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Tuesday 9th of June 2020

The PM

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Brutal killing of Sarpanch Ajay Pandita in Anantnag, Kashmir ,is a desperate act by terrorists on the run, trying in vain to defeat the process of establishing grassroot democracy, initiated under PM Sh narendramodi ,with successful holding of local Panchayat and BDC elections.

This is what citizens protesting against Nepal government's inefficiency in handling the COVID-19 crisis were met with today. They were gathered for a peaceful protest, maintaining physical distancing, outside the PM's residence. Photos.

True worship according to the Holy books give us benefits. Read Gyan Ganga book and watch Sadhna TV 7.30 pm.
This day 1964 , 9th June - my grandfather Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri took the swearing in as PM for the Republic of India ??
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Liar to the core Thug Con.
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PM must call Session of Parliament to discuss the infiltration of Chinese Troops on Indian Territory. No less than the Defence Minister Rajnath Singh ji has accepted the fact. We do understand Modi is no Pt Nehru but the seriousness of the issue demands discussion in Parliament.

First Roar of BB3 will be out today at 7:09 PM on the occasion of Natasimham NandamuriBalakrishna Birthday.
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Kabir Sahib only came in Jinda form from satlok and took the Garib Das ji in A remarkable City Satlok. SantRampalJi For more info must watch Sadhna TV 7:30 PM (IST).
On this day in 1964, one of India's least known public figures took over as PM in one of the most difficult periods in Indian history. Lal Bahadur Shastri led India through the 1965 war, helped start a white revolution with Amul & NDDB and quietly steered us to safety.

BorisJohnson "I won't indulge, or support those who break the law".The same man that refused to dismiss Dominic Cummings. BorisJohnson the man who expressed himself "proud of his efforts ",during coronavirus crisis. This man is a poor excuse for a human being and unfit to be PM.

The country is moving forward under the leadership of Hon'ble PM Narendra Modi, Bengal will also be a part of it. Join the huge public meeting to hear the speeches of Union HM Amit Shah and State Pres. Dilip Ghosh.

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First Roar of BB3 will be out today at 7:09 PM on the occasion of Natasimham NandamuriBalakrishna's Birthday.
Some honourable mentions. Rona Wilson. The letter of assassination of PM was obtained from his house. He fought for Parliamentary attack Fame Geelani. Involved in Bhima Koregaon. As per police.
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Whilst talking to a friend the topic of BorisJohnson & that the knives are out for him, raised question that if removed as PM/Leader of Conservatives who would take his place? We really could not come up with anyone we trust & one that would Cancel HS2 & be true to their word?

????????????_??_??????? Lord Kabir never prioritized any religion. For him there was no difference between Hindu and Muslims, He is the almighty and all are his children . Must listen to Satsang by Sant Rampal Ji at Shraddha TV 2:00 pm.. 4???_???_?????????????

This was a moment for the PM to say something meaningful on racism in Britain. Instead he hectors us like a second rate headmaster - and has the cheek to say, 'I will not support those who flout the rules on social distancing'.

Grateful to PM ImranKhanPTI & Asad_Umar Head NCOC fr their immediate response on behalf of request sent by the PTI MPAs of Sindh to increase 20% Covid_19 resources directly for Karachi & 1000 oxygen beds to major cities.

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Update 49 - 12.30 pm - Tuesday - No Covid beds at Moolchand or Batra Hospital as on the ground. The figures on the Delhi Govt Corona app need to be updated. Please call before going in case you want to admit someone in these hospitals.

PM Muhyiddin MuhyiddinYassin you will not walk free from this outrageous and scandalous settlement of one of the major corruption case in Malaysia. Voters are waiting for your day with us. You can't show your face with voters.

Precisely. Given that Trudeau has been PM for five years, Trudeau is taking a knee here to protest against himself. Someone should explain to him he can't be both the government and the resistance to his government at the same time.

Deeply worrying evidence that PM planning to sell out UK farmers & our environment in US trade deal, despite empty promises to the contrary We urgently need legal guarantees on enshrining high standards on food, animal welfare & environmental protection.

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"I wish we had a PM like Jacinda Ardern." said the Boris supporting Tory voter.
Empirical Meta-analysis of the Life Sciences (Linked?) Open Data on the Web. (arXiv:2006.04161v1 []).
I dont get it. There will never be so called "air ridges">bridges" between the UK and, lets say, individual EU countries for example. The French PM said that a couple of weeks ago. It will have to be an EU wide "air bridge" agreement or no agreement at all.

Would PM or Raksha Mantri please come clean on this issue? Have The Chinese Occupied Indian Territory In Ladakh?
Register for the Eastern Canada Session at 10:00 AM EDT ? Register for the Western Canada Session at 3:00 PM EDT ?
PM Imran Khan will chair a meeting of the federal cabinet today in Islamabad PMIK ??
We heard the PM saying there is not any systematic attack against Tigray. Does he know Barker IAIP has been made to stop (unlike the other three) b/s Fed government has stopped funding it as expected?
Last week, Scott Morrison said JobKeeper would be here until September. This week, childcare workers have been told the payment ends for the sector on July 20. Education Minister DanTehanWannon says the PM was referring to the legislation, not specific payments.

Releasing someone with 46 charges of alleged corruption = pm baik , the best one.
They not only desrve an apology from the PM, but blacklegs like Alan Johnson who reflexively took the government's side over unions.
Lets talk on realistic points. my PM brings FDI, urs beg with bowl. India is not under huge debt, pak is. we dont produce terrorist, u do. we r 1 of the biggest markets, u r not. we dont ve china holding govt, u ve. we r respected by countries, u r seen under suspicious lense-1.

As NandamuriBalakrishna turns 60 tomorrow, the makers of his ongoing Telugu film will unveil the 'first roar' today at 7.09 pm... Balakrishna and director BoyapatiSreenu reunite for third time, hence the collaboration is called BB3.

BJP4India: After Shashtri Ji, I've witnessed a PM for the first time with such effect that saw 130 crore Indians stay indoors while exercising self-discipline on his behest: Shri.
BJP4India: PM Modi has prepared the nation in such a way that today, against the deadly COVID-19 pandemic, the govt is fighting and is ably supported by 130 crore Indians: Shri.
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First Roar of BB3 will be out today at 7:09 PM on the occasion of our Natasimham NandamuriBalakrishna gari Birthday.
To the President of the United States of America Donald Trump & Israel PM Benjamin Netanyahu NIGERIA HAS COLLAPSED NIGERIA HAS SURRENDERED REP OF BIAFRA INDEPENDENCE has won under American Diplomatic Power God bless USA Peace be upon JERUSALEM Zionist.

Nice try to deflect the criticism inevitably winging its way to your department, but Johnson has been PM for almost a year now. What possible excuse is there for not having righted the Windrush wrong yet? NONE. Talk is cheap and that's all you Tories do.

When the entire country is getting restive to know about what is transpiring in the East Ladakh sector then I think PM narendramodi Ji should address the Nation to instill confidence and National Spirit.

New Zealand PM JacindaArdern declares her country COVIDfree ! A nation of around 5million population is the 9th country to stamp out the virus. Smaller countries with less population have an advantage.. for bigger countries like us, still a long way to go!!

Is the PM's knitting being the leader of a party out-polling Paul Goldsmith's by more than 20 points?
????????????_??_?????? Taking Swami Ramanand ji into refuge At the age of 5 years, God Kabir in a divine spectacle manner took 104-years-old Swami Ramanand Ji Maharaj in his refuge. Watch sadhna TV 7:30 PM Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj 3???_???_?????????????

Self-exiled political activist kidnapped by armed men after posting a video attacking the PM save????????
Very awkward - especially as the new PM of the UK is a blithering idiot who can't even form a sentence.
There is whole on the system where the rat of BJP stored the money.. Called PM cares.. BengalRejectsAmitShah GoBack.
Before becoming an MP, Priti Patel worked as a PR lobbyist on behalf of Big Tobacco. This involved "improving" the public image of a BAT factory in Myanmar which was also funding the military dictatorship. This woman has NO morality, and worse, no limits. Future PM material?

To achieve supreme peace and salvation one should worship the Complete God by taking initiation from a complete saint. Because only a complete Saint is authorized to impart the true mantras of God Must watch Sadhna Tv 07:30 PM.

Jungkook said he would go live soon . Soon rhymes with noon as in tomorrow afternoon and it has four letters which means Jungkook will go live tomorrow afternoon at 4 pm I have cracked the code.
? Jewish member, Ofer Cassif, of the Knesset (Israel parliament) accuses Israeli PM Netanyahu & his government of the killing of EyadAlHallaq, a young Palestinian with Autism in Jerusalem last week.
NEW ZEALAND: PM Ardern says she did a 'little dance' after finding out the country has no more active cases of Covid-19..
It's an all afternoon night TP for Belle!! Be sure to stick through the rest of the day, and don't forget to tweet with the our official tag! BELLE RiseBirthdaySpecial 3 PM.

What You Really Think

I thought the HOC was only allowed to talk about Covid issues or is that only when the CPC_HQ ask questions about the countries finances. I guess the floor is open for those who kiss ass.

You could have asked him this question in parliament but you gave him a pass.

OMG, you're sounding like andrew sheer more and more each day ?

Get back to work you hypocrite!!!

He made the strongest move to solidify assertions with the u.s should either be re-elected. Donald t duck does not take canada seriously.

If only this could be discussed in Parliament ... oh right.

This Bullshit is getting tiring... The word racism is over used and is losing meaning...

Liberals have a complete inability to answer any question with ANYTHING of substance, just pandering and gestures! PERIOD!

Sit down and be quiet.

The NDP, even further left than the Liberals are the greatest enablers of racism the country has ever known.

I feel dumber after watching that.

Is that the same woman who was to busy to show up for the usmca she must think she is real important i heard she is top 5 dumbest person in canada right above climate Barbie or whatever job she is fucking up now.

What a tool for the d.s.

So Jags, what would you do. Oh never mind, it doesn't matter, your irrelevant. But please tell me your plan.

Great speech to be given in Parliament. Oh wait....

Painting all police with the same brush Mr. Singh will cause more division. Having the good police be allies needs to be part of the solution instead of alienating them.


Noone in a position of power who has taken no action to make things better before GeorgeFloyd is going to change anything now.

- No one cares what you have to say Jagmeet, you literally shut down Parliament and stopped Canadians from exercising their democratic rights.

Please keep on JustinTrudeau and liberal_party regarding the RCMP. I believe they are the most military like police service in Canada and I know now that their existence is rooted in racism. Thank you!

When you commit to democracy, maybe then someone will listen to you.

It's not enough to call out the PM's empty gestures. You need to call for the defunding of the RCMP.

The federal government has the ability to do nothing!! You made a shady deal with blackface and now parliament is suspended.

Well if you hadn't shut down Parliament you could have questioned him on that.

And what exactly are you doing about it instead of just flapping your gums?

You look tired.

Another place to start taking corrective measures is not far from the PMO. Check diversity among cabinet members and senior TBS_Canadaublic servants.

TO: ALL ndp Leader's/Staff REPLACE theJagmeetSingh, Who has Lost his PRIDE/MOJO/CREDIBILITY in 3-Piece Suit He is using KEYWORDS rather than RESULTS to gain POPULARITY GAVE FALSE HOPE to People on Disability Support in OntarioNDP We Don't need this COWARD.

You make me laugh. One minute you're all over Trudeau and the next you defend him and help prorogue Parliament. Shameful. Remember when Trudeau was first elected? He hired his cabinet based on sex and race basically throwing qualifications out the window. Why? Because was 2015.

Why aren't you publically calling out the PM for betraying you and every disabled person in Canada ?

Jagmeet although my heart hurts you didn't win the Federal election it is so nice to see a voice of consistent reason. I will always vote for someone who's actually for the people, you sir are that person.

So did parliament. Oops.


When you say Aboriginal Canadian, what's the first image that comes to your mind? For me, it's someone who has mental issues, often stemming from abuse as a child, which lead to drugs and alcohol. Homeless, with gold paint on their nose from huffing. Drinking, drugs, and crime.