Monday 6th of July 2020

Happy Birthday Princess of Buganda!! Princess Sarah Katrina Mirembe Ssangalyambogo Nachwa Turns 19 Today Show Her Some Love Courtesy.

Social Media Says

Over the last few weeks we have focused on Americas faults. We must work to improve those things but today we should celebrate our countrys birthday. We enjoy a lot of blessings and Im thankful I live in America. I pray that God will show us how to help our country grow!

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I feel like watching the Donny and Kanye show is the script for the sequel to dumb and dumber. Question for anyone thinking this makes sense, who wants Kanye in charge of the coronavirus response? Have fun throwing around the shiny object today, but then move on.

Not going to share Hansons racism on the Today show, but just remember these incidents are not accidents. She's given a platform *because* she will be racist. Networks count on racism-fuelled controversy for profit. The harm of this media decision-making cant be understated.

Buying you a set of plugs and matching the color with nail polish. Show me your plug, baby. Which color do I go with today?
]!!!] The first episode of NCT LIFE : DREAM in Wonderland will premiere at 6:00PM KST today! To show our excitement, join us in tweeting /DREAMinWonderland at 5:50PM KST. *Please do not use the hashtag before the stated time.

Why do u keep allowing this idiot on our tv's just another reason not to watch Ch9/today show. be responsible.
Pure class. Unlike the shit show that City gave us last week. Pep showed his true feelings by walking off before Salah was even halfway down the line. Tip of the hat to AVFC today.
Today is the one year anniversary of the first ever shye. show and also a great day to arrest the cops that killed BreonnaTaylor.
NASCAR is racing at Indy today. NBCSN will have a 1 hour prerace show starting at 3pm. At 4pm the race itself is on NBC. After the finish we switch back to NBCSN for postrace reaction and interviews, ending our day at 9pm. All times are Eastern. Hope youll tune in.

My people were and still today with deal with racism. So wtf are you talking about? Tell me when racism ended dumbass? Because I can show still today how many people hate a person simply because of their race. Foh! Take that bs ass pic down too. You aint no real soldier.

Lalaban hanggang dulo! Join us for today's Twitter Party! Show your love and support by using our official hashtag!
Favorite part of todays show was when George Starke didnt give you the expected answer you were transparently fishing for regarding the Redskins name issue. (I know, I know, thanks for listening.).
Today Show is not to give news but to provoke social ferment ~ they are stirrers. Their intent is to provoke social discord ~ the opposite of social harmony ~ the more outrageous the individual they invite the better the Today Show likes it !

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Channel 9 is no doubt going to face scrutiny from media regulators, ABCmediawatch and lawyers over that segment with One Nation on The Today Show. Channel 9 will also no doubt risk the exodus of advertisers who do not want to be associated with One Nation.

If you feel like online shopping today PLEASE remember to only purchase from Black owned businesses! We can make a statement with our money, and its our job to use it to show we stand with the Black community during this economic blackout.

It's because it is Channel 9 and the Today Show. This is what they do!
If the Today show wanted a Senator to speak about the Victorian lockdown, they should have called someone like lidia__thorpe who is actually from Victoria and has an intimate knowledge of the housing situation. She would have contributed far more than some racist Queenslander.

Something has to be done about The Today Show & Sunrise & many other Ch9 & Ch7 programs, they peddle racism for profit, it's obscene, it's regular & it must be stopped.
We all wouldn't be the same without gaga today, let's all show some love with the hashtag WeLoveYouGaga, thank you for everything gaga.
Today the Supreme Court voted to make it illegal to fire workers for being LGBTQ . Tweet on Twitter and share a picture to your Instagram with the WeAreHereWeAreLGBTQ to show your pride nulbVnulb.
Its the Harvick and Hamlin show today ... theyre right to focus just on just those 2. NBCs coverage is outstanding.
Ive been promoted to LandoNorris personal answering service...but he deserves it after today! Thanks SkySportsF1 for letting me phone bomb your show!
Three years ago today I asked MeredthSalenger to marry me. She said yes and every day I think about how lucky she is to get to spend her life with this absolute smoke show. Good things can happen to good people. Congratulations, Natty Gann!

Will u do a live stream call in show today.
Here's a thought experiment: What percentage of people who are tweeting about how problematic Hamilton is today would be fawning over how transgressive and radical it is if it were a scrappy show in some basement theater?

Less than 8% of the 18 million calls logged by LAPD since 2010 have been reports of a violent crimes. We need to get the language cleared up in the Wesson/MHD motion but the facts show we could replace 90 % of the LAPD workforce TODAY!

MIA KHALIFA with today fucking with hotel with hard fucking part 9 show interested video rt for rt IVnulb xxxcooker PA >> 9.
Vile racism and victim blaming from the Senator for Queensland and The Today Show is happy to platform her racism.
Refuse to be outraged because it gives them oxygen. Hanson and the Today Show are like toddlers - good or bad attention is all the same to them.
Just waiting for donny to tweet so I can play show and tell with him again today. I wonder how many times I can share this pic today? I shared a little last night, but now I have all day.
This is a time for unity, not hate and division in Australia The today show and Pauline Hanson should suffer the full extent of the law for causing hate. Her outburst was appalling and sickening.
It's not like it's a surprise she will say racist things, that's her brand, so why are the Today Show giving her a platform for it?
VMDO Music Industry Liaison Bonnie Dalton will be live on 3RRR's The Grapevine show today to discuss the Victorian government's recent announcement of $15 million worth of grants for live music venues. Tune in at 11am.

Finally mustered up energy today to sign and stamp my prints for an upcoming show, and packed it all up. Then realized I forgot to include an info sheet after taping up the package. You'd think I'd learn because this keeps happening every time.

The Today show has gone too far. A decade ago. Racism advertised and supported right there on your TV. Dont watch them until the ratings force a change.
Right now I cannot think of anything lower than being a producer of dogwhistling segments on The Today Show. Is selling your soul a prerequisite for that job, because it sure seems like it.
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Some of the classics at the show today Benz Jaguar Cobra Mustang Atlanta . Sunday luxury money lifestyle dream.
If you missed Joe's show today, you can watch here "Green Talk with Joe in the Bus".
The Today Show KNEW they would be talking about Melbournes public housing and they KNEW they would ask Pauline Hanson her thoughts. Even if a producer didnt pre-interview her they KNEW what she was going to say and, STILL they gave her a platform and asked her.

There'll ALWAYS be theater people who will want to see a live, full blown show! There will always be concert people too. But to confine a show to one theater in one city when everyone could see it is foolish, given today's technology. JC Superstar and The Wizard of Oz were hits!

What do I think. I think The Today Show is a promotor of extreme racial hatred and division by giving this extreme racist a platform. That's what I think.
Today I was exposed. Exposed to greatness. Thank you Lin_Manuel, the entire cast of HamiltonMusical, and disneyplus for making Hamilton accessible to someone who cant afford a ticket to a Broadway show.

Okay, lets put witchs actions where their outrage is. Do we have witches willing to watch and record the advertisers of the Today show one morning a week? You can record the show and just watch the ads, which is a far easier job than doing it from radio. If so, please DM us.

The Today Show was so disturbed by Pauline Hanson's racism they posted her comments TWICE. Any doubt that the TheTodayShow is using racism as a ratings booster? and AllisonLangdon is sooooo shocked Pauline Hanson would punch down against migrants & the vulnerable.

Awful straw man. I'm a tsm fan lol. I want to be proud of a team that shows that they can challenge C9 for the title. How did today show that?

What You Really Think

Omwana akuze, nalibwa hati.

Happy birthday our beautiful, humble, and very intelligent princess. May you continue to rise and shine, and grow up to make your parents, kingdom and Uganda proud.

Happy birthday to you ssebo omumbejja Katrina ssangalyambogo.

Bambi! Bless u, Bless u!