The Police Have Released The Booking Photo of The Colorado Springs MAGA Mass Shooter Domestic Terrorist.

Thursday 24th of November 2022

The Police Have Released The Booking Photo of The Colorado Springs MAGA Mass Shooter Domestic Terrorist.

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Guessing everyone was right handed.
Man if I was that woman who stomped him, I'd be making sure my 190lbs directly leans on the tip of my heel .. over his eye.. Fuck this POS. Edit to add- I remember reading it was a drag queen but it was a trans woman. Thank you for correcting me Edit 2. Article describes drag queen or Trans woman and their identity is still unknown. Either way, my thanks go out to this individual for having the courage to act.

Give them a break. There is a lot of surface area on that head.

What You Really Think

The hero was right handed according to the evidence.

Probably got covered up by the fat rolls.

You get a flat head like that when as a baby you're neglected for extended periods laying on your back. Since your skull is still soft when born if you're rarely ever picked up it'll flatten out like that. Like Roger Stone.

He looks like a real life Eric Cartman.

And that was pre beating.

It's amazing what a drag queen in heels can do in a face stomp.

It's a glow up!

And pistol whipped for like an hour by a former Army Major.

Drag queens have more courage than cops.

I was also a little disappointed but then I realized this is like immediately afterwards, so Im sure once the swelling kicks in it will be glorious.

Im surprised he isnt dead lol.

The guy ceased to respond at some point and the hero who stopped him worried he had killed him.

The guy who did that wasn't showing restraint he's ex-military so I think his training kicked in... he thought he killed the guy.

Amazed and disappointed.

I think they would have been justified neutering him.

Its too bad they didnt. I would not have shown such restraint. The moment you reveal yourself as a terrorist, my only mission would be ensure you stop breathing forever.

You could just say "a conservative".

Hey now. Garbage Pail kids don't deserve that slight.

R/conservative had several articles on their front page with some he claims to be non-binary gotcha. Yup... this guy is definitely non-binary.

I find this profoundly depressing. Not in a "this mitigates his circumstances" kind of way, but more in a "holy shit everything is terrible" kind of way. Plus the idea of an infant being neglected hurts my soul.

I literally thought someone didnt get enough tummy time.

Looks like most of the time as an adult too.

Is that actually a thing?? I wonder what people can deduce about my upbringing from my appearance...

Good point. Poor fucking kid. Did you see the video of his dad? They created a monster.

Some bruises take a bit to develop, give it time!

That's disgusting And very true --- Remember: truth may be disgusting.

Because they know theyre loser pieces of shit and cannot cope without a group of people *below* them.

Hey, theyre very proud of their membership in the Gravy Seals. Not everyone has what it takes to be on Meal Team Six.

The worst part of these stupid, ugly, and un-fuckable incels is that they blame everyone else besides who the should be blaming which is their shitty parents, churches, Republicans, and of course themselves.

They go to online echo chambers that tell them that.

Left in a baby seat or crib for hours and hours on end. Thats what causes that flat head. And here we overturned R v W so expect a lot more. A lotttt more. More popcorn, please.

Real incel energy.


Supposedly theyre non-binary which is all conservatives needed to say SEE?!? Its all lib-on-lib violence!!! Watch this get buried now !!1!

Yeah, they're never quite the specimens of superiority they think they are. MAGA ain't collecting the best or the brightest, in case there were any doubt.

White, bloated, overflowing with hatred, and beaten half to fuck by liberals.

Never scrolled through that subreddit before. Kinda wish I hadn't.

Yeah fuck this guy, AND his dad! Like actually though. ]]().

I think they will.

Most people are right the left side usually gets lumped up more. Disappointed there wasnt at least one lefty there know, for balance.

Pure neglect. Uncaring parents left him lying on his back as a baby. Thus making his brain small and a fucking despicable idiot that deserved a worse beating than he got. But I just hope he gets the book thrown at him in court.

Did you see the video of the dad? Yikes.

*New insecurity unlocked:* **back of head shape**.

I mean it certainly doesn't excuse his actions, but there is probably something to be said about the apple and where it falls relative to the tree.

I mean the more about his dad that comes out the worse it gets, but yes it's no excuse for being a murdering bigot.

It is disgusting. I and a lot of other people had a rough childhood, but we dont take it out on innocent people. We have the decency to just drink instead.

Yeah, his dad and mom are both pieces of work (pieces of sh!t works too) if you read up on them. But plenty of people have shit upbringings and rise above it. A glass can only spill what it contains.

Too bad really. At least one of em. LoL.

That made me so angry... I still haven't figured out how to deal with how much that pissed me off. what a fucking piece of cow shit.

Just because he's never had sex with either woman or man doesn't make him "non-binary".

Right, like this doesnt even make the smallest shred of sense to me. A hate crime is when you are attacking people because of what THEY are, it doesnt really make a difference what the perpetrator is.

They are spreading doubt. it's just a tactic. the conspiracy rabble rousers will take it further. They'll spin it any way they can to absolve the far-right and try to make it out like extreme violence has something to do with the minority group. it's basic kindergarten tactic. Pick on the kid you don't like, then try to make everybody believe that you are the innocent one. Once everybody believes the kid you've been picking on is the bad guy, then you can safely attack them, and you'll be seen as the good guy.

Anything to not blame themselves. Deflection at its finest.

He's not non-binary. That's an obvious lie by the defense. But even if he was, there's no reason on earth why a non-binary person can't commit a hate crime at a gay club.

It's an easy claim to make, because there's no real-world litmus test for non-binary. Your sexual orientation will be testified to by your sexual behavior. If you're trans, you will transition socially, and to some likely degree, medically. The only real evidence that someone is non-binary is that make the statement, "I'm non-binary.".

Looks like a typical right-wing redditor.

Furry thing is new to me. Any evidence for it?

Should've kept stomping.

I was thinking he should have needed a wet vac to leave the building.

If I read right his uncle is a Republican politician.

I find that very derogatory towards Pugsley. Plumpyness aside Every iteration of Pugsley Addams has been far better looking than this shitheel.

If he gets a little bit more brain damaged, then the Republicans will vote for him for senator of Georgia.

I think they got non-binary and incel mixed up.

Id love to see prior evidence he identifies that way. Ill wait.

New York Post and Fox News were claiming that like it had any sort of legitimacy. If they found one shred of evidence that indicated he identified as non-binary or trans in the past... I'd maybe even be willing to entertain the claim. They think this neutralizes the hate crimes charge. Even if you were non-binary, no evidence he is, you can still commit a hate crime. I don't know if covid has made Republicans more stupid than usual. Or if it was just a pre-existing condition.

He's binary alright. A big fat fucking zero.

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