Saturday 5th of June 2021

Tianamen Square Before The Crackdown.

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That's the saddest part. You can see the belief that a new future is just around the corner .
For anyone that hasnt seen this post yet, heres a link of some graphic photos that occurred after OPs was taken (NSFW - blood, etc.). **Never forget.** ]]() Edit: also an album in the comments (also NSFW): ]]().

Only to be viciously mulched and rinsed down the storm drains.

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"They look like a bunch of violent terrorists to me!" - CCP Not even joking, this is what they called the peaceful protesters in Hong Kong a couple years ago.

It's crazy too that many of them were far left trying to take the gov on for being against those principles A lot of union representation.

And now every single person you see is dead. What a fucked up situation.

What would China be like today if things hadnt gone so awry and terrible for so damn long. If only.

Right? This is a reason you can never take happiness for granted. You always have to fight for it.

That no no no part really got me thats so sad.

Holy shit. Yeah, I was wondering if it was as bad as it seemed to be (progressively getting) based on those photos listed higher up in this thread... Yep... It was worse than I could ever imagine.

This shouldnt be an anecdote. Any chance she could make a YouTube video or be interviewed by someone? It would be incredibly valuable!

Never forget it, for the sake of those they wanted you to forget.

Wow, thats brutal.

What an intense story. One thing is confusing though: Which border where they heading to? The USSR?

Wait wtf my middle school english teacher told me pretty much the same story LOL.

Any idea which border the train was heading for? Looking at the map, none of the options look very good to me today, and certainly not in 1989.

That's a story alright.

This thread is so depressing to read.

Not just kids. They were the future.

Cant wait to keep doing nothing about it!

The ground part really makes this dark. they know they're wrong so they erase all evidence.

What was the reason for the massacre?

So does Wikipedia tbh, calls it a protest as if hundreds people werent killed.

OP actually also spelled Tiananmen wrong.

Whats your source on tank man being dead? Theres been other accounts of never being able to find him.

Yes indeed.

I try my HARDEST to avoid them. Check out to buy US made items. Im sure theres similar sites for other countries. Fuck CCP. E: heres the link.

Capitalists throughout the world are funded by mainly Chinese and African Labour (Slavery) Company owners boast about how low their production costs are many examples can be seen in Shark Tank where many of them are so proud that they get their products produced in China as low as they can. It's sickening to see how happy they are to utilise slaves to make profits.

They already think they're in the brightest days, dude.

Oh, some of their more nationalistic people have been brainwashed to think only what the govt wants them to think, and it's gonna be hard not to hate this group. But not everyone thinks without logic there. There's much more not on the Internet.

I studied in Europe with many Chinese students. Most were convinced that the Tienanmen Square Massacre never happened because they had never heard of it, and their government would never do something like that. Even when shown video and photographic evidence and accounts from various countries embassies at the time, they still said that it was "made up by the West to make China look bad".

The way Ive heard it described is how the USA massacred the natives. We all KNOW it happened, and we all KNOW it was horrible, but we dont see Joe Biden as the guy that did it.

How much you wanna bet youre already banned from r/sino just for saying that.

Well authoritarians always act like caged animals when the kindling of revolt (against them) nears ignition.

People behind totalitarian governments are all sociopaths.

Feel bad for all the people in West Taiwan. Fuck the CCP.

You called?

Fuck all fascist pigs, both here in America and abroad. Hate the oppressors, not the people.

I'm glad Google let you know. It may be other Search Engines are blocking such results.

China blocks all references to June 4th and monitors the internet for them. To get around that people use the short hand 535 as in May 35th.

It was Beijing.

I remember too. It definitely felt like we were hours away from witnessing a repeat of the party in Berlin in 89. And then it became a nightmare, and we could only watch.

Right Im gonna start a new political party... the DontBeADickatarian Party.

Im a foreigner in China (been here for most my life) and its greatly improved here. But the censorship and political stuff? Yeah not so much. My Chinese teacher absolutely PRAISES Chairman Mao. She kept saying how he was their saviour during Chinas times of crisis like the famine. How her entire family was/is proud to wear a badge with his face on it. My other classmates and I just looked at each other like 0_0.

R/sino is terrifying.

Becaus of happy what?

I mean China would probably have taken it back anyways. At that point in time, there was not much the British could have done to prevent an invasion by China to retake Hong Kong.

The British government didnt have a choice, they had been threatened with invasion if they refused to hand Hong Kong It was the same with Macau, Portugal wanted to hand their colony back in 2004 which was 5 years later than the year the Chinese government wanted but they were threatened with invasion as well.

Dude. if you were holding a guys wallet and just saw him murder sixteen people with a fireax, you're not going to not give it back when he asks for it.

China would have taken it by force. Nobody was going to start WW3 over that right as the Cold War was ending.


Same reason as always: Power, money, probably sex.


Imagine if China happened in Sussex.

What happens when you try to mention this.

And did China ever pay a price for it? Or were they rewarded for it?

They had to bring in special troops to do it from what I recall. The initial soldiers who were there refused to open fire.


I never learned about this or the Tuskegee Syphilis experiments until I was an adult. It's fucked up how much important historical shit you should have learned in school but didn't.

John Cena is very, very, very, very sorry that China is misunderstood.

Literally best and brightest. By execution and diaspora.

Chinese government ran over people with tanks, killing civilians without any regards. Then tried to cover up any evidence; to this day, CCP still denies the events happened. Also, you can't search info about this if you're in China due to their "policy" about internet.

There once was a Democratic movement in China, in the late 80's. All across the world walls were falling, and so folks in China tried for the same thing.

If you head to r/sino, they will blatantly deny of these events happened. In fact, they believe we the westerners have concocted some propaganda about June 4th. It's delusional.

Seeing as everyone keeps posting half an answer in reply; tens of thousands of students lead a peaceful protest in Tiananmen Square, rallying for democracy and freedom of speech rights. The CCP assembled an army of a quarter million soldiers, fully armed and equipped with heavy armour and rolled into the square, opening fire on (with fully automatic weapons loaded with hollowpoints), or running over anyone who didn't break and flee (well they still fired on them, you just had a chance maybe if you could get of the Square). They also fired on random buildings where people not even involved in the protest were. Afterwards they repeatedly drove the tanks over the bodies to turn them to paste and then used firehoses to wash the remains down into the sewers.

Calling them idiots detracts from their evil, their greed for money even when it means fueling oppression.

And Marjorie Taylor Greene would've cheered.

Theres literally an postive karma comment above that talks about going to war and destroying china (aka murdering billions to kill a few thousand ccp officials). There is no nuance already.

Dude reddit considers the Chinese brainwashed subhumans that need to wiped off the map.

>When the CCP does the same thing to Hong Kong They doing worse in Xinjiang and other than few Turkish people and some western govt. nobody is talking about it. Most likely it next 50 years that region will see major demographic changes.

Let them try.

Already Insta Perma Banned.

Well, that's true about a lot of pictures.

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