Thursday 10th of November 2022


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What is the blue county down there ?
I'm happy it's stayed like this for all it matters, but COVID and the rise of remote work means the population of OU/Athens City has taken a big hit and I don't know how many more election cycles it will stay the majority in the county.

Went to OU. Way to go Bobcats! Glad to see the only county in SE Ohio with an escalator is coming in Blue!

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Ol Athens County is something.

Agree, that is how everywhere looks. Even CA follows that pattern it just has more high density areas.

Youre missing the fact that, prior to trump, counties surrounding areas like Youngstown were also blue. This is not normal.

Except these maps can be misleading in this case the blue areas represent about 70% of ohios population. Though not everyone within a county which voted predominantly one way or the other inherently voted with the majority.

This is what people on Reddit seemingly refuse to acknowledge. The only difference between us and everywhere else is the GOP gerrymandered the populated areas into irrelevance even in non-districted races. The rural/urban divide here is not an anomaly and the state has more registered Ds than Rs. Were just fighting the most uphill of battles.

>Anyone who expected any different hasnt been paying attention So this sub basically. I'm certainly not excited for these results but I expected them. I don't know what state users here live in when they babble some nonsense about a "Democratic majority". These results are have been fairly consistent for 30 years now.

Exactly. Once you leave any area that has a mix of races and head to the surrounding area there's basically nothing but backwater towns filled with poorly educated white people. I am from west central Ohio. I know that's the case once you head west on 33 and leave the 270 outerbelt.

Hes a hypocrite and a trump bootlicker. JD originally hated trump but changed his tune when he needed to win office.

Same Im about to lose my goddamn mind.

The silver lining is that it could have been Mandel or Gibbons. Small comfort, but they were even more insane.

Gonna be hard to not walk around feeling disgusted with the people around me. Fucking absurd that anyone like him could even dream of being in such a position.

At least in Ohio, the predicted house was 12-3 in polls but it went 10-5, which is a small win.

Wasnt quite the Red Wave they were predicting. More like a Red ple.

My only fear is that the republicans are gonna start enacting policies that will drive corporations and maybe even the Air Force bases out of Ohio. I could easily see that as a reality and the subsequent economic downward spiral that follows.

Ohio PEO here. My precinct is mostly retirees, heavy red. And I got pretty excited when I kept seeing a steady stream of purple haired, nose ringed young ladies coming in to vote! I couldnt say anything of course, but inside I was like GIRL WHERE YOU BEEN AT ALL THIS TIME? YOU LIVE HERE?? OH WE NEED TO SEE YOU EVERY ELECTION OKAY?

The educated are moving out, but rural Cletus just had 5 more kids.

Conservative media is a hell of a drug.

I remember when candidates weren't radically apposed to the other side...I'm too sad to share more thoughts because we've become so divided and detached from what is important.

He's also owned by billionaire Peter Thiel.

Russian sympathizer. Pure shit human.

Goes to show you how stupid the majority of people in our state are (over 2 million votes I believe). Guy is a piece of Trump trash. Ohio never ceases to disappoint me come election time. I mean the fact that we have people such as Vance and Portman winning is proof of the ignorance here.

He is truly aweful.

Im considering Buffalo as a choice thats culturally similar to the Cleveland area.


My wifes family is outside Chicago. Were hoping to move there by next fall. There are many reasons for the move but the political direction of Ohio (where Ive lived all 33 years of my life) is a big one. Im sick of this state and most of the people in it.


Come over to Illinois, the waters fine.

I started my morning off looking at real estate in PA, MI and NH. I have young daughters. This state is officially not safe for us.

All of the BS ad campaigns, too - no actual endorsement for Vance, but spinning a misrepresentation of Covid relief as "Taxin' Tim Ryan personally mailed a check to the Boston Bomber.".

Have you met rural Ohio voters? Some of the dumbest people I have met live out here. The dumbest, most proudly ignorant and uninformed people who think their uneducated opinion they got from a Facebook meme is real.

Exactly. I understand Ohio voting red, that was always expected. But for VANCE? Thats it, throw the whole state out. Ive lost hope.

Gerrymandering, voter suppression, and uninformed/misguided voters going against their own material interests. Thats how were stuck with candidates most of us hate.

Agreed. Even the few republicans I know who are educated and have critical thinking skills still seem to have a knee jerk reaction where economic conditions are the driving force of their votes. It is time consuming to have to explain their misguided logic.

And yet those same people voted against the senator who had a heavy focus on bringing jobs to Ohio.

Jim Jordan is a tool.

Brain drain has been happening but will continue. After I graduated from YSU in 2012 I left the next month. I had other classmates do the same. Ive been in Austin for a decade now and Ohio is running a campaign to get Austinites to move to Ohio and wfh, the billboards are everywhere. I dont know that its working.

Except for presidential and Senate elections. Then land gets a vote.

What does that have to do with this? Senate races go by statewide popular vote.

I think this is the map of each county's vote for governor. Redistricting won't fix this.

This is a map of counties, not districts. This chart is identical no matter where you draw district lines. Rural Ohio is very Republican and I dont know how anyone is surprised by that.

To your point, I have a real issue with how many areas are decided by the primary only, particularly for things like the state house. Primary participation is extraordinarily low plus only party members can vote, so you have the smallest fraction of the population actually deciding the representative in the state legislature. Getting rid of primaries and going to ranked choice voting seems like it would solve so many problems, but I admittedly dont know the whole picture and what the downsides would be to such an option.

I feel the same.

Right, this is what the map always looks like though minus blue near Youngstown. Cities and OU.

Next Kansas.

You need a growing population base and a real economy first.

A state Trump carried by eight points in 2020 after four years of his horse shit was never going to elect Ryan and Brown will lose his seat in 2022. This red state gets redder as the educated continue to flee, the education system gets bankrupted and higher education gets mocked and denigrated.

He had plenty of financial support to his campaign, that wasn't the problem. His campaign raised more than vance Look at his campaign page ]]() it's just generic talking points. Not one specific idea as to what he would do to help improve things in Ohio Then look at his voting record ]]() To gain support outside of the 3Cs, any candidate needs to be able to point to in simple words what they are doing for voters Like for example I supported the bill to bring Intel to ohio, which will result in X new jobs that is something tangible people can get behind Or I helped bring in X amount of funding for these Ohio infrastructure project or I helped bring company X to Ohio which will result in X jobs Majority of voters here like it or not care about simple things * What are we doing about inflation and reducing gov spending * Why do we have high gas prices when just 2 years ago, we were energy independent * Why should we be paying even more taxes, when the gov is pissing away money to things like the Ukraine * Why new jobs are in ohio * what are we doing to keep business in ohio * what are we doing to fix the roads in ohio, fix bridges, improve the power grid, etc everyday tangible things, not national level issues, this is state level election cycle not president Tim ryan isn't going to fix out immigration system and we're not a border state so that's not an issue for us I think his biggest problem was his campaign was fluff ideas, he didn't have like say 3-4 issues that would resonate enough to not only sway registered independents, but republicans as well Just saying Vance is a douchebag clearly wasn't enough, everyone knows vance is a douchebag, even most of the people who probably voted for him yesterday.

The same people that were crying about Dewines covid response and wanted him dead a year ago just re-elected him. Dumb hicks indeed.

You said it. This is where I live and provide for my family. Cant afford to move anywhere else and moving wont fix anything either, just contribute to a more red Ohio. Its disheartening but I want to persevere and teach my kids and my husband it doesnt have to be this way.

If it helps at all, and it's been consoling me a little- the Repubs *drastically* underperformed last night overall vs. expectations. It even looks like the second most insane woman in congress, Lauren Boebert, is going to lose her job, and faux doctor Oz lost as well! Chin up. I know it sucks, but take heart in that, nationally, things aren't nearly as bad as they could have gone.

And yet Republicans wanted him hung a few years ago for enforcing Covid mandates..

I understand how gerrymandering would skew the election of representatives but how does it affect the election of the governor and/or senators? I'm legit asking! Please don't reddit-yell at me!

DeWine had zero chance of losing regardless of maps. I didnt even see a single ad for the other.

This map is of the counties. It's not gerry mandered.

Fuck Jim Jordan!

I'm in Dayton and even the inner city has its share white trash FJB/Trump flags.

What's fucked is the blue areas are really wonderful. Like unironically cool. I'm very food motivated, and I am pickup distance from such a wild diversity of food. Like Greek, Chinese, German, Brazilian, I think there's African joins nearby. Oh and Jamaican. I could tour the world at \~$15 a plate.

The same people drooling over Taxin Tim Ryan adds, screaming about their fear and hated of socialism, and fervently voting for a millionaire carpetbagger from California are the same farmers gleefully accepting government bailouts for poor crop yields due to climate change and laughing at those whiny liberals when there are no repercussions for Republicans from the House Bill 2 scandal that will literally cost Ohioans Billions of dollars. These people are completely brainwashed.

For cooking or psychedelics? got a favorite?

To semi answer your question, I saw a house in my rural area with a ton of yard signs advertising for everyone from Vance down to local elections, when I spotted one that said "VOTE NO ON ISSUE 8, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH" curious, I looked up what issue 8 was for this area. Issue 8 was an emergency tax renewal levy for the town's FIRE DEPARTMENT. They have no idea how the world works, they just hear taxes and go bugfuck. Literally so upset about the gub'ment taking more of their hard earned dollars that their response to an emergency levy for the goddamn fire department is "Enough is enough". Tax levys for our high schools failed repeatedly when I was younger, until the superintendents literally had to take out ads on the local radio stations saying "look either you pass this shit or we have no choice but to cut sports to afford to keep our doors open." Whenever they pave a road they put up a sign that says "Look! Your X County Road Tax dollars hard at work!" Half of them saw the R on the ballot and needed no further information, the other half heard about Taxin' Tim from Fox News ads and the elementary school name calling got to them.

Well, learning means you might grow. And if you grow, you might change. And no good can come of that!

Then they wonder why jobs leave the country. And sit and blame Tim ryan. We could keep jobs here if we incentivize corporations more. Or penalize them for leaving. But then people would lose their s*** cuz socialism.

<3 Athens.

Have you not looked at other states? This is pretty much the entire US map Some urban areas democrats typically win, outside of the cities where there is either agriculture or was industry or just small towns, its generally republican pretty much any state map is like this outside southwest, where there simply isn't much but miles and miles of nothing and a couple cities.

F*cking nailed it.

I don't know why people say this. Do you think we don't know that the country is full of morons and fascists? We know.

Living in a rural area its not so much the stupidity, but the blind adherence to religion, and kids being raised to do just what they're told. I know plenty of people 30 and under who will tell me they just vote how their dad votes cause he knows better and they dont have to waste time paying attention.

The rural areas dont actually think about that stuff nor do they care. They only have eyes for Trump and they know Vance is good for Trump so thats who they want. I also must say the political ads on tv this year were some of the dumbest Ive seen coming from the GOP. Literally every single Vance ad was just Tim Ryan basically making out with Joe Biden. No issues discussed, no plans to make anything better.. just copy pasting Ryans head near Joes with some heart eyes.

I'm taking comfort that it was already a Republican in the seat, so Vance isn't making anything worse as to balance of power in the Senate.

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