Thursday 1st of April 2021

May be Trending on Social Media, But Nestaneth Says Any Claims of Genocide Against The Tigrayan People in Ethiopia is a Gross Misrepresentation. Watch The Show Here.

Social Media Says

We urge the ]Biden] administration to utilise all available tools, including Global Magnitsky authorities and other targeted sanctions, to hold parties accountable for their actions and bring an end to this crisis.

In Tigray, an estimated 2.5 million people in rural areas have not had access to essential services for the last four months, said StephDujarric, spokesman for UN boss antonioguterres. TigrayCantWait TigrayGenocide TigrayMassacre must stop!

May be trending on social media, but nestaneth says any claims of genocide against the Tigrayan people in Ethiopia is a gross misrepresentation. Watch the show here.
We don't know what the situation is in the rural parts of Tigray and what we don't know really worries us," said one senior UN official.
They said you guys dont belong here, Ababu told the Reuters... They said if we stay, they will kill us.
The POTUS Administration "use all utilize all available tools" to "hold parties accountable for their actions and bring an end to this crisis." as RepGregoryMeeks & RepMcCaul pointed out in their letter.

Before 2 hours the cruel invaders bombed the district of wejerat ( located in south eastern tigray ) a small town called Debub Bahir Hatsey .
Tigrayans didnt rule Ethiopia for decades, a coalition of multiple ethnic political parties called EPRDF did& no, we dont just fear a state-sponsored extermination, were going through it. Our people are enduring the TigrayGenocide for 150 days now. DebunkTheFalseNarrative.

And Ethiopian forces are shelling Atsbi and Haykimeshal with heavy artilleries Today!
Rapes, Massacres, indiscriminate shillings, torture and racism are all parts of the TigrayGenocide package offered by Abiy and Isaias? Evidences are overwhelming. Where's the justice?
Thinks he can get away with lying about Eritrean army exit from Tigray Don't let him lie. Demand.
& Air Forces Carpet Bombing Tigray TigrayGenocide JoeBiden ABlinken LindaT_G ChrisCoons JosepBorrellF SenBooker BorisJohnson.
Power is cut across Tigray. Massive joint offensive in may fronts by the invading forces ( Amhara). Indiscriminate shelling, air bombardment. The interl community was hoping against hope.
And Ethiopian forces are shelling Adwa, Atsbi and Haykimeshal with heavy artilleries Today!
And DictatorIsaias think they can get away by fooling the world with the falsified exit of the Eritrean army from Tigray. Are they succeeding.
Tewodros Aregai, interim head of Shire's northwestern zone,said the town was hosting 270,000 displaced people even before the latest influx and did not have enough food or shelter.POTUS Act now.
Generations will be shocked by the delay of the Intl community to intervene and stop GENOCIDE in Tigray, in 2021! ACT NOW!
Why is the world giving this big space for war criminals to commit more atrocities and try to fool the intl community? Why not stop Ongoing Rapes, Massacres, Tortures in Tigray? ACT NOW!
"Were here to make you HIV positive Hundreds of women rush to Tigray hospitals as soldiers use rape as a weapon of war.".
How many more rape victims are enough for the EU_Commission to start treating TigrayGenocide as a matter of a major humanitarian disaster?Months have passed so have so many precious lives. Stop AbiyAhmedAli by all means.

At boiling point. UN EUinEthiopia.
Here is a beautiful clip that was captured during the NYC Tigray March last Friday. As we marched, a big gust of wind carried our flags into the air where they all soared high and mighty! TigrayWillPrevail continue the conversation about the ongoing TigrayGenocide V.

1855. Teklay Gebregiorgis, Aged 31 Killed in MaiKinetal Killed by Eritrea soldiers.
Because of antonioguterres failure of leadership, the people of Tigray are in danger of being wiped out. He chose his friendship with fascist AbiyAhmedAli over the lives of millions of Tigrayans. Infuriating.

This is a dirty war because it's affecting everything. The cost is immediately to those who are defenseless.
"Tens of thousands of Tigrayans are reportedly being driven from their homes by Amhara militia over a land dispute." VerifiedWithdrawalOfEritrea.
30,000 Tigrians lived in Dansha; they R now either killed, dying in concentration camps, or fled to seek refuge in other cities in Tigray. 185,000 drove away from Western Tigary over Z last three weeks, & 500,000-700,000 since the war started.

Despite the Geneva convention, EritreanTroops have systematically destroyed Tigray's health infrastructure. These essential facilities are not able to provide basic health services while ppl have to travel for days in search of help.

While the is pressing for the withdrawal of Eritreans from Tigray, the invading forces Amhara) have opened intensive attacks in Eastern&Southern Tigray, which includes areal bombardments &shelling.
News! Abiy is out of control of this war and planning to bring some forces from Somalia.
Aid workers have described a deliberate & widespread targeting of health-care facilities in Tigray, which is having a devastating impact on the ppl, especially those in rural areas.
"Now that fighting has subsided and roads have reopened, they say there is a concerted, illegal push to drive out Tigrayans.".
UPDATE! Out of more than 120 Tigreans detained upon arrival in Addis Ababa from Tgray at Gelan, 36 of them just released on bail.
DC! I hope I see yall there!!

Suppers of PM Abiy of mamamesay & ygedde , while themselves enjoying peace in USA they are calling for a wipeout of Tigreans in . Twitter is serving as platform for such TigrayGenocide instigators. FBI is this something taken lightly?

Gobez meazaG_ Concise & superb explanation on the context to what led to TigrayGenocide. TPLF did not start this war. This question by The_Newsmakers indicates the importance on emphasizing this to the international community Full conversation.

A genocide is taking place in my native Tigray, in northern Ethiopia. The Eritrean & Ethiopian militaries, along with allied militias, have been violating humanrights & committing warcrimes since November. Hunger & rape are rampant.

ECUAbiyAhmedAli in collaboration with dictator Isaias Afewerki started new offensive against the people of Tigray using airstrikes & blanket shelling. antonioguterres deploy UNpeacekeeping NOE TigrayGenocide SanctionEthiopia SanctionEritrea .

Fascist AbiyAhmedAli in collaboration with dictator Isaias Afewerki started new offensive against the people of Tigray using airstrikes & blanket shelling. The intl community failed to protect Tigrayans & the perpetrators are emboldened to continue.

Tigrayan people from western Tigray abandoned their homes by Amhara militias and Ethiopian forces. Now,they dont have any basic needs, shelter, food , closes and others.
A friend of mine was able to escape during TigrayGenocide after being beaten & held captive for weeks.He is now displaced like many others and needs our help to safely exit Ethiopia. I am asking if everyone can help with any monetary assistance. I need help raising $3000.

Massacre of 50,000 , rape of thousands, destroying of health facilities, using hunger as a weapon is not enough for EU and UN to take action. TigrayGenocide.
Ethiopian & Eritrean army & fascist Amhara forces are carpet bombing Tigray World powers with responsibility to act MUST ACT NOW to stop ongoing.
We all seen AbiyAhmedAli brutal massacre for 5 month if the international community couldn't stop him its not his fault it theirs. TigrayGenocide.
The war and the horror is back at the doorsteps of South & East Tigray. The onslaught by the invading forces is intensified as of today while they try to deceive the inte'l Cmunty that "Eritreans will withdraw". They shouldn't be allowed to lie the whole world.

Im so proud of every deki tegaru, Ive never seen unity come together so beautifully. Unity suits us! Love you deki adey!!!
While the is pressing for the withdrawal of Eritreans from Tigray, the invading forces( Amhara) have opened intensive attacks in Eastern&Southern Tigray, which includes areal bombardments &shelling.
"Frehiwot is ten years old. She came from a village 200km away. She misses her family. When she sees new people in the camp, she asks if they could take her to her mom" Save Tigray children. End.
While the world is pressing for the withdrawal of Eritreans from Tigray,the invading forces(Flag of Eritrea Flag of EthiopiaAmhara) have opened intensive attacks in Eastern&Southern Tigray,which includes areal bombardments &shelling.

People do not see EthioHRC as impartial but rather as an extension of AbiyAhmedAli and Amhara elites. EthioHRC is there to cover up the WarCrimes with a semblance of independence. Tigrayans, the victims of TigrayGenocide, know their aggressors very well.

The Security Council needs to urgently deploy Monitoring, Verification, & Investigation Commission in Tigray with Equipment & Personnel as required.
We urge the Administration to utilize all available tools, including Global Magnitsky authorities and other targeted sanctions, to hold parties accountable for their actions and bring an end to this crisis. BidenActNow TigrayGenocide SecBlinken POTUS .

ECUECUThe cruel invaders n & n soldiers bombed the district of wejerat ( located in south eastern tigray ) a small town called Debub Bahir Hatsey before few hours.
This are Tigrayan people from western Tigray abandoned their homes by Amhara militias and Ethiopian forces. Now, they dont have any basic needs, shelter, food , closes and others.
Contrary to the international calls to stop the TigrayGenocide, the partners in crime have continued to shell villages and towns up to now. World should know!
World only knows of few massacres committed in Tigray. In reality, massacres, rapes & depredation have been committed across ALL of Tigray. Act now to save millions.
The UN said never again, then let it happen again & again. Its time for UNSCActNow because Tigray simply cannot wait! You must do everything in your power to stop the TigrayGenocide.
Tigray is asking to be heard. Her children are in dire need of assistance from organizations in power to save their lives from imposed hunger by AbiyAhmedAli.
Why is the world giving more time to Abiy Ahmed & Isaias Afewerki to commit more atrocities in Tigray? VerifiedWithdrawalOfEritrea.

What You Really Think

He has eaten his lies in front of the world. shameful, disgusting.

Apparently pro-war advocates are given the platform by The_Newsmakers to justify war crimes and ethnic cleansing. Another way to push forth the Ethiopian govts propaganda campaign to silence the plight of Tigrayans.

We said "Genocide, Ethnic cleansing ,"etc, were serious terms to be used conservatively. Every tribal fight is not Genocide. It is becoming ridiculous.

This is coming from the same person who failed to mention Amhara militias are perpetrating ethnic cleansing against tigrayans in Tigray. Denial is the 10th stage of genocide.

Enough amount of evidence have been revealed to label the war crimes in Tigray as 'genocide'! Also remember, denial is the final stage of genocide & TigrayGenocide isn't any different from Rwanda 1994! Can you please attach to your thread.

The Newsmakers is a Turkish owned news agency, dont expect them to tell the truth. The govt of Turkey denies the Armenia genocide that killed approx 1 million. The ancestors of the Turkish people committed this genocide, dont expect truth form them on this matter.

Bringing random guests (Ethiopian govt agents) to state falsehoods of TigrayGenocide doesnt change facts on the ground. Its not up to the perpetrators to determine this.

They thought they would eliminate the political leadership and be able to assimilate us easily but we fought back and the genocide starts with that.

Is located in Turkey Istanbul... is this part of the deal between infant AbiyAhmedAli and Turkey, to give ethiotelecom beside the 500 million dollar to get the drone?. imagine Istanbul Turkey report an honest report about human rights violated? You are very weak.

The Tigray are not being wiped out it is the Amhara people who are being wiped out in Ethiopia. There is active and ongoing genocide on the Amhara people for the past 30 plus years and in the last 3 years the number increased while there is abundant evidence the world ignore it.

What the fuck he is talking about. Misreprestai Actually, he is ethnic Amhara, it his relatives who are killing ethnic Tigrayans in Tigray, Amhara and elsewhere in Ethiopia.

I wonder why this crown has only 15k followes. You can't hide the genocide of tigray just with an article. We are living and breezing this TigrayGenocide by Ethiopia and Eritrea AmharaFano. People will go this far to hide their crime but you can't hide the truth.

Deresse cares only about any amhara death. No one else. Deep down he is arguing that the life of Tigray, oromo, gumuz, afar . doesn't count. Just follow his tweets.

Melata shatan! Hundreds are dying because of people like you!

Act and talk like a man first. setaset...

They told us not to resist, she recalled. Lie down. Dont shout. But even if they had shouted, she added, there was nobody to listen.

Of course the perpetrators and their supporters will say we arent being wiped out when they continue to kill our people, use hunger and rape as a weapon. they also said Eritrean army isnt in Tigray and No civilian is killed. Denial is part of genocide.

Over 6 million jews died in the hand of Nazi and Neo-Nazi to this day deny it saying it's a hoax. So, No surprise here Neo-Neftegna which is the Ethiopian version will say the same.

Thank you so much Dr Derese Kassa.

What an arrogant, shameless apologist for genocide perpetrators. Sorry, I wasted my time listening to this non sense.

Holly Almighty God, going on a record as a genocide denier is a reckless move for an "academician ". History will remember your words.

This was worthy view to give All Ethiopians how far apart perceptions can be when we do not have similar Sources of Information/indoctrination.Having a difficult time to accept TPLF its Elites and Enablers are Victims. Well, either way Game Over Project was a beautiful success.

Awaki bayi dedeb!!! What do u think is happening in Tigray?! liar! Be Human first!

Thanks to the brave sister of ours meazaG_ this genocide apologist was exposed. Shame on you.

, Amnesty, UN, US, victims, witnesses have all indicated war crimes, crimes against humanity & ethnic cleansing have taken place in Tigray. What good does Derese achieve by echoing government propaganda & defending it too, apart from becoming complicit in the cover-up?

The killings and atrocities are being done systematically aganist our young men. Our women are being told by their rapists they'll never be able to bear Tigrayan children again. Tigrayans in W.Tigray are being ethnically cleansed.

Is part of a gvt lying machine that was first denying presence of Eritrean troops and then the AxumMassacre which they have now admitted. They're now lying about other atrocities which we know happened. These people have no conscience.

Of course because he supporters it!!

There international media in, your misleading is not required any more. you so worried about how the world look at you than how Tigray ppl look at you. shameless.

It's to be recalled that Ethiopia is in a stage of denial on TigrayGenocide. AbiyAhmedAli admitted the engagement of Eritrea after 5 months.Recall the " I can assure you 1001%..." big lie by ZadigAbrha. Add DanielKibret's lie on AxumMassacre.Now, will you believe this lie?

We never expected him to talk the truth because his mind is annihilated by hate toward tigriyan society. I could teach him how TigrayGenocide is happening but he is in denial stage. Let's history recorded it.

He's one of the supporters of the genocidal government.

Keep it up.