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The Longest Road in The World That a Person Can Walk On.

Friday 27th of November 2020

The Longest Road in The World That a Person Can Walk On.

I did a little math and this is true! youd have to be crazy to try to attempt this.
Sounds like a 3 year trip to me!
I walk super fast tho.

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Hm, now what if I walked for 15 hours a day?

That's around 36 miles/58 km a day. That's pushing it even for a horse. A person would have to be exceptionally fit to keep that pace for that long.

And as you walk, you can listen to some tunes about ]Magadan]().

Created before clocks. Plus, how old is time?

You haven't taken into account the speed boost you get from earths rotation.

Paul Salopek is a reporter who is currently doing a walk similar to this. He is walking the path human migration out of Africa 70,000 years ago. He's in India for a while now, but you can follow his location at this link. It's already been 7 years, so he's taking it relatively easy* Edit: his walk is ongoing, began in 2013.

How about it you rode on a motorcycle for 12 hours a day?

You could cycle tour it in under 2 years, probably 1.5 years.

Bad at math here- tried to do the math and couldnt figure it out. Mind explaining?

Pretty sure you'd get killed somewhere on the way tho.

Google maps says 4,354 hours, so you're quite right. It amounts to almost 363 days.

If I did the math right it looks like if Usain Bolt never got tired and was always about to run at his top speed the entire distance it would take him just under 21 days to finish this. If I did the math right though so like maybe its true maybe its not.

Sounds not so much, Ill put that on my wish list.

Thats not long tho.

8 hour a day walking - 562 days roughly.

I mean, you'd die because you'd walk through at least 2 active war zones, but yeah.

Well if sprinted like usain bolt and maintain his top speed of 28mph, it would only take you 41 days.


Dont forget to factor in being detained at borders or being kidnapped and sold on the international black market Lol.

Hmmm... I did did 2200 miles last year in 5 months and 7 days. A year for this sounds about right.

Looking at some of the countries you might be doing a fair bit of running.

Are you challenging me?

Wdym just walk 24 hours a day and do it in 188.

That's it? 12 hours of walking a day? I do that now at work :(.

How 'bout you run it?

Not that bad tbh. How fast is the walking pace?

That's surprisingly fast and actually doable.

And more than 180 days of that year would be spent travelling through Russia!

Yeah I always thought people who traveled the silk road were insane because you'd spent by far the vast majority of your life just walking.

How fast do you have to walk?

Sounds like a job for Forrest Gump!!

Or you could walk 24 hours a day and it would take you only half a year. Talk about time saver.

About 1.5 years if you hiked for 8 hours a day.

Mind blowing that early humans did take this route to reach the Western continents.

Challenge accepted.

At least.

I actually thought it would be much longer.

If you walked it like it was a job, 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, it would take 2.25 years.

And through interrogation by the Mossad when you cross from Egypt to Israel, by the Hizzboola when you cross from Israel to Lebanon, by the Mohabarat when you cross from Lebanon to Syria... and so on... i am not sure you will be able to walk when they finish "asking" for your motives...

And those are just the conflicts being reported on.

Im just going to go see my daughter for her birthday.

Syria and?

Lol my first thought. Sounds cool if you can afford security the whole way...

Alternatively you can go through Algeria instead and take a ferry to Spain and go through Europe but that's gonna add 3000km to your trip, but hey at least you avoid active war zones.

What would be the longest road one can safely walk?

Half the way looks incredible dangerous and the other half incredible boring.

***Sesame Street has entered the chat***.

Even historically speaking that stretch in the middle from Armenia to Egypt has been very unstable and fought over. Makes sense when you see how accessible it is to everyone around it!

This is truly what Kevin Durant meant when he said, this is the hardest road.

Also cannot understate the danger of the last stretch through Siberia...

Just walk quietly.

I feel like wars and trade routes go hand in hand.


Some of us lucky ones had dinosaurs to ride.

Knew this would be the first comment.

Imagine now kids dont go to school at all.

Luxury. Your grandparents had it easy.

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R/Catan is leaking again.

*reluctantly gives card*.

Which must be attained AT ALL COSTS. 3 wheat for 1 brick.

You only have to walk across Siberia, the Caucuses, ISIS, the Sahara, and the Congo Basin.

Plus, I don't know how many of those borders are closed, but you're *definitely* not gonna get to walk across the Lebanese/Israeli border.

Russia is big.

Magadan isn't the eastern most part of the Russian far east. according to google map, there's another 1000km from magadan till the tip nearest Alaska. but it probably is the furthest with a working road network. accessing the further town/cities would require port access.

Yeah Im looking at you, Syria.

Only passing through three warzones not too bad.

Not even a slightly enticing trail lol.

It's not walking, nor is it quite the same trail but Ewen McGregor and Charley Boorman have rode and documented a couple motorbike trips that incorporate most of this path. The first was "Long Way Round" where they started in the UK, crossed all the way to Magadan, flew from there to Alaska and rode across North America to New York. The second trip titled "Long Way Down" where they start on the northern tip of Scotland and ride all the way down to Cape Town. They have a third that is currently airing on Apple TV called "Long Way Up", where they ride up South America. I haven't started this one yet! Awesome watches even if you're not into motorbikes.

I don't think anyone has done it.

There's a reporter named Paul Salopeck who's ]walking from Africa to the bottom of South America,]() retracing the broad pattern of human migration. He started in Ethiopia (in 2013) and is currently in Myanmar.

Can't be done. Even if, after you zoom in, these are all actual roads, there is no border between Lebanon and Israel, you're not allowed to go to one country if you've been to the other, and if you try then you will be detained for suspicion of being a spy. I think it's the same with Syria and Israel, and Iraq and Israel, so you can't even go around. You'll have to take a boat or a plane from Lebanon to Egypt and skip a part of the walk. Not sure about other areas that fall along that road, but I'm telling you about Lebanon since it's my country and therefore I know this border between these countries cannot be crossed. There is a wall between the borders with intelligence agencies and cameras of both countries along the walls to make sure nobody tries to cross, and the UN also has a presence there and part of their job is to also prevent crossings (however, if you go to Lebanon, there is a hiking trail that goes from the far north of the country all the way to the south, called the Lebanese Mountain Trail, that you should check out! Amazing views along that trail).

]It's the "Shortest road in the world between the two furthest-apart land/pedestrian-walkable-bridge connected locations."]().

I think it's just the Google Maps thing. Which of course is missing connections and can get sketchy when deciding what routes are possible.

Its got to be the shortest distance that is walkable on a path (being a road or trail) between two points that is longer than any other similar criteria paths between two points. Or in other words, the longest shortest path between two points. Of course its not adjusting for ease, speed, nor safety...

All roads lead to Rome. You may have to take a few turns along the way...

Yeah I doubt that anyone is going to be allowed to cross the Israel-Lebanon border. You could still probably do it with a detour through Jordan though.

Ewan McGregor and Charlie Boorman have probably done most of this on two different trips on motorcycles. Long Way Round - circumnavigated the globe, and Long Way Down - From North Scotland to the tip of South Africa. Even if you aren't into motorcycling, I really enjoyed the shows. There's a third one as well, Long Way Up, from the Southern tip of Argentina to LA on electric Harleys.

If it would be anything like their Mongolia episode, it would be amazing!

]Long Way Round]() and ]Long Way Down]() kind of follow similar routes if you combine them. Although neither cover the middle east portion. In summary: Obi-Wan Kenobi has done large portions of this route.


I don't know how I would describe this route but it's not even the longest route. I mean you can probably create a route that is longer than this without crossing any borders in most countries.

You would be killed while making that documentary. ftfy.

So guys, here we are in the middle of another civil war.

Check out Ewan McGregors Long Way series. He does something close to this on motorcycles. Long Way Round: London to New York Long Way Down: Top to bottom of Africa Long way Up: Argentina to Los Angeles.

Fuggit. Lets go.

No thanks.

No problem. Al Salam Bridge is there.

This is obviously the "Shortest road in the world between the two furthest-apart land/pedestrian-walkable-bridge connected locations.".

Unless you're walking on water, this particular route is not possible. There's a lake between ]airport Abu Simbel]() in Egypt and its adjoining road leading into Sudan. ...And that's just the one I was able to find in 5 minutes.

So, if i hear you correctly. Its like the drive from Florida to Arizona when you get to the Texas border and then 278 days later youre still in Texas?

You want to take a CAR through Sudan's Customs?!? There's no Duty Free!!!

Have fun crossing the Egypt-gaza-Israel border.

You bike wouldn't last one border.

TIL that 1km is 13,910 637 miles.

For comparison, to walk from the Santa Monica Pier in CA to Times Square in NYC is 2,797 miles or 4,501.3 km.

That's a long kilometre.

The Pan-American Highway doesn't go through the Darien Gap. ]This is the longest road.]().

Also you would get killed in conflict zones.

And the fucker forgot the ice.

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