Those GPU's Aren't Gonna Buy Themselves.

Tuesday 4th of October 2022

Those GPU's Aren't Gonna Buy Themselves.

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class="u-nolinkc" href="">I get off work an hour before Grocery stores open in the morning. class="u-nolinkc" href="">Couple times class="u-nolinkc" href="">a week I'll wait.
Lmao, class="u-nolinkc" href="">people at my work come in 20 mins before open time and nobody's making it dramatic. The fuck's wrong with being early?
class="u-nolinkc" href="">I waited class="u-nolinkc" href="">a class="u-nolinkc" href="">couple hours, early in the morning for my GPU, over class="u-nolinkc" href="">a year ago. class="u-nolinkc" href="">I sure think it was worth it. class="u-nolinkc" href="">I also spent the class="u-nolinkc" href="">wait reading so it didnt feel like class="u-nolinkc" href="">a waste.

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Ikr this meme is weak..

Bitch, you work at a failing electronics store. Shut the fuck up and take my money.

But why not wait in your car instead of in front of the doors?

Last midnight release I did was for one of the Pokemons pre-pandemic. The lady from the GameStop was dressed like nurse joy, and everyone sang the Pokemon theme at midnight. There was around 100 people in line outside the EBGames (GameStop). Was it nerdy and ridiculous? Yes. Is it one of my fondest memories of a midnight release? Also yes.


There I was, in line at midnight, waiting for Windows 95 to be released...

Also let's be real she spent at least as long getting ready today. I just rolled out of bed shoved leftover totinos in my mouth and got in line at best buy. I probably woke up later than her. If she wants me to be embarrassed she could have just made eye contact instead.


I got to do a bunch of midnight releases back when I worked at Gamestop and it was always a great time.

Belle Delphine with a painted nose*.

Best Buy Belle Delphine.

Insignia brand Belle Delphine lookin ass.

Nah but same style of make up. Pink Rouge on cheeks and nose.

A discounted one yes.

No, its Ball Dolphin.

Anyone can look like belle Delphine with a filter now.

The dollar tree version.

Belle Delphine discount american version.

Im guessing her only fans isnt doing too hot.

Tbh, Ive never seen anything like the 30 series in my life. I didnt even go on launch day. I went on a random Best Buy launch to collect my 3080 at msrp. (Glad I did cuz I was able to game during the pandemic :]) I left my house at 4am to get there and realize 150 people were already tailgating at the front doors I waited 6 hours for the store to open and another 2 hours to get into the store. :\ NEVER have I seen this level of craziness. Not even for an iPhone launch back in the day when iPhone was cool.

This should be upvoted more.

I got one from Amazon last week.

I ordered one from Walmart a couple weeks ago. Looks like they still have them for sale with next day shipping.

I thought that was belle Delphine!

You mean to tell me Tik Tok users are mostly "attention grabbers"??

Everyone wants attention, stop being sexist.

And here is reddit, eating. it. up.

Attention means money, and people like money.

Do you guys still have money to go out to buy stuff??? /s (nearly nearly ).

Well to be fair, I live in a shit area and I work 1 mile from a Best Buy, im sure there are others who prefer that safety of picking up their online orders than have it shipped.

They do, and believe it or not sometimes they do it before work!

More people go out than order online.

>Do people still go out to buy stuff? What did you think the stores were there for?

Porch pirates are a thing, unfortunately. If I bought a $1600 Graphics card, I wouldn't want to have it sit around there waiting for 6 hours for me to get home.

Yeah bro pandemic is over.

Just scooped up a 3080 ti from Best Buy last week.

A lot of Best Buy employees don't know shit about what they sell. They're hired primarily to move inventory and sell credit cards. Actually knowing about tech is extra credit for them.

Dude at the checkout asked me if my power supply was "a generator". Minimum wage doesn't get paid enough to give a fuck. I don't blame em or fault them for it.

There is a reason why they get paid minimum wage.

Plot twist, she recently queued up for an hour for an eye shadow palette.

Because previous generations have done everything else. Face tattoos, piercing every possible place available, every hairstyle from Farrah Fawcett hair to Liberty Spikes, lip injections, shaved and redrawn eyebrows, implants under the skin, and giant stretched ear lobes. Just be glad they haven't decided to cut off their nose and ears or some shit like that. At least it's not permanent so they can remove it easily a year later after it's gone out of fashion.

I dont know, I think it looks cute. It looks just like any other makeup style to me.

Yeah, fashion switches every few years as the old thing rolls out and people have to the new thing. Someday it'll be lipstick above the eyebrows.

Why do u think it is? to look pretty, just like any other makeup techniques. and it does look good on girls with beautiful faces. gives u a cute, fresh look.

I dunno, looks creepy to me. Looks like that little girl from ]Wreck it Ralph]().

Why are you calling her a camgirl? She's just a normal girl that works at best buy wtf?

I like almost don't really want to know, but I need to know.

Be honest with yourself, you would stand in line for her.

Also, isn't it kind of shittalking Best Buy? Why would there be nothing there worth waiting a measly 20 minutes for?

Just because you work at a big box retail store, doesn't mean you give a shit about the financial viability of that store.

Wait people wait in line for iPhone? I preordered mine and got it mailed to me on release.

Who said it's fine?

No one is saying that.

The implication would be that that is also stupid though?

I came here to say she waits for iPhone.

Where did you get that idea from? Why are you just assuming that?

Iphones don't even sell out early around me and you still get people camping in front of the apple store.

You mad because youre not attractive enough for anyone to want to buy you anything.

Those employees are all paying themselves off. Just because your store seems slow those employees are still probably pushing out at least a few hundred thousand dollars in revenue a year. In a busy store the employees are probably pushing out close or over a million. Not to mention the money Best Buy gets from vendor provided labor and vendor rented space When I worked there the company was reporting record quarter after record quarter.

I'm convinced that blueshirts only exist to remind us that Amazon is better than brick and mortar.

Sounds like the exact opposite of my store. We don't get the hours to have more than 2 or 3 associates on the floors on weekdays. 4-5 on weekends if we're lucky. I'm exhausted.

Aint affording a 4090 working at Best Buy!

I love how long men thinks it takes to do makeup, i guarantee she did that in less than 20 minutes, especially if she wears it everyday.


Apparently everyone in the comments know.

Are most hot girls arrogant or is that just a stereotype?

LOL I think the demographics are unfortunately making themselves wayyy too clear.

No, she would have a job, elsewhere without misogynistic jerks telling her I am the reason you have a job. Ps: get over yourself.


I mean if they got there early and have to wait a couple minutes before it opens so who gives a shit Employees only feel this way because they have to deal with the customers.

Who cares? It's just a thing you do when you're so excited for something and you don't wanna wait. I went there with friends to get BoTW and then we spent the whole day playing it and it was a blast. If you're being obnoxious to the employees that's completely different though.

The hell there isn't - both me and an IT guy I worked with have been first-in at Best Buy to get component parts the business needed to replace & couldn't wait for a delivery for to function. Other things that come to mind off the top of my head: People that don't work 9-5 popping in as soon as they can to goto work or bed right after, grabbing something for a project, dropping something off for repairs before going into work to pick up later that day, any of a million other reasons that involve limited time for side-trips.

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