Thursday 9th of July 2020

If You Ever Wanted to Know The Definition of The Term All-rounder, Look up The Name AB de Villiers!

If you ever wanted to know the definition of the term all-rounder, look up the name AB de Villiers!
To boost your intelligence: 1. Come up with one idea every day 2. Read an intelligent book 3. Eat nutrient rich food 4. Continue learning 5. Share and apply what you have learnt 6. Meditate 7. Talk to interesting persons 8. Explore new areas.

The violinist who played to elderly people in lockdown in Switzerland.
Great quote.
One of the best ThursdayThoughts is to meditate as meditation increases willpower and a person can live happily. Millions of volunteers of derasachasauda practice the method of meditation given to them by Gurmeetramrahim and are living happily.

Why was it so easy for the government to give out PS10 per person per restaurant per day, up to an unlimited amount, yet so difficult for them to commit to keeping starving kids fed over summer?
If you want stay happy and healthy then follow tips given by guru Gurmeetramrahim ji Serve selfless service to needy Do meditation Do hard working ThursdayThoughts Do method of meditation because meditation is the best key to gain success.

With the regular practice of meditation strengthen your soul, awaken your positivity, boost up your will power and confidence which help you to gain success in every field So do Meditation daily.
If you achieve happiness in your life you can meditate in daily basis . It's helpful for remove negative thoughts or gain positive thoughts. Saint Dr Gurmeetramrahim Singh ji insan teaches to all for continue practice of meditation.

Suffering is due to our disconnection with the inner soul. Meditation is establishing that connection. To be calm is the highest achievement of the self.
Absolutely ryt.
Only sant Rampal Ji Maharaj aware About and has right to give this mantre.
Doing meditation is one of the best ThursdayThoughts. It will increase the positivity inside you which will make you capable to withstand challenges of your life. Millions of derasachasauda volunteers do meditation regularly with the guidance of Saint Dr. Gurmeetramrahim Ji.

As you sow today, so shall you reap on the future...So,take out time to meditate regularly, do good karmas by helping needy and make your future blissful forever!>>>.
Train your mind to see the good in everything. Positivity is a choice.
Wishing everyone a tip top terrific Thursday!!-nulb Happy FridayEve everyone!We're almost thereStay positivekeep shiningkeep going, keep smiling*Be kind*be happybe strong and stay SAFE! Hugs always!!!V-.

In this challenging life,never take tension of difficulties,always meditate and work hard to achieve the goal. ThursdayThoughts Millions have achieved success by following the guidelines of Revered SaintDr. Gurmeetramrahim Singh Ji Insan and free from worries...

Wash away your tension by Meditation . It increases power to think and you start getting solutions from within and become tension free. Says saint dr. Gurmeetramrahim ji.
Make meditation a part of your daily routine as it keeps your mind stress-free and calm.
Mat 24:42 "Therefore keep watch, because you do not know on what day your Lord will come. Mat 24:43...If the owner of the house had known at what time of night the thief was coming, he would have kept watch and would not have let his house be broken into.

Saint Dr.Gurmeetramrahim Singh ji insan says that never be hopeless if god close one door for you so he definitely opens many doors for you. Never be impatient .
Make the most of this day! Laugh, love, read, live, learn, play, dream and just be happy! Live every moment!
Life gives us challenges one after another, to conquer life's challenges, one need to have inner strength. And sureshot way to achieve that is meditation.
Absolutely right By practicing regular meditation you can achieve every success.
Learn to stay happy in the joy of others and never be jealous of their progress By doing so, god will bless u nd fill ur life extreme happiness Gurmeetramrahim Singh ji insan.
Yes didu>.
Do meditation and be happy enjoy life ThursdayThoughts Gurmeetramrahim ji.
Benefit of knowing nd accessing our deepest self, free from the Minds busy thoughts is incredibly useful for Daily Life nd it only possible through Meditation.
Meditation boosts our Will Power and helps us to attain Inner Peace which everyone craves for. Let's cherish our ThursdayThoughts by including meditation in our daily routine like derasachasauda followers do with the inspiration of St Gurmeetramrahim ji.

I make my own Rules and I Rebel, Therefore I exist . Today ,another great day!
Need self confidence or will power to face Life change and stress. There is no tonic except meditation or prayers that can increase your will power.
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If you ever forget to do anything before you step out, don't forget to speak talk to your spirit about how you want your day to go.
Dont be a part of back biting and just meditate Gurmeetramrahim ji.
If light is in your heart You will find your way home. Rumi Just follow the light Of your heart.
Tells that never get involved in jealousy, backbiting & condemning others as these vices harm your soul & are barricade to happiness in life.
I believe you can do anything that you set your mind to do, but only if you believe in yourself. Setting goals is the first step to achieve your dreams.
My best of ThursdayThoughts is to help someone who is worried & depressed, try to counsel that person. Saint Gurmeetramrahim ji says that It's true Humanity to help the needy , So Millions of derasachasauda followers do such 134 Welfare Works.

Which month shows our garden at its best? Each month we exchange old beauties for new ones. If we could have them all together, what a wealth of loveliness it would be. Since we cannot, which month shall we choose to throw a small party?~A.A.Milne.

Today the most important subject which is not being taught anymore is MORAL SCIENCE, HUMANITY.-BeingSalmanKhan Radhe SalmanKhan ThursdayThoughts ThursdayVibes ThursdayMotivation Just BeingHuman !!!
In the journey of life. There are certain parts of the path, that we must walk alone.
Meditation gradually increase the brain functioning to such an extent that 1 starts to use almost 1.5 times to 2 times the brain power, when compared to others. Enhanced brain functioning leads to faster solutions to problems&better performance in studies&work.

A smile puts you on the right track. A smile makes the world a beautiful place. When you lose your smile, you lose your way in the chaos of life. - Roy T. Bennett.
For stressfree life .do meditation.. key of happiness joy of life.. Gurmeetramrahim has given us that magical words.
Meditation is the only tonic to increase your will power & confidence, free from tension and negativity, which are the keys to get success in every field. derasachasauda Gurmeetramrahim ji.
Always be contented with what you have. Self satisfaction is necessary for inner peace. control your desires as they are cause of suffering. Practice of meditation will surely help in this.
Today's ThursdayThoughts and live a life full of happiness with the meditation it is tonic to increase willpower ,fit and healthy life says saint Dr Gurmeetramrahim Singh ji Insan.
Bible Genesis 3:8 proves that God is in form. - That evening they heard the Lord God walking in the Garden. And they hid from him among the trees. ~ Saint Rampal Ji Maharaja.
Doing meditation regularly is the ThursdayThoughts. saintdrmsginsan preaches that to achieve success in life one has to face challenge, so while confronting challenges do not take tension, keep meditating regularly and Almighty will give solution from within.

Meditation not only a rejuvenate body but soul as well. So practice Method of Meditation to get a peaceful mind and a beautiful life.
Wind it for me by feteofficial_ /w/ deejay_suzzi /ThursdayThoughts /HotPlay /.
If we allow rivers to separate us, fences to divide, politics to manipulate us, propaganda to mislead us and passports to nationalize us then our authentic and rich African history hasnt taught us anything. ~.

How have we only just found out about Chessboxing!? Winner checkmate or KO What sport would you combine with football?
Right , ThursdayThoughts Meditation is one way you can solve every problem you have.
The life of human beings is full of pain & suffering. These are the results of Karma's we do. St. Dr. Gurmeetramrahim Ji preaches that the only solution to get rid of all these sufferings is chanting the name of Almighty God Meditation & live a happy life.

Our Karmas decide our future. We can change our destiny by practicing method of Meditation & by helping others.
"Success isnt overnight. Its when everyday you get a little better than the day before. It all adds up. REMEMBER: Everything in your life is a reflection of a choice you once made. If you want different results, make different choices.

Meditation is the best way of the success.
Top of the morning, folks! Whatever you do today, create a story.
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This Year's Learning: - Have courage and be kind. - Debug time to time. - Sleep whenever possible. . . Keep adding onto the list... . . .
Yes right.
Practising true method of meditation results in benefits of soul and body as well. One gets peace of mind, self confidence, zeal and gets rid to fatal diseases too. Spiritualism also needs hard work like other fields. Its upto us how much we meditate.

"If you need inspiring words, dont do it." .
Along with making our body strong, this is also necessary to make our soul strong. Soul gets strength from God's name, means meditation. This is the only way to win a fight over our negativity & internal weakness.

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Thursday Motivation... .
Get better today. Top of the morning.
BOOP - from reader's dog Bruce! Vnulb Did you know? Dogs noses are wet for many different reasons, but firstly, and importantly, so that they can help dogs to regulate their body temperature and cool down. Here's some other reasons...

Carolyn Wysinger says, Facebook CENSORS her from discussing RACISM online, sometimes locking her account. BUT.. Mark Zuckerberg is very lenient about HATE SPEECH.! So, Hundreds of ADVEISERS r BOYCOTTING Facebook ! FB MUST CURB HATE.

Have a great day everyone, wherever you are, whatever you do God Bless.
Embrace nature in your home, kitchen and cool off in the summer heat. This looks great. When it is not a vacation time for us I actually need this.
According to Yajurveda chapter 19 mantra 25, the saint is the saint who describes the metaphorical words of the Vedas in full detail which leads to the attainment of the complete God. This is the only SaintRampalJiM Sadhna TV 7:30 PM.

Greetings my dear friend:)) Thank you for photo :) Yes the sun will certainly shine again, just like laughter is a sunbeam:)).
Both negativity powre and positivity power word inside human mind. The one which gets more food becomes stronger. Anger, lust, greed, ego and prejudice are food of Mana, the negativity power and meditation is food for Aatma the positivity power.

It is easy enough to criticise another person's efforts. It is difficult to do the work oneself. Don't criticise. But go and do it - the better way.
Do three favors on people Do not harm,if you can not give benefit Do not distress,if you can not please Do not do evil,if you can not praise.
By giving challenges, god tests if we are worthy of HIS blessings or not. Therefore, we should never be afraid of challenges. If we keep facing them while meditating, god will give us solution from inside.

New Life New Beginnings.
There are some defeats more triumphant than victories.
Whoever does Gods will is my brother and sister and mother. Mark 3:35.
Meditation can makes wonder by increasing our brain power and it is is the true way of living life happily and wisely. These life changing tips given by Great Saint Dr. Gurmeetramrahim singh ji insan. These are absolute ThursdayThoughts inpired by Guru ji.

Prediction of Nostradamus about Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj Under the leadership of Chyren (Hindu Saint), the Golden Age will descend on the sacred land (India). SaintRampalJiM is the only complete Guru who has proved that "Kabir is God".

Pauline has made it clear that no matter the age you are, you can always help. Helping does not depend on ones age.
Meditation is wonderful and the best thing to do. Include it in your routine and see the difference. It is one of the powerful ThursdayThoughts . Millions of derasachasauda practice meditation as taught by saint dr. Gurmeetramrahim ji..

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Fielding and Keeping are mutually exclusive though.. Jadeja bats (definitely not as good as AB), but he bowls and fields better than Ab for sure.

ABD is the Most lovable player in the cricket history.

Also as captain.

My favorite player abd.

Time got better .AB for lifeV.


Yeh saal IPL hota tau RCB jaroor jeeta.


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