Friday 24th of March 2023

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Social Media Says

Cool kids are back on the Beatbox beat again.
Special clip from ant park.
Dems going save TikTok. TikTok hired firm founded Biden aide three weeks ago, Dems falling into line. amazing what money buy.
Story update, same (2023-03-23): China Says Will Firmly Oppose Forced Sale TikTok York Times 4.75: '~'~'~'~EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Age: 18h:00m.
Coworker: Taylor Swift went tour??? were until watching TikTok lives show updating this account with every single second show.
trying tiktok protect children most hilarious ever heard.
NMIXX Haewon with Monsta JOOHONEY doing 'Love Like This' challenge Tiktok.
WATCH: TikTok just ADMITTED that China access data from U.S. TikTok users. This should serve wake call every American just dangerous TikTok really
TikTok says China-based ByteDance employees still have access some U.S. data lauren_feiner tiktok CNBC ProjectTexas After Project Texas done, answer Chew said. Today, there still some data that need delete.

This tiktok hearing most boomer hearing have ever seen. theyre worried about mental health drug while THEY ones arent funding mental health recovery programs.

TikTok's recruitment influencers lobby against backfired with Latta (R-Ohio). called "the type propaganda that requires Chinese companies push citizens. story sanjanakaranth TikTok's grilling.

TikTok Shou Chew admits that controlled ByteDance access American user data.
couple weeks: TikTok your phone?
Dumbass politician doesn't know risks TikTok American public. Thinks might "lack swag" issue. That impressive level incompetence.
TikTok being dumped tone this hearing shows that it's about justifying TikTok, about solutions data privacy content moderation. they cared about that, leaders from Meta (IG) Twitter would room too!

according this post with video receipts embedded musician concert said something about people listening Check video!
Check out Pedro's video!
Concern about TikTok absolutely warranted, more concerned about Fortnite. need robust national discourse about banning Fortnite.
Congress just needs admit they want tiktok because learning TRUTH about shit they dont want know!!
Here tiktok video guys looking for.
better street photography videos. They have habit banning them have look quick before dreaded email. Thanks.
Brand ambassador check aertha
With more than billion downloads, TikTok very valuable app. Understand history popular social media here.
TikTok investors proving that need start doing backround checks before allowing random dudes podcast mics.
Lol, they better protest Capitol Hill keep Tiktok open.
love TikTok, they want because they cant control they expose corrupt cheating democrats.
Gov't seriously taking their frustrations with China TikTok CEO. Like they aren't even asking questions, they're just yelling him.
Things arent looking good for.
TikTok Shou Chew once again doesn't deny Chinese parent company ByteDance can, fact, access private data American users.
TikTok woman Greece, would like woman Greece. been influenced.
TikTok currently testifying before Congress lawmakers attempt America.
think needs TikTok comprehensive privacy regulating data brokers, dont care about privacy, just hate that Chinese company built dominant social media platform.

Yeah, what supposed different opposed other 'hearing' Congress ever had?
Imagine knocked wake this tiktok dancing live audience horny millennial women.
While bigcock fucking pussy squirting nsfw lesbian porn masturbation TikTok fingering teens boobs tits slut.
just pressed TikToks about whether Chinese Communist Party access U.S. user data. ADMITTED China access U.S. data. This should serve wake call alarm every single American.

TikTok might actually banned this time around Thoughts?
Regime designed TikTok subvert foreign societies promoting among other things, violent protest drug use. violated every promise secure data, which illegally China. shouldnt prosecute company?

opened, support loves.
TikTok being banned scariest things happen while. technology making content creator only have they trying take that away from people. shit very scary.

Check out EYEAMHIM's video!
moving clapper? Since TikTok silencing news thats confirmed News? clapper looks like girls some crusties????? thats what feed following looks like right now.

females enjoy being laid bed, 9pm, game, youre scrolling TikTok, makin every-time diesss, random rubs kisses like whatttt. Thats crave Simplicity.

methane digester works ]acorn_land_labs: ] ]:
TikTok testifies before Congress tomorrow. completely random note, here >8,000 global internet services currently blocked China.
TikTok testifies amid growing calls app: bottom line this American data stored American soil American company overseen American personnel.
TikTok asked whether parent company ByteDance spied Americans direction Chinese Communist Party. dont think spying right describe Shou Chew responds. Incredible.

TikTok gone bubba especially coming
Bitch enjoy this fryer salmon seen from tiktok.
TikTok sponsored Wrexham have signed player with more TikTok followers (845k) than them (732k) player less than year Wrexham fans must scarcely believe whats going their club,one that kept going supporters only years ago.

DeGette grilling TikTok service spreads medical disinformation. While right, first thing think "Just wait till hears about Twitter Facebook".

Look, about user data privacy that. find really silly that focus much TikTok. Tech companies like Google sell peoples' data time. since it's China suddenly 5-nested reaction video someone dancing sacred.

ready tiktok banned! many bullies there social media should banned actually.
Imagine singing this song Bian Xian.
%!(EXTRA string=Josef Latimer).
Watching tiktok testify before congress fucking painful watch because once again were allowing people completely unqualified dumbest questions known man. they barely work their iphones doing this again.

Military Industrial Complex could conflict boost profits shareholders. TikTok easy scapegoat fear into those don't understand
This best Tiktok filters seen date interesting simple show interactive working now, some crazy future world. push-up, move on-screen runner going down, long for. Pretty brilliant.

Because people already have witnessed government spying it's citizens putting officials place influencing social media. tiktok under their control like Meta.
Taehyung going viral tiktok usual views skyrocketing even locals swooning over most popular idol thing's.
dont want TikTok, then dont But, inappropriate tell someone else whether then not. same information youre worried about being there China already available from other data sources.

when TikTok being grilled Hill, here have AmeriTok making. Interesting.
main Paris livestreams.
Just TikTok hearings.
made many tiktoks that night.. youll probs them eventually.
Check out my video!
Thursday is rocky day! Xiang Yi.
TikTok Shou Chew refuses FOUR TIMES admit Chinese Communist Party persecuting Uyghur population.
CCPs TikTok Shou Chew Lying Under Oath United States Congress.
Tiktok some good artists y'all can't deny that.
Rep. cathymcmorris: TikTok been caught repeatedly lies about connection ByteDance ultimately Chinese Communist Party.
American trynna tiktok just funny like DONT HAVE IMPOANT STUFF BFFR NOW.
Rep. Lesko: agree that Chinese government persecuted Uyghur population?" TikTok CEO: "I'm here describe TikTok what platform.".
there security issues with tiktok, these hearings feel like farce both Republicans Democrats just eviscerate scream "China bad" good optics.
TikTok: CCP's Trojan Horse TikTok potential intelligence weapon Chinese Communist Party, should taken seriously.
Secretary State Antony Blinken said Thursday sees viral video TikTok U.S. national security threat that needs ended another, writes.
libs already lost control Twitter, they will TikTok, joint venture between CCP, their most successful international influence operation.
Congressperson: there drug content TikTok China TikTok? TikTok CEO: wellthats because there stricter drug laws China.
Daily clip from yesterday!
Moved show timeto 9:30 eastern time. will refund their Look forward that announcement tonight. Join discord stay date streams, announcements, platform changes including newest tiktok account.

Okay saying that TikTok maybe saying that definitely great.
have Facebook TikTok.
Every major social either seed funded Russian oligarchs (Facebook/Insta, Twitter) current ownership stakes with Saudis (this here). need heuristic data privacy law. starts with TikTok, good, there's something else going here.

Should TikTok banned?
just crazy theyll this hard over TikTok wont when comes mass school shootings, trafficking, health care, etc. America sucks.
If they actually cared about privacy and data security, theyd probably restrict all app permissions and not just TikTok.
Yall pathetic. Last thing need more government control over what dont like TikTok, dont download worried about your child having better parent dont them have simple.

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