Saturday 1st of August 2020

A Message to The TikTok Community.

-The people take to the streets, he militarizes the streets -American youth speak out against him on on TikTok, he bans TikTok -People register to vote, he delays the election.
This wasnt made with TikTok.
I find it interesting how trump is more worried about banning tiktok than he is about black lives.
Say what you want, but TikTok getting shut down is a HUGE loss for indigenous people and minorities.
Jason Derulo trying to find every vpn he can to start back shooting whole ass movies and skits on tiktok.
American TikTok 'influencers' could be potentially unemployed within 24 hours.
Check out Wayne Felton II's video!
Tony lopez spotted working a shift at mcdonald's after the news of tiktok getting banned.
Trump plans to ban TikTok from the US? FINALLY SOME GOOD NEWS IN 2020!

How small does a man have to be how fragile and broken to try and extinguish a goofy dances and funny skits video because some kids used it to inflate RSVPs for his covid superspreader rally? Come on, realDonaldTrump. Dont you get that kids would just find another TikTok??

By banning TikTok, I think trump has just solved the problem we've been trying to figure out -- how to motivate the teens to VOTE. He has awakened a sleeping giant.
Im very curious to see how this TikTok thing ends. As a shareholder in all the large cap tech companies Id love to see one of them acquire TikTok.
This is it this is the greatest tiktok everyone else go home.
Apple and Google could have banned TikTok at any time - and didnt. Google spends its time threatening ZeroHedge and FDRLST with ad bans for UGC in comment sections, and Apple bans Quartz, Gab, and others that run totally legitimate businesses.

Imagine if we were as upset about child trafficking as we are about TikTok being banned?
If their rustic life is so marvy, shouldn't they be boasting in a leaflet they printed hand-turned letterpress instead of using the Internet to post a TikTok?
Sarah Cooper is the real reason Trump is banning TikTok.
Imagine if trump was as concerned about Putin killing our soldiers as he is about TikTok and graffiti on buildings in Portland.
TikTok creators heading to the polls on Nov 3rd to vote out Donald Trump.
Bye bye tiktok_us I never entered your rabbit home but I am delighted you gave me this pleasure.
A whole generation of teens is about to learn how to use a free VPN to log into TikTok from Canada. My 12-year old already uses British Netflix to watch Fresh Prince.
Were supposed to believe Trump, who accepted help from Putin to win an election and with whom our own allies are worried about sharing intel, is suddenly concerned about security on TikTok? Give me a break. Hes just mad about teenagers trolling him and epic videos by sarahcpr.

Let's face it , trumps not banning tiktok because of the chinese government and our information , he's banning it because a platform and a generation is so strong that it single handily destroyed his rally and that intimates him.u can't take the heat.

My baby is fucking SMA.
Til Tom will steal your data and identity and its another communist scam do not use tell your kids its extremely dangerous!!
Donald Trump says he wants to ban TikTok because of national security concerns. But is the real reason that he wants to silence sarahcpr, who has become an Internet sensation with her mocking videos of his speeches? From.

Check out Nolan O'Brien's video!
Wild that it took taking away tiktok for yall to get this mad.
TikTok kids who moved into hype houses w/ friends in LA returning to their parents home like.
With XIAOJUN SMTOWN Official TikTok Shi Mie dduxTi Zou NaughtyChallenge Shi Mie Naughty RedVelvet_IRENE_SEULGI Zeng Zui Li Yi _Cong Mie Ti _Jian Yu RedVelvet Huan Rang Su.
Cmon all you smartie tech wizards. Quit complaining about tiktok going away and develop a safe alternative... one that doesnt constantly send info to China.
Trump wants to get rid of The Post Office Moms in Portland Obama Sarah Cooper TikTok Trump doesn't want to get rid of The KKK Ghislaine Maxwell Coronavirus.
How yall acting when everyone thought tiktok was getting banned.
Tiktok getting banned in the US jsjsjs.
Ignore the Trump TikTok distraction.
Trump banning TikTok is just another proof that he doesnt have a strategy for the election other than to undermine it. Anyone using the app knows that Gen Z is beyond pissed off, fed up and energized, and they will vote.

Big news if accurate - and exactly the right outcome. China-based BytedanceTalk should not own tech companies in the United States.
This is why Trump wants to end TikTok. You know how he feels about powerful black women. I love me some sarahcpr!!!
Tiktok gets banned: unemployed high school drop outs.
Tiktok getting banned.. how the hell am I supposed to get serotonin now.
TikTok kids showing back up to their parents house tomorrow.
Tony lopez outside the white house trying to convince trump to not ban tiktok.
TikTok stealing peoples info? Lol Vine would n e v e r.
Who gon tell yall that if they ban or remove tiktok from the usa yall still can change the region from the app store to any other country from another continent n download it.
TikTok grants the Chinese Communist Party and intelligence apparatuses access to millions of Americans IP addresses, geodata, unique device identifiers, browsing histories, and Cookies. This one isnt about politics. Its a threat. Plain and simple.

REPO Trump to BAN TikTok APP in the United States as early as tomorrow... THOUGHTS?
Dear TikTok teens, Trump is strongly considering banning TikTok because: Sarah Cooper is mean As someone who respects our countrys teenagers, please lend us a hand in making sure Trump is not re-elected. You may not be able to vote but you can help influence those who can.

Trump is reportedly banning TikTok so if you want to watch 16 year olds dance you have to get on a plane with Bill Clinton.
Are you not caping up for TikTok as if its banishment in the States is an affront to free speech?
"Mr. President, the GDP is down 32.9%; unemployment is at 11.1%; 157,000 Americans have died; Russia paid to have our soldiers killed; your approval is down; and you're getting crushed in the polls. What should we do?" Trump: "Ban TikTok.".

Tony lopez distracting the white house guards so the hype house members can get inside and convince tr*mp to not ban tiktok.
Pls text addison Rae to tell kourtney to tell Kim to tell Kanye to tell trump to not ban tiktok PLEASE.
TikTok says they aren't going anywhere.
.NICKIMINAJ surpasses DojaCat and is now the most followed female rapper on TikTok.
Actually China is a very secularization and normal country.
Just in case 2020 hasn't fucked with you enough already. .
Tiktok has far more support to end child trafficking and supporting taking down the pedos than any other site!!!! Maybe thats why they want to ban it?! People are waking up!!!
A message to the TikTok community.
Zoomers seeing TikTok getting shut down aren't used to companies they like suddenly going away As a 90s kid, let me tell you, we've seen this again and again What are some popular companies that have shut down since the 90s?

Professional Tiktokers doing their last Tiktok before it gets banned tomorrow.
Woke up to trump banning tiktok... if only he cared about innocent black people being killed instead.
So trump is angry at Gen Z for bullying him so hes baning TikTok but not worried about the 30 million Americans who are about to be homeless. I hate it here .
"Trump is a dictator for banning TikTok!" -- people currently canceling our entire national heritage.
President Trump says he will ban the TikTok app in the United States as early as tomorrow.
Trump Is Fighting Harder To End TikTok Than The Coronavirus.
Trump is banning TikTok because a bunch of teenagers embarrassed him by emptying his rally. Thats the truth.
Tiktok fighting Vine in the gulag after.
Ill say this, its pretty damn obvious that Orange Twitler wants to ban TikTok because thousands of teens are consistently targeting his hate rallies ever since Tulsa as well as hes aware of our amazing Sarah Cooper. When a fragile ego is shattered into teenie tiny pieces. Ha!

All of Gen Z at the White House when trump bans tiktok.
Everyone who doesnt live in the usa watching trump ban tiktok.
Sources: ByteDance has agreed to divest US operations of TikTok under a proposed new deal with the White House that would see Microsoft take over TikTok in US (deer_echo_ / Reuters).
Tiktok deserves to be banned now.
I literally just switch from tiktok, twitter, and snap.
Shes so close to nulbpassing [?]nulbme, and everybodys reminding me -nulbthat shes gonna pass me-nulb! I -nulbjust want to prove to this bitch that I -nulbam better than her, because I am J fucking Joyce, and I am literally the star nulbof TikTok.

Wants to get rid of TikTok, Sarah Cooper, Mail-in ballots, Peaceful protests, & Covid19 testing, Certain voting polls & more But doesn't want to get rid of Putin's bounties, Covid19, Trump Gestapo, Confederate monuments or flags, KKK, & voter suppresion.

Connor who sleeps on cheeto dust and showers twice a month thinks china will collect his data from tiktok n hunt him down.

What You Really Think

Everybody is so fucking gullible, tiktok is not giving out info realDonaldTrump is mad and salty about them and wants to get back at us for whatever reason so he wants to shut down tiktok.

Ban everything from China.

Pls tell me TikTok isnt getting banned.


So is tik tok getting banned.



Created in China.Your app is disgusting, nobody needs to see underage girls trying to look cool showing off their bodies & trying to twerk.

So youre telling me I worried for nothing? I saved so many drafts. Looks like Im not going to rehab anymore. May my addiction to this app continue.

Reminder that TikTok has been reverse engineered and it spies on your cache, your phone model, if it's rooted or not, what other apps you have, down to spying on your personal contents on your device. Of course they don't want to go anywhere, YOU are THEIR product.

Me watching everyone argue in the comments.

TikTok is also a home for pedophiles...until you get a call that your child has been targeted keep believing it is safe.

Tong Qi daelsYi Fen Jing daelsLuo Hao Lue Shen Zha PokemonUnitedaelsXian kai-riKe Lu Yun Zhi Cha Min [?]Zha Fen daelsLu Chuo [?] [?]Kek Zha Lu Zhu.

All yall in the replies calling it spyware, wait til I tell you how much data Twitter and Facebook collect.

It's funny how Trumpies cry and moan about censorship in China, but bootlick and praise their lord orange for censorship in America.

Bye Bye China Spyware.

And Yada Yada Yada.

So no shutdown?

Is it getting banned or no?

Will our accounts get banned as well?



Don't cry don't cry don't cry pls don't.

Its the trying to ban tiktok for meVnulb.

All these boomers and trumpers in the comment section sound dumb asf.


Yes safe app, i didnt get fbi at my home.

I never cared abt this app soooo ya good riddance.

So its not shutting down omggg.

Youll be missed.

Its literally getting banned in american wdym lol.

Goodbye tiktok you will not be missed.

U tits in tiktok then I do irl.

I'm not getting sucked into your crap.


Can we have a new president now.

Its still gonna be gone because they litterly said that it will be banned at 12 pm EST.

This is now just a predator app.


Hey fuck the CCP We dont want your overlords harvesting our data, good riddance.

Stay strong we will not fall to fascist trumpism.

Stop stealing data to hand over to the Chinese.

If you want to keep doing business in the US, then cut all ties with China. It's that simple.

Im so happy rn.

The safest app, that safely hides all the info were stealing all the files were able to zip or unzip from a phone, the multitude of information not mentioned in our shell of a privacy policy that were literally syphoning off the some commie bastards gtfo old bag of shit.


But you hide tiktoks from black people and fat people riddle me fucking that TikTok.

Keep collecting data from children and sending them to the moronic communists guys. Great job!

Trump is trash.

I packed my bags for no reason smh.

No. Stand with Hong Kong.

People are not understanding the talent in this app talent or creativity. Thinking they waste there time when most of them are teenagers and dont have jobs and have spare time everyday theres a virus and most cant go to school. How else do we use our time?

Yo the comments are so diverse it's fucking hilarious on twitter the majority of the comments are for tiktok getting banned and on the tiktok video itself, the comments are literally praising the decision not to ban it.

USA is monopolizing all resources, including the media !

*everyone commenting angrily not knowing microsoft bought out tiktok*.

So is tik tok being deleted or not.


You may not be going anywhere, but we are!

Ya no chilles.