This Window in a Local Library That Goes into a Creek.

Thursday 18th of November 2021

This Window in a Local Library That Goes into a Creek.

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class="u-nolinkc" href="">I think you mean class="u-nolinkc" href="">wait for someone else to steal it, then post it with that title.
*British Columbians triggered*.
Done and done.

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British Columbia library.

Don't forget r/funny. That's a gold joke over there.

Thats how i got my highest voted post of all time, by reposting a gif with a false but silly title. Reddit likes funny clickbait even if they say they dont.

It's awesome. It take audacity to build something like that because humidity and books are generally not best friends.

This is officially one of the top 10 windows of all time and is now on my list of features that would have to be in my ideal house! I don't approve of the "don't climb up here" sign, though, boo! I do like the verb klettern, though, because it's a lovely sounding word, it sounds like something I might have come across in my German Calvin and Hobbes books :-D Years ago, there was a giant cylindrical gas tank near where I live that got demolished to build the new football ground* and I used to fantasize about building a home in there with giant scaffolding structure and over-sized mezzanine floors and the final touch was that the "basement" of my house would be an inside-out aquarium, so I could sit watching TV on a sofa dangling by wires into a glass box sunk into the top of a pond full of friendly goldfish :-P \* ]this]() page talks about the building of the football ground and the picture at the top has the gas tank in the background.

Reminds me of the library in Boulder, CO: No underwater window there though.

> Ismaning Here are some google photos too: ]Google Photos]() beautiful.

It must be a nightmare for maintenance.

Thank God there's German engineering preventing a leak. If this were American, I'd expect a follow-up r/winstupidprizes post.

Did you climb in though?

Ismaning. Ist da nicht der Bayrische Rundfunk? Schone Gegend!

Many photos on the net.

Can you fish in this creek? :D.

It's the perfect climbing into spot though. You could curl up with a book in there.

Or on the railings and the slim ledge, probably.

I thought there is a cart parked in front of it and you're not supposed to climb into the cart.

I just knew bitte means thanks and made up meanings for the other words.

Please no hiney in window.

Is the Hinein- part saying inside or something? I could still remember klettern but havent seen that version before.

Did your library used to be a Nickerson Farms restaurant?

The Palmdale City Library in Palmdale, CA has (or had, I haven't been there in 25 years, so no idea if it's still there) a beehive like that, too.

My local library had a guy that lived across the street who would butcher deer for $20 so when I was kid/teenager Id spend a lot of time with my dad in that library during hunting season. No other notable features though lol.

Think of the books.

R/submechanophobia says hello lol (not entirely accurate ofc but you know what I mean).

Utterly no. I won't stay beneath the water line. Just hell No! Take my updoot and award, good on you too community.

Its like looking at a city at night out of an airplane window. Stunning and beautiful but a small part of you is holding onto the fact that thousands of feet above a city is not a normal place for a human to be.

Heineken isnt german, and as dutch myself we deny its dutch.

With context clues and the German I do know, I was able to put together, please do not climb into here.

Ich erlaube es.

Please don't climb in. Hineinklettern.

In einem Bachlein schnelle (in diesem Fall nicht ganz).

Ah yes the dishwasher song.

I'm glad you like it as much as i did!

Mermaid with grey alien head.

So am I - I don't even need a window into a creek for that to happen lol.

Nah. Shit still floats and the world isn't flat.

Yeah fuck poor people amiright?

Bitte nicht hineinklettern.

Next to a creek.

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