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Wednesday 6th of May 2020

The White House

Last week, the White House said Dr. Fauci was too busy to testify before the House. But just now, Trump said hes preventing Fauci from appearing before the House because, "the House is a set up. The House is a bunch of Trump haters.".

The White House is blocking key officials from testifying to Congress about the response to the coronavirus crisis. This is just the latest sign of Trump s efforts to keep the truth from the American people.

You know how the White House knows that it s safe to hold a press conference? They test the reporters What do they do before Pres. Trump meets business leaders? They take temperatures & administer coronavirus tests Why isnt there a plan to do the same thing for the country?

When US President, disgustingly called Buhari LIFELESS, it was a CODED message that the character that went to the White House was not Buhari but a FAKE, propped up with plastic surgeries & face mask.
Ignoring CDC requirements to the tune of Live and Let Die wasn t the ideal photo opp for Trump s first trip outside the White House in a month.
China never said it was Americas fault concerning about the virus. Just critisize white house not responsible enough for rescuing their people.
Paycheck Protection Program Round 2: What Has the SBA Changed? Ashley Bell, White House Policy Advisor.
The White House praised brave heroes punished by the Communist Chinese government for telling the truth about the Chinese coronavirus pandemic.
Hey white all were patting yourselves on the back a couple of months ago bragging about the historic anti-lynching bill that you all helped to get passed. Why arent any of you pushing to ENFORCE it against the lynching of ?

It is alleged the only time he came to visit his wife in Roundwood House, she heard and moved back to Yarmouth, and he may then have stayed in Great White Horse Hotel before riding back to Kent.
For too long it seemed like unelected doctors were making policy. Economic toll was disastrous. Pence confirms White House is considering disbanding the coronavirus task force.
Reporting on the task force is being misconstrued to suggest the White House is no longer involving medical experts. This is totally false. President will continue his data-driven approach towards safely re-opening.

Should Trump explain why he would remove the body that is doing the most to keep us safe? Is there any rational upside for society?
White House to wind down the coronavirus task force. reports on the president and the pandemic.
- The White House coronavirus task force will start winding down its operations - Dr. Rick Bright, the ousted director of the office involved in developing a vaccine, formally filed an extensive whistleblower complaint has the latest.

Two separate models predict US death toll will nearly 2X by late June, nearing 135,000 souls, but the is moving to dismantle the Task Force. Its just 1 more way is signalling that this is a State problem, not his.

COVID Update May 5: It s time to put on our big boy pants and turn testing into a real industry so that every American who wants a COVID test can get one. But instead of taking that on, the White House task force is abandoning ship. 1/.

Doing this - you mean acting like bell-ends? There are white blokes up and down the land going into football stadiums doing that very same thing. Race doesnt need to come into it. There are bell-ends everywhere unfortunately - there is at least one in your house for example.

What a buffoon. The economy slowed under Trump; his inept pandemic response ensured its collapse.
This young man was assassinated by two white men who believed it was their God-given right to engage in racial vigilantism. He did nothing more than jog by their house. The hunted him down and killed him. And the $)*% {> Prosecutor called it self-defense!

The White House plans to wind down the coronavirus task force, as President Trump acknowledges more coronavirus deaths are coming. reports.
I mean, how serious can it be if the White House won t let our leading infectious disease experts testify before Congress?
The White-tailed Swallow is just confined to a tiny region of Ethiopia. I suspect you are actually seeing House Martins. You can find more information about them at.
Heres you last week in the White House not wearing a mask while some of your colleagues were and not following social distancing guidelines.
70 thousand Americans have died, and the President is calling the American people warriors, and winding down the White House Coronavirus Task Force. Please vote.
We re investigating Federalist Society executive Leonard Leo who has closely shepherded Trump s selection of judicial nominees. He s evaded all financial disclosures despite his prominent role at the White House and being backed by some $250 million.

Dr. Bright is bringing the disinfectant and powerful light to the virus in the White House. If this doesn t take down Kushner, then donald is fully owned by him - first and foremost. And, fuck Larry Ellison.

While Trump encourages states to re-open, he has access to facts that show how dangerous that may be. Currently, about 1,750 people are dying, per day, in America, from Coronavirus. The unreleased draft White House report shows projections of 3,000 a day.

"We are witnessing the steady, uninterrupted intellectual and psychological decomposition of an American president. It s something the Trump White t even try to hide it anymore. There is not even the slightest hint of normalcy.".

Poll: Are Barrack and Michelle the most dignified and respectable people to ever occupy the White House?
there wont be enough Lysol left to disinfect the White House.
The city of gaulp in New Mexico is closed to the rest of the world!!! Where s the White House?
I just realized (with help) that when the White House talks about a cubic fit they mean cubic splines, not feeling a third-degree polynomial. But holy smokes are they really using that for prediction?
Vice President Mike Pence confirmed earlier reports on Tuesday that the Trump administration is aiming to wind down the White House coronavirus task force in the next few weeks.
Raise your hand if you re ready to get Donald Trump out of the White House on November 3rd.
White House coronavirus task force members are barred from testifying in Congress unless they get special permission from chief of staff Mark Meadows. The only thing transparent about that is that its an effort to avoid accountability.

We need real leadership in the White House right now. Instead, we have a President who plays the blame game. He blames other countries. He blames the media. He blames the WHO. He blames President Obama. But the American people are listening & they re going to vote in Nov.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and a crucial member of the task force, appeared caught off guard by the decision, initially denying reports.
Hell be dragged out of the White House by Capitol Police, cuffs on his wrists, screaming and crying. It will be TREMENDOUS. Read all about it in The Liddleest President.
I would bet $538 that the White Houses "cubic model" is literally just an MS-EXCEL trendline with a third-degree (cubic) polynomial.
Yeah this isn t true at all. First of all, Washington post has no inside to the White House or any intel. Second of all, Mike Pompeo is on camera(no report ) saying there s enormous evidence it originated in a lab.

America sees about 25,000 new cases of COVID-19 per day. parts of a draft report that the White House is using predicts a sharp increase to 200,000 a day by June 1.
OFFICE OF THE VICE PRESIDENT/EOP TUESDAY, MAY 5, 2020 EDT 11:30 AM THE VICE PRESIDENT leads a White House Coronavirus Task Force meeting, Situation Room.
What do you think about the White Houses handling of the coronavirus so far? Watch here:.
If we were running the White House, we would have 20 million a day testing, isolate those with the virus and stop the dying. Trump is stupid, he has always been stupid, our way is the only way. Wake up people.

Cuomo says people will die after Trump announces White House coronavirus task force to be wound down The Independent.
According to the press pool, "A White House official said that the facility said officials were not required to wear masks but to take all precautions." And as Dr. Fauci has explained, a mask is not necessary for people whose health status is known.

More dangerous than a sociopathic megalomaniac Russian asset likely insestual with pedo tenancies & dementia in the White House? .... wake up.
There are many reasons that the White House response to the pandemic has been a disaster, but chief among them has to be this: they honestly dont give a damn about human life, and resent the idea they should even pretend to.

On TV, Fox News hosts urges thei viewers to run into the burning buildings. Off the air, they call the White House, begging for water to put out the fire in their favorite places. Behind the scenes, the White House orders that requests from Fox hosts receive priority treatment.

You think thats good, I heard we elected a five year old to the White.
Remember when Steve Biko was placed under house arrest for not maintaining social distance? Or that time Walter Sisulu was on trial for surfing? Nelson Mandela needed to do was tell police he was going to buy groceries but no. The White Mirror version of Apartheid.

EARLIER: President Trump arrives at the White House following a day trip to Phoenix. THE BEST IS YET TO COME! 2020.
The results of yesterdays bird house build. Undercoated it white but give me a colour scheme please.
Notably, the White House coronavirus task force led by Pence did not meet today, and largely has stopped meeting, signaling the federal government is not coming up with any actions or plans, other than Trump tweeting and Jared confiscating for our national stockpile.

The Trump campaign should be reduced significantly. BBC News - Coronavirus: White House plans to disband virus task force.

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