British people would happily carry vaccine across to Northern Ireland. AND British people would happily like to see the EU try and stop us.
EU and UK representatives need to reach a compromise on reduced allocations of their allotted vaccine deliveries otherwise there is a risk political bickering could end up disrupting vaccine delivery and rollout resulting in the needless loss of lives.

His disrespectful views on immigrant workers currently boil down to this paragraph which in turn boils down to people coming from countries not economically integrated with Russia to work should seek a visa sponsor, the same policy that e.g. EU have for the rest of the world.

The EU has imposed a hard border between Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. Oh how things change...
The Guardian studiously avoiding news that shows the EU Have broken International Law today by not complying with the stipulations for invoking Article 16. The deafening silence all around is the sound of Remainer outrage. Take an uptick.

I think hardly anyone wants the EU to suffer Deborah! But we have had a very tough time lately and it is such a relief that we finally got it right! Oh boy did we get it right!
The EU is like a drunk person smashing the bar up demanding to be served more drinks.
The EU has broken its promise to Ireland...
So she was hoping that by leaving the EU she could stiff her workers and make their workplace less safe. No sympathy.
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Recent trends framing e-cigarettes as a gateway to smoking do not stand up to scrutiny, write the Consumer Choice Centers Maria Chaplia and World vapers_alliances Michael Landl. Vaping nulb.
Thank goodness we did not join the EU vaccine scheme. Criticised by Lib Dems, charities and countless FBPE types as "unforgivable". But 1000% the right call.
Where are the EU importing these shovels from ?
EU Shysters Not a leg to stand on. The standard EU clustermuck.
French PM Jean Castex has announced that France is to close its borders to all countries outside the EU from Sunday. However, I can confirm that this does NOT apply to hauliers, so trade will continue to flow smoothly.

The EU have managed to unite the DUP, Sinn Fein, the Irish Government, British Government, Love Island fans, Tik Tokkers, Gen Z, Boomers, The gays, UKIP, Guardian readers, Newstalk commentators and S Club 7. That's quite something.

Agree: The EU are not our friends and partners. They have revealed themselves to be a hostile foreign power.
Dont forget, the EU also gambled on this vaccine coming through but it didnt - contributing to their vaccine rollout screw up.
What gross hypocrisy !? EU prepared to create hard border on island of Ireland immediately when it suits them, despite all the threats!?! The NI Protocol is now being fully called into question and major reform will surely follow.

But but .I thought the EU are our friends. Surely theyre not being bullies.
I always said the EU would collapse as soon as we stopped paying - I thought it would last longer than a month though.
Hungary becomes the first country in the EU to approve a COVID-19 vaccine from China.
Imagine if the UK had overridden a section of the Northern Ireland element of the Brexit deal, imposing a 'hard border', as part of controls to block exports of coronavirus vaccines. The media would be declaring fascism on our shores! The EU does exactly that and... silence!

What the EU was originally based on is unrecognisable now. As weve been saying for 5 years, its a beast now, morphed into an anti democratic protectionist, expansionist project a far cry from its wonderful peaceful intentions at the beginning.

You know when a man of the cloth is berating the EU they are bang out of order.
The EU has united the Republic of Ireland, the DUP, Sinn Fein, Labour, the UK Government and even the Church of England against them. Impressive Friday night, lads!
The EU has moved to override a key part of the Brexit deal, just one month after it was signed. The UK? Not impressed. Ireland? Also unhappy. Story on the escalating vaccine fight here.
The unelected EU commission decided. No MEPs.
Rollovers none as good as we had when in the EU.
No it means the EU are trying to deflect from their mess. Truly disgraceful behaviour by them.
The solution must include the resignation of vonderleyen . She has proven to be as bad a EU President as Germanys defence minister . Broomsticks as guns , if I recall !!
It's nice to see the EU put their true colours on show for everyone else to view. As Brexiteers it's vindication for 4-5 years of taking abuse from others for the way we voted.
EU showing their true colours. The idea of the UK making a success of brexit has always been their biggest fear. Now BrexitReality has kicked in, and we are succeeding, they are panicking and resorting to desperate measures to hamper our progress. Brexiteers proved right.

The EU are having a nervous breakdown. Someone in there has literally gone mad.
It's the EU.
The Saudi UAE Coalition are bombing Yemen with Western support - millions are starving. Why does EU allow it's Member States to support sell arms to Saudi/UAE ? Is this what we mean by 'European Values' which we never stop talking about? Do the lives of Yemenis not matter.?

URGENT Burning wood produces more CO2 than burning fossil fuels. But an EU law defines it as renewable & allows it to get subsidies. We can stop it! Help us by signing this petition to the EU_Commission by February 9.

An incredible act of hostility by the EU. Only the naive believe the EU is our friend.
The EU is not playing politics, its using its powers to ensure a contract is met. Such jingoistic hyperbole from the far right Arlene Foster.
Extraordinary decision of EU to block exports to N. Ireland of covid vaccines made in bloc shows Brussels in its true colours: they are the Mafia.
At last you see them ( the EU) for what they are, thank you for speaking out.
Defend the UK interests or the EUs? There is only 1 answer to this. Shell waffle and ask for calm and thought and rabble on for an hour about nothing. She wont condemn EU nor back UK. Nor will she demand an open border - incase that comes back to bite her/SNP in future!

There could be an easy solution to all this the EU, the UK and Astra-Zeneca should sit down together and discuss things. This shouldnt be a problem if there is nothing to hide. But the UK government has made it clear over and over again that it is not to be trusted.

Pro EU to my fingertips, I find the potential invocation of A16 shameful. The fight is between vonderleyen for the Commission & AstraZeneca who have clearly fallen short of various expectations.Ireland & GFA shouldnt have been brought into this.

Imagine the stress in the al Qaeda press office at the minute as they wonder whether they too will eventually be compelled to issue a press release condemning the EU's behaviour.
Youre right ... wed still be waiting for the EUs permission to use the vaccines, made in England.
Europe really see one of the ingredients for the Pfizer vaccine comes from Yorkshire, right?
The UK has no dispute with Pfizer, AZ or the EU. The EU has a dispute with AZ. Forcing Pfizer to breach a contract with the UK is forcing Pfizer to default which is exactly what theyre falsely accusing AZ of doing. The EU never takes responsibility for their own failings.

Ok. Having now read the contract through a couple of times, my initial view that the Commission had no good argument remains the same. A quick run through the contract /1.
I wish the EU would grow up - since brexit for trade / logistics its a nightmare on top of Covid - lets stop falling out as its making life a misery on top of the misery it already is - please Useful thread on Article16 and vaccine with the EU.
And lets ban all flights in and out of the EU for the whole summer. Our wonderful seaside resorts deserve our patronage.
.CPBritain General Secretary Robert Griffiths statement on the EU vaccine provocation.
The EU have a dispute with AstraZeneca Sweden, so decide to respond by blocking the supply of vaccines to the UK, which is not a party to the dispute. Do the EU not care that they are trashing their international reputation? They were once so keen to talk about the rule of law.

The EU using the Northern Irish border to castrate Brexit was the worst kept secret in Brussels when we were there. Mask has truly slipped now as they threaten a hard border for vaccines. JoeBiden what say you?

I order something at 10am . yu order at 2pm . MY ORDER IS FIRST . so gets delivered first . Brexit IS SAVING LIVES !!! stuff the EU parliament.

What You Really Think

Even Labour...the deadest of cats.

You have ' taken back control ' haven't you ? What's the problem ?

All these morons complaining about the EU if it was the other way the UK would do the exact same thing.

Is this after Cardboard Keir consulted the twittersphere to see which way to lean.

God, the EU mafia realy hate us.

29days in and the EU tigger Article 16. Treason May told us that the clauses in her surrender day would never be invoked!!! 29 days in, let that sink in. The EU has NEVER been our friend but Europe is this shows the true serpent in all its glory!

Ah today they condemn but tomorrow who knows.