This Iranian Teacher Visits His Cancer-stricken Student Every Day to Teach Him What he Missed at School.

Wednesday 12th of May 2021

This Iranian Teacher Visits His Cancer-stricken Student Every Day to Teach Him What he Missed at School.

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It's about giving the child hope this is all temporary and he will be back to normality soon.
If nothing else, it probably gives his parents a great feeling of hope that their kid will make it. Because the teacher is taking the time to teach rather than say whats the point? The world definitely needs more people like this. Less bombs, more books.

Thank you, you answered my thoughts. :D.

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Just to clarify, as my slightly drunk brain immediately thought this. By "state", the OP doesn't mean territorial state. They mean physical/mental state of the child. I presume, and hope :).

Sorry for stealing your comment but OP is a bot.

Thats a hard **if** he grows up.

Not to mention the temporary distraction it provides from the "oh fuck I have cancer".

No I have cancer.

Why the F would I study Algebra? Its not like Ill ever use it later in life Too dark?

Just having someone spend time with him probably does a lot for his mental state. Family is nice but having someone else, talking about different things, is good too.

A lot of people (especially Americans) also cant imagine school as anything but horrible since their own school systems are beyond broken.

I was thinking the same thing. I wonder if there was ever any follow up from that teacher or, hopefully, the student.

Its been posted online thousands of times I would assume at this point. Im gonna guess for karma.

The child keeps failing to this day.

Even worse he had to show his 'cancer pass' every day.

>Bro how the fuck you gonna make the kid do schoolwork if hes got cancer?! I don't think he's making him do anything. I'm not sure he's even giving him schoolwork.

Wow what a ride. Immediately started sobbing at the picture and first comments, then fits of laughter at comments like this. a much needed eruption of emotions. Thank you all. Especially you u/bruteski226.

Yea, I was gonna say... if I ever get cancer please tell my teachers not to bring me schoolwork.

Pretty sure it's different when you've got cancer with a slim chance to live and every day consists of lying in bed only having doctors poke at you. The teacher is giving him a bit of normalcy and sends a positive message, I don't think the kid minds. It's not like he actually makes the kid do homework and write tests most likely.

Sounds like a great kid, and you helped him make the most of a shitty situation. Kudos.

Thank you. This is a great picture but I've seen it pop up here for many years.

Who cares, there are pictures on here taken decades ago.

They're trying to push a narrative.

I think you're looking for ecentpics.

Its probably something the teacher does out of love, without expecting much results or work from him. More a matter of giving him company and distraction than actually demanding much from him. Surprised by the negative comments, when this is most likely done from love, and not wanting the kid to feel left out.

Honestly when you spend all your time in a hospital being treated and examined by doctors and nurses you dont even know this kind of thing can really help the patients mood. Just something normal.

So you would prefer being stuck in a bed 24/7 without more distractions than a television? This is clearly an act of love. I doubt the teacher expects anything from him, its more a matter of keeping him company, making him feel included instead of falling behind with his friends.

May ye he is showing him the happy stuff, or he is the kids favorite teacher?

It shouldn't be on the teacher to tend to the emotional needs of the student. They do, and they are amazing people. But they constantly have to pick up the slack from parents.

Not really, if I was cancer stricken the last thing Id want is schoolwork. I thing a lot of people would feel the same.

- Kid being made to do schoolwork instead of focusing on getting better, almost like his productivity is valued more than his life? - Kid doesn't have many visitors and therefore is happy to see his teacher - poor kid? - Teacher is expected to be a nurse in his free time in addition to teaching the rest of his students? Just off the top of my head.

How tf is this propaganda.

How is this Propaganda ?

You lost me at They.

You ok?

Not really sure what you're suggesting here. Maryam Mirzakhani - an Iranian who is the only women to ever receive a "Fields Medal" - the most prestigious award in the field of Mathematics. You can argue all you want about discrimination in this country, but in regards to female education - I can think of western countries whose women have less opportunities to pursue their education.

No but the treatment can compromise your immune system.

Protection for the child, hes probably isolated in a sterile environment during treatment.

Really man- did you have to comment that.

Imagine having cancer only for some neckbeard to scurry behind a screen and start shouting bad insults through it.

Because, it is very possible to recovery even if Cancer is very deadly. You don't know how bad his cancer is or in what state/stage it was found. Having basic education is extremely important and if the chance of recovery exist you should make sure you can have an actual life if you do recover.

Doubt it.

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