Sunday 23rd of April 2023

Tom Cotton Calls For Blinken to Answer Before Congress Over Hunter Biden Laptop Cover Story.

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Cotton calls Blinken answer before Congress over Hunter Biden laptop cover story.

What You Really Think

I hope Republicans in both Senate and House be very strong and bring Hunter Biden and the rest of others and question them under the oath. More action and less talk.

You ppl are a fckn sitcom. Bunch of clowns in a TV show. You are so obsessed with something that doesn't matter, Sean. Steal thousands of documents that's a crime. Trying to iver turn an election that's a crime. Hence why Fox was sued. I hope they sue you personally soon.

Sure hannity sure like you tell the truth.

Lying Facist Hannitycunt.

USA has a 4th world government.

Why this obsession? You never mentioned Trump son in law whose illegalities exceed $2 billion. Fox committed to real journalism. Prove it!

Who TF cares???!!!

This better not turn into a giant nothing burger.

Worth a thousand words!

Is it not time to do something about these Trump Republican domestic terrorist members???? SecBlinken TheJusticeDept JusticeOIG JoeBiden . They know that this lie cannot be untold. When is enough, enough!!!

And crimes in Ohio is higher than New York.

And America wants Tom Cotton to kick bricks right out of Congress.

Trust me; NOBODY gives a rats ass what Cotton wants. Just ANOTHER partisan publicity stunt (promoted right here by Sean, the proven liar). Hey, when will you interview somebody from Dominion to discuss that HUGE settlement?

No one should be above the law! Equal justice for all.

It's fox. nobody cares.

I can't imagine what you see when you look in the mirror. That is, if there are still any hanging in your home. Lying for money, to the DETRIMENT of this country. There's a name for people like you, but Mr. 'Free Speech Musk' is watching.

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