Saturday 21st of November 2020

They Always do This.

Suffering from success.
I'm the opposite lol, I'm decently smart and I'm able to solve pretty much all the problems with some creative thinking on my own, but my memory is shit so my teachers are always talking about how I'm able to answer all the questions in class but don't do well on the exam.

Im with you there. Everyone was wondering why I fell off the last 2 years of high school.

What You Really Think

How is a good memory not directly related to being smart? I feel like that is a huge part of it.

Having a good memory would make you smart, right? Nobody is born smart, people get smart by learning things. Having a good memory makes it easier to learn things therefore making you smart?

Yea me too i can learn very fast.

Write your teacher a letter saying that you appreciate the rapport they have with you, but the attention you receive as a result stresses you out. We aren't aliens (usually) and appreciate student feedback :).

I am somewhat smart (and dumb) and I really seem like Im grasping the information, then I take a test and do so bad and the teachers think wtf is wrong with this girl however I did get a 79% on my geography exam and I am very proud of myself.

They like you because they think you are proof that they're doing their job well. If you can remember stuff than other students should and its not their fault they can't learn as fast as you do. I would say the worst thing is not the attention you get but the fact that you are actually making it harder for your classmates by raising the bar too high for them.

Same, sometimes thay would mark me absent even if I was there.

In middle school, one of my teachers asked me to help other students, I asked if I would be getting paid for doing their job. I got suspended.

I think they went with "he's smart so he doesn't need my help" logic. which 99% of teachers I had, thought like this.

This reminds me of "I've won, but at what cost?".

They didn't ignore me but most of my teachers did tell me to not answer because I was the only one doing so.

I had an experience once in 5th grade where we needed to right in a journal detailing our experiences on the wild west. This particular entry was a poem, and when i finished mine i showed it to the substitute teacher (our main teacher was out sick i think). She loved it so much she made me read it aloud, which made me incredibly uncomfortable. I was mainly known as the class clown who didnt go over the edge and maintained good grades throughout my school life.

Bad news kiddo.

So true. You raise your hand to answer the question and they pick the guy in the pack who doesnt know the answer. Its so frustrating.

Or they're much harder on you than the other kids because they "expect better from you". Fuck everything about that.

I'm in the boat where there would be long ass awkward silence after the teacher/prof asks a question. While I may know the answer, I don't usually raise my hands. But sometimes the silence is so long that I feel obligated to just answer to end the silence.

Prove youre smart, go!

I had some that were annoyed to have a smart kid in class and would bully him. Once I was sick for a month and when I came back this math teacher made me do the test about the topic I miss. Luckily my mom helped me when I was home and I got the best grade on this test when the rest of the class didn't do good enough so the teacher was upset. Maybe he could have realised that he wasn't good enough.

Sounds like you were too smart for your own good.

Same. That's why I went to a boarding school when I was in the 7th form.

Maybe you werent actually a smart kid.

Might not be as smart as you think you are.

Thats my PE teacher. The man let me get injured told me to walk it off and if I really need walk myself to the office to get it checked out then goes right back to the sporty idiots who fail every other class.

It's why I fucking hated sports during High School. Coaches would pretty much ignore anyone but the stars of the team. Did track and field and during a track meet, this "star" lost their phone and the coach made an announcement through the PA system so everyone in the stadium heard it. Next meet I lose my phone, let the coach know, "that's too bad". Ah, yea go fuck yourself then. Spent the rest of the track season pissing that coach off cause he couldn't kick me for no reason as I was 1 of 2 pole vaulters so qualified to keep competing no matter what and pretty much ignored him for the next year .

And just for that one hour too. After that they're sharing them with around 100 students. Are there bad teachers? For sure but I also think a lot of students don't realize how much stuff a teacher may have to focus their attention on.

Pretty much. Just because you and three other kids are slow doesn't mean the entire class should have to slow down for you. If a student is going to complain about the teacher not giving them enough attention then they need to understand they're not the only one there. My school offered tutoring to students who weren't keeping up in class ffs, care to guess which kids actually used it.

Definitely, although Im sure I do it implicitly. Two kids have their hands up, one smart kid and one struggling kid. While their hand is up smart kid is staring down at their work, while struggling kid is trying to draw dicks on their neighbourhoods work. Its very tempting to just speak to the child who you know will actually listen.

Yea. Unfortunately there are just some bad teachers out there. Not sure any teacher who did this would keep their job long though.

Hah, thats the sad truth. I was a terrible student who missed like three days a week of class. When I was younger it would always bother me when a teacher would single me out and try to get me to participate. Now that Im older I appreciate just how much those teachers cared.

I love talking about economics and if were your teacher I would probably do the same (except I teach English, so doing that in class would not be good). I suggest you find a polite excuse to dissuade them, such as casually dropping in to the conversation that you aren't keen on talking about economics (it's boring, but you enjoy reading the books).

Mebbe u just bold.

Same thing with me in AP, I used to sleep during classes and the teacher would say he's worried cause he thought my grades would suffer. I just worked better on my own at home. First finals came around and I got the highest grades in the class but he still wouldn't acknowledge that I didn't need the extra help in class.

Yeah it seems way too common in this thread that there's too many students to one teacher. I work for a tech company and primary managers are given no more than 20 ADULTS to manage, yet teachers are expected to lead 30 students with no incentive to pay attention.

Yeah. All my teachers gave attention to the kids who would act out. I asked one why once, and they said it's because they need the most help. Smart kids are smart. Capable. Polite.

I've been in the classroom for over a decade. I swear, no profession in the world gets as much ridiculous criticism from clueless people as teachers. Like, if you take your bicycle to a shop to get it repaired, you have the guy do his job while you grab yourself a coffee. You don't stand behind him and ask if he should really be unscrewing a part that way. When he's done, you trust that he did his job. If you go to get your car washed, you hand over the keys and let them give it a wash and wax. You don't go full Mr. Miyagi with wax on wax off as they tolerate your bullshit. But for some reason, when you have teachers--58% of whom have postbaccalaureate degrees in their fields--teaching a lesson, all of a sudden every other high school student, parent, and worst of all, eligible voter, is immediately ready to give you their two cents on everything they're doing wrong.

Everyone moaning in this post should consider what it's like to be in a teacher's shoes.

If anyone needs our support and understanding, it's teachers.

Teacher here and I don't see it strictly as an issue of gifted or not. Hell I was not gifted but I worked my ass off. I'd rather have a class of normies like me that tried, than a class of academically inclined robots. 9 times out of 10, the kids that "need my help" refuse to engage and put forth any effort, I can only do so much begging and pleading and bargaining and tapdancing and reasoning with, but beyond that I can't actually force kids to pay attention or try. I certainly can't repeat yesterdays lesson because you weren't paying attention. I have to keep on a schedule and continue on for the sake of all your classmates that are trying because we have so much material to get through and we have only so many minutes in the day and days in the school year.

Lol. I remember I used to help but my only motive was to form a gang with the stronger kids so that I can seek vengeance from the ones who bullied me. My plan was successful but It went too far. I ended up being way too infamous in my school. Thankfully I transferred a year later.

People act like doing well in school is about being smart, but it's not. It's about doing the work gradually. Listen to the lectures. Do the homework. Do that as a kid and you end up in honors courses where kids behave, so the teacher can actually teach and then you can actually learn. Math is feared by many but it's such an easy subject when people learn it day by day over a decade. In most cases, the only difference between a smart high schooler and a dumb high schooler is that the smart one cared enough to do the coursework over a period of years. It's a difference in effort, not intellect.

Exactly! People confuse these two words all the time. I've had many conversations about this topic and in almost all of them they consider students who get good grades 'smart'. In all actuality they are really hard working.

There was a thread earlier today about banning homework and a majority of the comments were "Homework takes hours to complete and is pointless" and I'm just sitting here like yeah I can definitely see why you probably struggle with a 10 question worksheet.

Was looking for this comment, that's literally how the OA introduces her character!

Do they not let kids skip grades anymore, or even hold them back? Because the amount of "fair treatment" whining in this thread got me feeling like its been abolished. At least when I was in my last two years of HS they had separate classes based on your knowledge of the subject.

Not my experience whatsoever The smart kids are smart and seem to just know Mid tier students are the ones that ask questions (in my experience).

Can't rely on parents for guidance Me (for instance if they are the first in their family to get a higher education) Me or were forced into a mold they didn't fit as far as studying is concerned. Me I hate school. Im about to flunk out and its my senior year. 3.6GPA to failing everyone class. No idea how anyone finds the motivation for school.

Have you tried talking to them about it? They your mind, just saying.

I hope it reaches that far.

The way I got out of that pit was by just talking to the teachers. Dont be afraid to ask questions, most teachers want to help you once they know you want help. It gets way worse once youre behind, your confusion just piles up and you fail the class.

I was about a B average student. I was/am very unattractive and socially inept. I have basically lived on ghost mode my entire life, including school.

Sounds like most of school.