Monday 29th of March 2021

The Friendship of These 2 Companies.

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*F is for friends who do stuff together*.
Apes together stronk.
Isnt the guy who made minecraft a literal nazi or something? lol. Is being friends with someone like that actually wholesome? I prefer when nazis dont make more friends and become strong.

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In truth, I was in early on Minecraft because my brother knew people. I think I paid $5 or so for it a looooong time ago while it was in development. I stumbled across terraria and arrogantly though (huh, a 2D version of Minecraft. Looks lackluster.) I was SO very wrong. The similarities broke down rapidly as crafting, mining, and placing blocks were the most similar parts. The enemies, kinds, but early Minecraft was very different than early Terraria. I still come back and play terraria from time to time but after Microsoft acquired Minecraft I was pretty throughly mined out.

Many hours in minecraft, have never played terraria.

I never really played Minecraft but I realize that is one of GOATs. I play a ton of Terraria. I came back to Terraria and they had completely updated the game and now I have a bird in my hat and wings. I play even more now.

The thing that gets me is that they are **very different games.** The concept sounds similar on paper, but they both satisfy very different fantasies in very different ways.

I think Terraria is better for boss fights/ variety and Minecraft is better for building and just a bit better looking. Both are amazing games Ive sunk hundreds if not thousands of hours into. Theyre just very different yet somehow the same.

What debate? They have always supported eachother. Notch tweeted about Terraria before most people had heard of it and Relogic has always supported Minecraft. I have never heard of anybody debating which game is better as they are so different.

Damn one of the OGs.

There literally has been few and far between debates, Ive seen more people supporting both than actual people arguing which ones are better.

Honestly I dont find terraria to be a bad game. I've been playing MC for years and I've tried Terraria and just cant get the hang of it. Not a bad game just not my thing.

I played minecraft like every single day for the entirety of middle school and a lot of highschool. Im so burnt out of it now. Singleplayer at least ;).

There is a creeper costume is Terraria.

Why would Terraria shut down? It's one of the top selling games of all time.

How would terraria "shut down"? It's a single player game with a multiplayer component, it's not an MMO.

They are both eternal. Two gods of their genre.

Why would Terraria ever shut down?!? Down even joke about that.

Punctuation pls, was confused by "Terraria shuts down Monang".

I also love how awesome the graphics can look even if they arent top of the line. Have you seen the empress of light boss battle?

And those that focus on looks/wow-factor often have terrible gameplay or/and story (Anthem, BF5, Cyberpunk 2077, Outriders, etc.) Then beautiful AND fun to play games like Valheim come around to prove all those marketing-focused publishers wrong, and it warms my heart. :).

You can have great graphics without being high res.

The problem in that people equate realism with good graphics more than they do with pixel art. Pixel art can look better that realism, and vice versa.

Now imagine the opposite: focus on graphics rather than absolute top of the line game play. S t a r w a r s.

Id say Terraria has some focus on graphics, but not in realism. The pixel art and colours in Terraria are very appealing and obv a lot of work went into presentation.

Same. I never really cared for graphics. To be more exact; I like an interesting looking game, but I don't care if it looks as realistic as hell. Sadly, so many games nowadays try to go that route. Skyrim is a good example; great graphics in a realistic style, but... everything else? Especially compared to Oblivion & Morrowind? Honestly... pretty terrible.

The guy who made minecraft is a white supremecist tho, so thats a good reason to not support it.

You okay bro?

> refused to play Minecraft with us which always annoyed me. Maybe he couldn't afford the price and got trapped in the lie?

Well my friend, you clearly haven't accidentally dropped your enchanted netherite pick that you spent hours searching for ancient debris for, onto a cactus.

**my jam, terraria is.** *-TomMakesPodcasts* *** ^(Commands: 'opt out', 'delete').

Terraria is basically the embodiment of Reds company so Id say its pretty close.

The victor is still obvious. Adding one extra tier of armor and weapons that do the same exact thing as the previous tiers, just better is not even close to Terrarias level of diversity in equipment.

Notch had absolutely no involvement in terraria.

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