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Monday 13th of April 2020

The Ipa

It may be the ABCs role to accomodate viewpoints, but relevant opposing viewpoints in a time of a GLOBAL PANDEMIC are medical, public health and health economist opinions, not IPA propagandists.
Im not that worked up about the IPA (far from the worst example of this) but if youre going to defend it, at least do it honestly. The ABC does not accomodate and test all viewpoints. It regularly excludes many on the basis of science, editorial judgement, preference etc..
Would be interested to know who the ABC think is the balance of the IPA..
The IPA has sponsored a new blog by one of their "experts" saying its impossible to see bleaching from the air.What do you think?.
ACTU is not radical, it is mainstream. The IPA is radical. Happy for any Industry Group like AIG et al to be the counterweight to Unions, but not IPA. Its a hard right outfit that needs to be countered by a hard left outfit..
A reminder - the IPA is an organisation dedicated to climate-change denial. And yet parts of the ABC still treats them like they have some worth to add..
When mentioned the advice of the medical experts, the guy referred to a range of opinions!!! No! His opinion is NOT as valid as that of the medical experts. This was appalling irresponsible TV. Who will you interview next? Anti-vaxxers?!.
Wheres GetUp viewpoint ? Never seen a GetUp viewpoint video on ABC Breakfast News ! A weak excuse to promote the deadly "herd immunity" plan popular with IPAs anonymous billionaire donors aimed at sacrificing thousands of our elderly to the god of Neoliberal Economics ..
Minorities like IPA and Pentecostals, who make up 2% of all Christians (who make up around 50% of the population) seem to have been very focussed and very supported to takeover government. And its all about $ for them and their handlers..
Yeah, because the IPA never gets any time in the media anywhere.I look forward to your forthcoming interviews with real socialists, communists and social anarchists (but I wont hold my breath because I dont want to die)Get over yourself.
Giving a platform to self-serving, ideologically-motivated crap isnt balance and isnt helpfully to anyone other than the IPA.Whos on next, the flat earthers?.
ICYMI:The cuts to the high-containment facility will form part of the $111 million in LNP IPA govt spending to be cut from the CSIRO in the budget.The AAHL is also where the CSIRO researches Avian Influenza (bird flu), SARS & Hendra virus..
Dear ,Utterly horrified you gave a platform to the on the issue of the crisis. This IPA are NOT medical experts. This organisation views profits as more important than human lives or the health & safety of the community..
Why is the effing IPA on ABC News Breakfast? Banging on about how the restrictions should be eased. To his credit, Michael asked who should we believe, the IPA or the health experts?. The IPA stooge answered with theres not a monopoly on experts. Give me stength. Cult..
Its funny how Australian media dont mention the shutting down of Australias Infectious Diseases Lab and the sacking of CSIRO scientists by LNP IPA Abbott Turnbull Morrison & co. Supposedly to save money?!Why is that?How are those savings now?.
Whats the threshold to get in on the interviews? How many IPA members? Is there a list we can put our names down on? Who keeps the list? Can we see it?.
How pathetic since 2013 the ABC has been so intimidated by the right that the most outlandish rubbish has been presented in the name of balance to such an extent that minority cults like Hillsong and IPA are regular guests and panellists..
Did newspoll or any other media ask those being surveyed if they thought the cuts LNP IPA made to CSIRO and Infectious Diseases Lab was a sign of good leadership?When did or mention this sabotage of our pandemic preparedness?.
Genuine experts are scarce. Act with integrity. Are not totally committed to a single sliver of belief. Change their views with fresh m wasting my time the simply does not understand these terms.
When was the last time you interviewed ? Or ? Or ? Or ? The IPA is a radical fringe dwelling cult that wants to destroy the ABC among other things. Their opinions are worthless..
FFS, they did not lionise the IPA! Rowlands made them look like the absolute fools that they are and on national TV!! A great service to the nation.
Why does the IPA have charity status? Could anyone at all please identify a recipient of their so called charity?.
Youre not serious, are you? The IPA is unqualified to comment on anything except billionaire ideology, and your all viewpoints curiously and consistently exclude unemployed and homeless people. The only people worthy of invitations for your shows are well above the median..
Shouldnt it also be proportionate, the real question is why a fringe organisation like the , representing such a small proportion of the community, is given such frequent access to the ABC..
Why is the IPA getting so much air time on the ? These views on opening up the country again go against all medical advice, yet theyre given the opportunity to voice their (dangerous) opinions. Can you please just stick to the facts & silence these money hungry grubs?.
This self-cannibalising tweet is so desperately sad.The IPA has less than 2500 members. 2500.They are - as the scientists say - statistically insignificant.When has the ABC rooted out & promoted any other group in Australia with secret donors & secret membership?Never..
I see ABC news breakfast has now become a platform for the IPA to push their RW agenda.A bit ironic considering their top 100 wish list includes privatising the ABC..
IPA has less than 2500 members. They are only representative of a conservative lobby group currently with too much influence in Stop giving them airtime, and start grilling the bastards without restraint..
The IPA are not appropriate group for the ABC to work with, for or promote. They are as offensive to me as fascists May as well have Blair Cottrell on your show Michael!.
Did you ask why it is IPA policy to sell off the ABC?.
A self serving dick.Several (at least) LNP members are paid up members of the IPA.They care for nothing but themselves,the corporations they support & bow to & of course money.People are expendable to them in support of the their interpretation of the greater good..
This is just a flat out exclusionary shibboleth. A total lie.The Country Womens Association represents many 10s of 1000s of woman around Australia. Never seen them on for their opinion.I encourage people to post the names of groups below with more than IPAs 2500 members.
Its not the CMOs Im worried about. Its the Andrew Bolts, IPA, and their ilk that worry me..
In the week before Fed election 2019, Bill Shorten noted the strong IPA presence on ABC & called out the ABCs faux "balance"."Facts are facts; truth is truth; science is science."Bill had a plan but I guess well never know what it was..
You do know that are on a mission to have sold off. The IPA do not represent the majority of Australians. I look forward to representative on your show tomorrow. rant about overturning the shutdown. It is bordering on criminal..
IPA are a spec in the spectrum & do not warrant a platform unscientific unrealistic narrow bigoted-shame on the ABC-lazy broadcasting fillers just like airing cult Pedophile protecting Hillsongers without asking about the 3000 convention telling all they are protected& ppl died.
Between the rona and Passover, Im gonna be hitting my mid thirties in May with grey roots and drinking wine instead of IPA..
Thats excellent news Michael"Its our role at the ABC to accommodate and test, all viewpoints in Australian society, not just from one side of the spectrum."Lets do that then, the IPA has now had their turn for this year, time to give everyone else a go now..
Why are people annoyed at The IPA being on .. an organisation has extraordinary membership base of around 5,000 "people".. surely with such a large sway of the country its voice needs to be heard.*cough*Lets be real - the start by a select to move the ABC to the right..
Id say that the IPA, who harbour some extreme views well to the right of mainstream Oz politics, are given a disproportionate amount of time on the ABC. And rarely is it pointed out how they are funded, or by who, or that they arent expert in the fields upon which they comment..
What the fluck ? Why even interview the IPA? Speak to an epidemiologist, not an organisation that wants a spike in Coronavirus cases and therefore multiple deaths..
IPAs Daniel Wild repeating the line that our isolation restrictions are causing hardship with no evidence theyve helped reduce virus spread.Do these young guns deliberately model themselves on the preppy creeps of American Psycho?.
IPA doing papers on - these people want to re-open our society for their own economic benefit - putting many Australians at significant health risk. Lets feature them on the public broadcaster!They also want to destroy the ABC! Unbelievable!.
When do the revolutionary socialists, Pastafarians and Cannabis Party get a guernsey? Each would have similar following as IPA..
Here is a bit more feedback. Wake up to yourself before the ABC totally trashes its reputation. Enough Murdoch an IPA..
The fact theyve had to note this shows the shitstorm they receive every time they accomodate the IPA. Why does the ABC continue to accomodate an organisation that wants to see their demise? Not to mention that pushes social, pseudoscientific and economic nonsense..
Why?The IPA?A pack of very weird neoliberals just barely out of short trousers..
Hose the IPA out into the settling ponds, before disposal of their effluent by approved means..
Its like giving airtime to cults like anti vaxxers. False balance is dangerous for public health. The IPA is currently pushing an anti-public health line. The shows should not allow such cranks & quacks on our screens. I recommended the ABC as a credible source. Not now.
Havent you learned anything from 30-odd years of climate-change coverage, where a tiny band of denialists, inc the IPA, have been able stymie a sensible response because the media has been obsessed with testing all viewpoints.Your methodology is damaging us..
Windex on the glass and Wham Bam flex plate and Mean Green on the resin prints. Still have quite a bit of IPA in the house though..
What the fuck! Why is the ABC giving nut jobs from the IPA air?.
Was the verbal diarrhea any different to previous IPA appearances? Nope. Wont be next time either.
Hey , the IPA have only 2500 members mate! Statistically insignificant. In the pursuit of balance, l suspect youll have the Flat Earth Society on next? Dont insult us please..
better, if they didnt give them so much bloody airtime. Theyre just the IPA. Its not like theyre half the Australian electorate or massive experts..
If the EVIL IPA must be broadcast on The ABC then before any of the arsewipes get to open their lying mouths the funding of The IPA must be released on screen. How much each donor donated by year for the last 10 years. All donors..
Did you hear that ? Giving the oxygen is actually irresponsible like giving oxygen to anti-vaxers. Their tripe and mention of herd immunity as a strategy is irresponsible and would cost lives. They promote people catching virus to make themselves immune..
The IPA should be denied a platform on the public broadcaster until theyre transparent about who funds them..
The IPA were set up by Keith Murdoch & Robert Menzies with the sole aim of Promoting far right wing policiesto drag Austaralia to the rightThey are constantly visible on Commercial TV Especially Sky NewsThey are OVER Represented in ParliamentWhy does the ABC Promote them?.

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