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Sunday 10th of January 2021

To Eat a Mozzarella Stick...

Guy: hey do you want to eat five pieces of string cheese? Me: No, thats an unreasonable amount of cheese sticks. Guy: what about if I batter them, fry them, and serve them with marinara sauce? Me: oh, that sounds like a good start before I eat the other thing I am going to eat.

A real loss in the era of takeout/ delivery only.
I think its 4 pics.

What You Really Think

Great.. now I'm eating mozzarella sticks. Super awesome.

If they stretch that good, yeah, those look delicious.

Shes looks a little young to be getting married!

Definitely xD That is the cutest kid ever, too. May she remain goofy and every bit as determined throughout her life.

I hope my wedding has one but it won't.

Hijacking top comment to show you guys my ]photoshop battle]() from a year ago.

A horrifying experience indeed.

I've never told anyone this story but OH man I can relate. When I was about 10 I was at my mom's friend's house for some kind of party. I took a bite of this cupcake, chewed it up, and when I swallowed I realized there was a strand of hair connecting some half-chewed cupcake in my mouth with the bite I'd just swallowed. I had to try and pull it out, so, trying *not* to think of The Grudge, I put my fingers in my mouth and started to pull. The strand of hair started cutting my throat like fishing line, it hurt so badly. Finally it just snapped, and I had to live with the knowledge I'd both cut myself on, and ingested, what was very likely a stranger or family-friend's hair. Probably 12 years later, it haunts my soul. I still taste the frosting.

Same exact thing happened to me at my 10th birthday party and I was in a wheelchair at the time. Its was terrifying.

Same same. Still never stopped me from eating them after that day. Of all the ways to die, choking on cheese is preferable.

Weve all been there before. Ive been there at least 5 times.

I bet it felt like getting cheese-boarded.

Same. I stopped eating them for about two months before I decided, if fried cheese is how I go, then so be it.

Same, poor little panicking me was certainly not eatin' good in that particular neighborhood.

This happens virtually every time I have cheese sticks.

Had the same thing happen to me. Shit was bungee jumping down my throat.

You are not alone on this experience.

Same here. It was at a large family gathering at an Applebees or something, and no one noticed me choking. I finally had to reach down my throat and pull it out. I was maybe 8 at the time.

God, I'm laughing so hard there are tears in my eyes. I'm sorry that happened to you, but I find it absolutely hilarious.

Fourth grade. cafeteria. I thought, this is it. Gagging on a mozzarella stick in front of all of my peers. Gag discretely to lessen the embarrassment. What will my mother think. God, why? Why put me on this earth only to shove a gob of artificial cheese down my throat. I wish oh I survived. Thats good.

This guy had the same story on the same post two years ago- But I believe it. I've choked on them before too many times. I'm extremely careful when I eat them now. I have no evidence but I wouldn't be surprised if mozzarella sticks are one of the most commonly choked on foods. I wish there was a study on it.

I like to choke on the cheese a bit, makes the flavor better.

I saw that happen to someone I went out to a restaurant with as a kid. Everyone at the table ran to the kid and was trying to help him. It still freaks me out thinking about it like 30 years later.

This happened to my bf when we first started dating. He was mid chew and started choking, I started smacking his back and he proceeded to start to pull the cheese stick out of his mouth and it just kept coming out. It was never fully melted so it was probably just the same as what you experienced when he had already swallowed part of it but was still connected. Traumatic. He still doesnt chew as much as he should and is probably annoyed by me telling him to chew his food every meal.

This happens whenever I eat at certain pizza places. *So* off-putting, but I've managed to get over it and no longer freak out. Still kinda hard to not gag sometimes, though.

Same! the horror.

I dont think I could still eat them after that...

Jesus, 18 times?

Bad bot.

Return of the Alamo.

Maybe there is glue in there.

Maybe it's maybelline.

19 cm is 7.48 inches.

Also me except Id say yes to the first question too ngl.

This made me question my eating habits. Thanks you.

Her name is Yul and she has an instagram account 1004yul_i.

Sbarro in the very early 90s.

The food in Lotteria is meh. Compared to American fast food chains it's amazing though.

What ? How ? Please explain.

Disagree. That's a little too much. Like not cooked all the way or something.


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