Wednesday 19th of May 2021

This Art Completes Me.

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Neat. You guys could have an amazing secret handshake.
What happened with yours? Im wondering too if its the same cause.
Neat!!! I feel like Im watching the birth of a secret club.

What You Really Think

Is that your strong hand ?

This hand is your hand. No wait thats my hand.

Fuck if you find the left index let me know!!!

That emoji is pretty handy.

Was what i was wondering prolly fireworks?


And thats why everyone calls the ring finger the taint-tickler.

>You were built for two in the pink and one in the stink. 1/2 in the stink.

A 72. 69 with 2 in the pink 1 in the stink.

..with a little tickle of the taint.

A few years ago, a grad school friend of mine lost the thumb and ring finger on his left hand in a fireworks incident. When I was driving to the hospital to visit, it seemed like every other car I pulled up behind had a shocker sticker.

*laughs in concur*.

They don't call him plug fingers for nothing.

We have almost the same profile pictures.

]Youre a monster!]().

Oh my gosh. I have an amazing story I have to share that I haven't thought about in years. My 9th grade woodshop teacher was very stoic and also moved kind of slowly. I don't know why, but I randomly started a rumor that he was a kicker for the Baltimore Ravens, but then had a tragic bandsaw accident, lost some toes, and had to retire. I guess I was the only kid in 9th grade who knew how to use photoshop, because I edited his name into a roster and kids lost their minds. The real "kicker" was that everyone asked him about it, and he just looked away and laughed, in a way that didn't confirm or deny it, and that just made people believe it more. Sorry Mr. Pitek.

Ah no, sorry to disappoint.

"now you boys shouldn't do this, but if the guard keeps getting in the way...".

Maybe it's just me, but it seems like someone who is missing multiple digits/limbs might not be the guy you want teaching kids to use power tools. Everyone makes a mistake from time to time, but when you cut off a body part for the second time, then I really have to question competency...

The Louvre has art about the effects of lawnmower repair? They really do have everything!

So how exactly did your friend fail their yakuza boss?

I gotta hand it to your friend, theyve got a pleasant sense of humour!

I will choose to believe this is real no matter what.

Where did my legs go.


I think I need some time to process this comment How many digits do you have total, if you don't mind me asking? And was the toe transfer from one of your feet to your hand? Was there a reason they only did 2? And was there a reason for that placement choice? How did this affect your learning to walk? I'm so sorry for all the invasive questions. I'm just so fascinated by medical advances!

It's the hand that belongs to the winged victory statue but fell off at some point. Doesn't represent anything but is pretty cool.

My shop teacher did both wood shop and metal shop, he also had all of his fingers. When that man talked I f****** listened.

McMurray is a POS.

Hey, dont talk bad about yourself.

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