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Tuesday 12th of January 2021

Me: I Hate Drama. Also me When The Drama Starts.

Me: I hate drama. Also me when the drama starts.
Blink twice if you're being held hostage Matt.
Victoria is playing the bachelor like its survivor lol.
I have NEVER in my life wanted to punch someone in the face so badly, literally BARF IN MY MOUTH.
Same energy. Theyd be good perfect together.
Dont know why everyone was freaking out about Sarah seeing stars... does that not happen to everyone everytime they stand up?
Matt just flipped an RV and Peter couldnt even walk to a golf cart.
They did not pull a to be continued on us like that.
Marylynn, ! Do not let anyone dim your light. Stand tall, look straight, & pick up your crown! -nulb.
She ]Sarah] is a little bit Alexis.
Victoria sleeping after ruining everybodys night.
That exchange between Matt and Abigail.
Okay honestly thats how they are ending it.
Anyone else think they look similar or just me?
I didn't see Marilynn in the previews and I'm pissed.
Wishing that the young ladies on TheBachelor would understand that crying to open up and seem vulnerable actually exposes that they are not mentally in a good place & come across dramatic & overly emotional instead! -nulb.

Victoria: were just like oil & vinegar Best Scripted Line..
Bri and Abigail are my two favourite contestants this season.
My mom just got me hooked on the bachelor that bitch Victoria gotta go.
We all can agree on one thing: Victoria needs to go!
Victoria tonight.
Victoria when picking out her outfit for the rose ceremony.
Bachelor producers sending the intern to get tea out of Victoria...
Did Sarah forget she got a rose like save your blacking out for another rose ceremony when you really need it Sarah wyd.
Showing us that victoria stays, defeats the purpose of giving us a cliffhanger.
I like Matt. I really do. But Im a little tired. Maybe they should have pushed this season a little bit. We JUST had a dramatic season less than a month ago. 2 weeks in between seasons is not enough I think.

What is this hunny.
Victoria need to pick a struggle. You cant be a mean girl and average lookin.
I dont think Ive ever seen someone and then just be a horrible person all the way through like Victoria.
I normally dont care about anyones skincare routine but I need to know what Victoria does so I dont do that.
If Victoria is still on TheBachelor the week after next I will probably have to stop watching this season because its so annoying.
Great, now we gotta wait till next Monday?! A WHOLE WEEK??? Argh cant waitttt.
Victoria up all night thinking up ways to stir up drama.
Did someone punch her in the face? I mean I wouldnt be mad.
Oh my god and he's keeping her around for another week I hate the producers.
Victoria: My team is a bunch of queens, the other team is a bunch of...
A mid-ceremony to be continued is criminal.
Wow, Lauren is amazing.
VICTORIA STAYING ON COULD NOT HAVE BEEN MATTS CHOICE. WHO IN THEIR RIGHT MIND WOULD THINK THIS IS OK pls tell me she is a character bc i can not fathom her being legitimately like this.
"I love orchids so much" "This chick is TOXIC"- Queen Victoria.
Did did she just say OIL AND VINEGAR?????
Chelsea has had enough.
Holy god victoria is so annoying.
This is what happens when you try to be petty and sleep on a couch for no reason.
Seeing Victoria in the previews for next week.
The fact that Victoria was in the preview.
I dare you to try and convince me that Victoria isnt a plant by producers..she is literally an SNL skit reincarnated.
I told my parents it was gonna be a two parter and THEY DIDNT BELIEVE ME.
How yall let someone with bags under their eyes like that clown you??
Damn...we are still stuck with icktoria. She needs to go tf home.
Queen Victoria looks like she slept on the couch LMAO.
I would love to see mattjames919 rewatching these and realizing how ridiculous Victoria is.
TFW you see Victoria on the trailer for next week.
Am I in trouble this girl gets on my damn nerves yo, send them both home.
Its only Week 2, but its already high time to get rid of Queen Victoria. rodger recaps the new episode of TheBachelor.
Idk if Victoria is on something or if shes truly disturbed because wtf is her problem??
Sometimes I think the real MVP of TheBachelor is the person who composes the music they play over the dramatic scenes...
Queen aka female Luke from Hannah Bs season. Shell be around for a while strictly for ratings just like Lukes crazy ass.
What dating in Northern Ontario looks like.
You're making these ladies stand for hours in high heels and tight dresses in a hot room after a boozy night, of course someone is gonna pass out!
Well see where this goes! Thanks for watching.
Victorias grandma gotta be so proud seeing her wear her couch cushion covers to the cocktail party and rose ceremony.
Wild/confusing ending, but obviously Victoria continues on in the show .. Not sure if I need this energy on my Monday nights.
Can someone please introduce Victoria to strapless bras.
When Matt said, What can I do throughout this experience to show you that I could be someone who youd wanna be with? A TRUE GENTLEMAN.
Seeing Victoria in the preview has me like.
I'm so sick of this. You don't need to cast a villain every season!!
Me when thebachelor ended before the rose ceremony did.
There have been 96 episodes of The Bachelor/Bachelorette with Donald Trump as president. The last one is next week.
Matt: The producers.
Good night to Matt James and Matt James only.
Victoria taking a rose while Matt checks on Sarah.
Matt after this episode.
Id have more respect for Victoria if she wasnt wearing an outfit from Limited Too and showing her entire bra in the back.
Victoria calling Marilyn toxic, while being the most toxic person in the whole mansion.
A true queen would understand her court. Gestures =/= Jesters.
Matt: Sarah open up to me about your family Sarah: this is really hard to talk about, but it all started when my family lost everything and had to start over in a small town that we happened to own...
Honestly still speechless about Victorias bra.
The bags under Victorias eyes look like this.
The producers making sure Matt keeps Victoria for the drama.
Matt having to kiss Victoria to make it believe after secretly agreeing to keep her on the show for drama.
Ive never wanted to punch someone as bad as I want to punch Victoria.
The hate I have for Victoria is unbearable.

What You Really Think

Producers: we need a villain Also Producers: were any applicants wearing a crown?

You know it...

You are funny af.

This is my favorite bachelor tweet of all time.


: the most dramatic season of the bachelor yet Me.

I want this mans energy 24/7... best part of the show so far lol.


A true photo journalist we must protect him at all costs.

I resemble this tweet.

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