Tuesday 12th of January 2021

They Know...

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At least the good news is at this point even if you *didnt* recognize Tony Hawk, you can just pass it off as a joke.
You calling him just Tony is hilarious for some reason.
I'd love to meet Tony Hawk. I'd also love to tell him he looks like Tony Hawk, but I'm not sure I could avoid winking the "I know you're actually Tony Hawk" wink.

What You Really Think

The Tony Hawk saga is starting to resemble Inception. Looking like within looking like, an infinity mirror of external and internal reflection. Where does one begin and the other end I shouldve ended it at the last brownie. I'm confident on that. Fucking edibles...

Reminds of the story Rowan Atkins tells, a guy told him he looked like Mr Bean, he said he was in fact "Mr Bean" the guy then argued with him that he was not really Mr Bean until Rowan Atkins agreed with him to finish the debate.


It used to be a thing to kick Bam Margera in the nuts if one saw him. Birdman has it alright.

Thats the unfortunate reality of parasocial relationships. Followers will always have the perception of being original and fresh, while the celebrity has to hear dozens of people repeat the same thing, making it stale to them. Similar thing happens with waiters at restaurants having to hear the same dadjokes being made by every family every night.

Oh, hey, you look like matt hoffman!

Hey, you look just like that guy Bob Burnquist!

Tell me, genius? How would you make a joke at tony hawk if you ever had the displeasure of meeting him? You'd shake in your boots. I'd tell him how much I respect him and what he's done for the skate scene. Way more than any other skater who just slides on guard rails and all the bullshit. I'd respect a legend.

On Wheel of Fortune, he said that he looks like Bill Nye.

Macaulay "Macaulay Culkin" Culkin?

I'll tell him I loved him in Cobra Kai, looking forward to the next season!

"You look like the GOAT, Bob Burnquist.".





360 varial mctwist.

Backwards long jumping.

Smoking the reefer.

Yea, the three stage of skateboarding; in the air, on board, and all over the tarmac.


Hovering ominously.

Doing the worm.

I was thinking jetway, climbing in through the emergency exit, and up through the landing gear hatchway.

Shuv it kickflipping.




To clarify: Each person was joking.

I think its more because he shares the stories more often than other celebs.

I don't think you understood the tweet.

I think it's because it is contexts where they see "Anthony Hawk" and go "Har har. If you shorten Anthony to Tony, this person's name is Tony Hawk. Funny because he even looks like him." thinking that Tony Hawk's full first name is Tony, not realizing it is shortened from Anthony.

How can someone be as stupid as this? Like i mean can they not read the TITLE or what?

Is literally the same as Perry the platypus without the hat but instead of a hat is a skateboard.

Rowan Atkinson has mentioned a few times he gets a lot of people saying wow, you look *exactly* like Mr. Bean!

If you were constantly jet setting around the world during a pandemic youd probably run into your fair share of doofuses also.

I have a few theories. 1. He looks very basic. He looks like every generic vanilla guy in your town. 2. The TH games sold millions, tons of people are bound to know his face. Which points back to point number 1, he looks like every sour cream NPC. Its more of a you look so much like TH but I'm not confident enough as you also look like John Smith I work with down Mill.



It looked like he was wearing a weird wig.

I would pretend to freak out and say "oh my god, it's Bob Burnquist!".

Natas Kaupas in the flesh.

"Hey, you kinda look like Riley Hawk".

Bad/Good news, he ]is]() Eric ]Koston]().

Everyone has a plan until Tony Hawks in your face.

"Are you Eric Sparrow by chance?".

I have a plan about saying to my wife (loud enough for him to hear) "that dude looks so much like a pro rollerblader. Had a game on playstation, dope soundtrack".

Tony hawk look like tony hawk with a mask on.

Exactly what I was thinking.

I think Kutcher is retired but your username is on point neighbor.

Me too!

A type of bus for people with blue check marks on Twitter I think.

Big metal bird. Fly in sky.

Its a two-dimensional area, but thats not important right now.

Fucking thank you. Holy shit thats all this dude talks about anymore.

He's made multiple tweets about how people see his name and say "oh, like the skateboarder" or say he looks like tony hawk and now people are doing it because of those tweets.

Most people tweet about what's going on in their lives. It is not his fault that it ends up here... Also, his work and charity requires him to travel. Chillll.