Monday 18th of January 2021


Social Media Says

If i dont get hurt then i end up hurting someone else and that hurts just as much.
I think my brain overheated.
I need a week off lmao.
Feeling and looking older every other week, ickkkk. Can you do a cheers with coffee cups, is that allowed? Cuz CHEERS, boys, to...
This is to much.
Also prolly the final post for the night cuz I'm half-asleep here b u t just to make it clear how pleased I've been to be back,...
I'm so tired of thinking I just want to feel like I'm not stuck in my mind for once.
Think Im talking to you? Dont know you Dont want to Even if I did Youre not the center of any universe Not even your own You...
5 Things You Can Do For Tired And Sore Legs.
I'm so fucking tired of the world.
Sinking. In. Grey. To. Afraid. To. Die. To. Tired. To. Live.
It took me 1.5 hours to make a japanese style (from imamu room on youtube) potato salad. Im exhausted. I deserve a nap. Its...
Did the world mistreat me or am I the cause of all my struggles?
This speaks to me.
Got some more work done. digitalpainting goldenangel exhaustion 2021...

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