The Projection is Strong With These Ones.

Tuesday 6th of April 2021

The Projection is Strong With These Ones.

Social Media Says

Thats Turning Point USA, this is not even close to uniquely bad for them. Their main public face failed to enroll in college and even thats not really a low point.
No, see, they wrote Socialist Politician next to Burns, so that makes everything he does as a corporate capitalist a mockery of Socialism. Libs = Owned. (/s if it wasnt too obvious).
That post is devoid of any information or even argument... I can't believe it's real.

What You Really Think

Remember that meme that was hugely popular among the right which has a picture of Trump kissing a young girl that was labeled as Biden? The right has zero self awareness.

One that believes 'socialism = bad'. Burns = bad, ergo...

Dude probably never saw classic, Conan-era Simpsons. They literally had an evil looking lair for the GOP headquarters while Burns is hosting a table with Dracula.

My understanding of how this happens is the person making it completely ignores the context and background of the picture and _just_ uses it as a meme format. That's usually how memes work, but in these cases it works much less because the context of the picture ironically is a counter argument to the point the meme is supposed to make. What they should've done for this is used like a picture of a dragon on a pile of gold or something instead of Burns, but if they thought things through that far then they probably wouldn't be republican in the first place.

Turning point, USA. That explains a lot.

Well socialist programs only apply to the rich. So they're the perfect/only example.

Someone pretending to be a republican so they can post this on /selfawarewolves.

And that method of redistributing wealth. They're called bailouts and tax evasion ffs.

Someone that is using it as a meme format and nothing else?

They're trying to convince those caught in their "reality" that up is down and freedom is slavery. They're trying to inoculate their followers to be resistant to the words that others might use too bring those followers back to our shared reality. The projection isn't stupidity, it's hardening their indoctrination against reversal.

Simpsons is literally one of the most popular tv shows of all time, its insane how anyone with even the most basic knowledge of pop culture wouldn't know burns is as capitalist as they come.

I have a strong suspicion that a LOT of people have very distorted world view. Which is why we have these weird contradicting thoughts from a lot of people. And a concerning high number of Karens.

Werent all socialist leaders members of Skull and Bones at Yale?

Someone making a meme.

I'm exhausted from this shit. Is it you take an intro class in college and think you are an expert? Like what?

They only see "I am supposed to dislike this guy and I want my base to dislike socialism. Oh, here's a picture of him and money!" Their thought process does not go deeper than that.

Yes, it's the ToiletPaperUSA but look up Nicolau Ceaucescu.

Cause thats exactly what happens under socialist countries, perhaps?

>rying to figure out what kind of complete fucking idiot would be goddamned stupid enough to use Montgomery Burns as an avatar for socialism. Burns and Bernie Sanders have much in common besides the name. Bernie Sanders have three expensive homes, sells books about Socialism, pays his wife millions to help his campaign, and both a greedy and love money and power. Name one Fascist, Socialist, or Communist government leader that didn't make themselves ultra rich and powerful while their 'workers' suffered. Western Europe has a free capitalist market. E. Europe had socialism and communism for years and is still ultra poor. China is a Socialist country, that loves coal and power.

Surely you jest. Mr. Burns blocked out the sun just so the town would be forced to use more power, are you saying capitalism creates problems just so it can profit off fixing them?

Armaments, universal debt, and planned obsolescene. The pillars of Capitalism.

I'll keep it short and sweet. Family, religion, friendship: these are the three demons you must slay if you wish to succeed in business. When opportunity knocks, you don't want to be driving to the maternity hospital or sitting in some phony-baloney church. _...Or synagogue._ Questions?

All of their criticism against Socialism (read: welfare, healthcare and anti-trust regulation) is paired with pictures of Capitalism. Which is funny. Except when they're paired with pictures of Communism. But they're never paired with pictures of Scandinavia or other successful European nations who've implemented a democratic socialist government. (/social democracy).

Capitalism on the way up, socialism/bailouts on their way down.

An obvious product of capitalism*.

You ever notice whenever conservatives make a meme or political cartoon like this about socialism they always put it on top of some of commentary about capitalism?

"unchecked capitalism" is merely what capitalism wants to be, which is why it constantly tries to tear down regulations restraining it.

We could get all animal farm on this though > The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which.

This is not even the biggest problem with the meme. The biggest problem is that the central concept presented is completely retarded. Redistribution of wealth is not a socialist ideal, it's a capitalist tool. Socialism seeks to distribute the wealth equally initially, so no need of redistribution arises. It does this via the elimination of private property and the equalization of wages. This means that redistribution after the initial distribution is not needed. Capitalism, on the other hand, centers around the concept that people will absolutely be in unequal positions and therefore some form of redistribution is needed to keep society from going into anarchy. That form is generally taxes and sometimes subsidies. Redistribution of wealth and taxes in particular are capitalist economic tools. In fact, they literally don't exist in Communism, because there is nothing to tax and no need to redistribute. Tldr: the person who made the meme is a complete economic imbecile.

Remind me of the terrorists risking their lives stomping the Capitol, then get called radical left.

Well, because corporate socialist is an oxymoron. Socialism isnt welfare, socialism is worker ownership.

Socialism is when you capitalism too hard?

Joke's on you, that level of anti socialism.

Hes evil, so he must be a socialist /s.

Yeah, that sub kinda collapsed.

You need to be a *literal* communist to post there or they will ban you.

That sub is full of nuts.

What is with their weird stance on being anti-Liberals and saying Democrats are right-wing? They're actual communists and are against any other left-wing agenda. And I thought I was pretty hardcore leftist, but they are so overly aggressive about it. A lot of the content is pretty good though.

Fuck that sub.

Close ]]().

"what dollar?".

They really don't. They have absolutely no understanding of context. Mike Pompeo did the same idiocy with Nancy Pelosi when he put her side-by-side with Lisa ripping up her speech.

The only true way to be a socialist is to become the wealthiest most powerful person on earth and use your position to build a socialist utopia while the cronies who supported you try and prevent that. Anything less is just virtue signaling.

Marjorie Taylor Green literally unironically described the MLB pulling the All Star Game out of Georgia as, "corporate communism". Edit: And then doubled down and said the MLB would be sorry when the "little guy" who buys their tickets rose up to put them out of business. Which sounds suspiciously like the beginnings of Communism.

'Playing Devil's Advocate' would be you looking to *defend* somebody/something... not label them as trying to be covertly anti-Semitic.

Gates has (seemingly) given away large chunks of his money to charity - I can't see old Montgomery doing that... *possibly* the minimum amount he could get away with for maximum tax benefit purposes.

Do you understand that this is literally how the US is structured exactly right now under capitalism.

Thats why they wont argue the memes message.

AOC has a net worth of $0. What exactly do you think shes cashing in on? Sanders has a net worth of $2,000,000 and hes had high-paying government jobs for 40 years. Hes also written three books. $2,000,000 is like the absolute least amount of money you can have in that situation as long as you dont spend it all like an idiot. Theres actual corruption going on in Congress, and you choose to spend your time whining about two of the least wealthy, least corrupt people there. Astounding.

Poor person calls out wealth inequality. You: You're just jealous. Rich person calls out wealth inequality. You: You're a hyppocrite. Me: Seems like you just don't want people calling out wealth inequality.

Your projecting again. Not everyone is driven by greed.

Hes really not that rich, especially for a guy whos worked in high government positions for 40 years and whos written three books. If youre not an absolute moron with your money and you have a decent government job, theres no reason you shouldnt have a net worth of $2,000,000 by the time youre 80 like Sanders does.

He has a level of wealth that every American should be able to save and invest for if they were to get fair pay.

Remember the first time when Bernie always attacked the millionaires in his campaign? then he became a millionaire and in the second round he then attacked billionaires? bernie sure is aiming high lol.

Watch the edge, youll cut yourself.

Say whaaaaat???

I mean, you're not wrong in one sense. Opportunists come from everywhere and especially in capitalist politics, and sometimes they call themselves socialists. But where Toilet Paper USA is wrong, and hopefully you don't believe this, is implying that opportunism is what socialism is. Which is just historically not the case at all.

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