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Sunday 19th of April 2020

The Last Dance

Waiting for to start tonight ... 9 PM ET | ESPN.
Soon. airs tomorrow at 9pm EST on in the and on outside of the.
is about to be hereeeee. Which pair of Js do you mess with the most?.
Time to watch greatness.
Moral of the story? Theyre hardly alike as players. 2 VERY different dudes. But they should be known as the 2 greatest to ever play. And a lesson that the tragic death of MY 3rd greatest ever should tell us? APPRECIATE s, cuz you never know when theyll be gone..
Oh, we are SO ready for this arent we ?.
In 1997, we got a glimpse into Michael Jordans post-basketball future when he became CEO Jordan for the Air Jordan 13 campaign. (via Nike).
It all begins TONIGHT. : : 9:00 PM ET: ESPN.
Hello. Its me. Patiently waiting to watch and study tomorrow.
I cant wait for tonight .... Im hyped AF..
Tonight, it all begins at 9 PM ET on ESPN.
Lets Go.
Tough decision on which jersey to rock tonight for That team is the best team in history..
Me in the living room waiting on to start tonight.
Gotta make sure my phone is at 100% battery before starts because Twitter is gonna be glorious.
Tonight. |.
Today is the day!.
Michael Jordan Top 50 All Time Plays via , I cant wait.
We are waiting too.How will derail our post game wrap up tonight at 8:15 pacific 11:15 est.
Man, Michael Jordans legend about to reach astronomical levels after this doc.
I cant wait for tonight This is when I was a big sport fans and I was a Rodman people was sleeping on what he did on the.
Alright sure you check out ESPN tonight at 9:00 for an important history be jealous of how good it used to be!.
Im excited for tonight like its a playoff game.
No calls or texts when come on tonight, thank you.
How many days until ?.
Zack Snyder directed a Michael Jordan documentary before it was cool. Truly ahead of his time..
Every young hooper in the world should be tuning into The Last Dance tonight. He was my idol growing up I watched his highlights before every game I ever played Whether youre a Jordan guy, Kobe guy or Lebron guy, I guarantee youll be inspired 23.
Dont text me. Dont call me. Dont zoom me. Dont Skype me. Dont Facetime me. Dont Facebook me. Dont Insta me. I covered this run. They were It really was special and unique and prior to social media which made how popular they were a phenomenon.
The day has finally arrived. is here!!.
Any other sports fans feel like a kid on Christmas??.
A defiant teenage boy, struggling with his parents imminent divorce, faces off with a thousand year-old witch, who is living beneath the skin of and posing as the woman next door..
To all my friends under lockdown please just manage the 2 weeks abeg. This guys have been Officially endorsed by the grace of God. Please be warned of the dancers of.
is finally out tonight and I cant wait.
you already know what time it is.
Trying to get ready for but the salon is closed. Im on my own for hair and nails. Just hope that Bulls jersey still fits.
Michael Jordan has grace, dignity and generosity at his core He is also the most competitive human being the world has ever seen | Check out my latest blog post as I pay homage to his benevolence and generosity | |.
My fit for.
April 19th -.
Whos ready for tonight?? is debuting, so why not show some Jordan work that was in the vault.
Still gives me goodebimps, the good feels, the music, the crowd cheering; there has yet to be a better intro in all of sports.
If you werent a Bulls fan already IN CHICAGO when Mike hit The Shot against Cleveland then sit this one out.
Super excited for on . I grew up watching all of MJs games on and tallying his points each game. His work ethic taught me we all have complete control over how hard we work. Helped w/ ! W/ , I cant wait for this blast from the past..
KD and talk in anticipation of docu-series debuting tonight on . Full video including KDs favorite MJ moments, ranking Jordans skill sets on a scale of 1-5 and more:.

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Maybe the city of chicago is,and nba fans certainly, but believe it or not all us older NBA fans didnt care about the bulls!, I know thats hard to believe.

Get ready for the MJ is better than LeBron! comments.

Im watching him right now.