Tom Had Never Seen Such Bullshit Before.

Monday 14th of June 2021

Tom Had Never Seen Such Bullshit Before.

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Turns out the mother of pearl is worth 10X what he pays you for the shells so youre just an indentured servant underpaid for your labor.
I mean, he's definitely exporting them & reselling at an outrageous markup, right? I just assumed that was his scam; trap people in crazy mortgages on houses in the middle of resource-rich areas & offer to buy the resources off them so they can pay off the house.

This is the way.

What You Really Think

I mean, how many seashells would it take to pay off a house in real life?

Nintendo has clarified in the past that Tom Nook is a misunderstood guy, and that he's genuinely not fussed about how long it takes you to pay back your 0% interest loan. His bank also gives interest on the amount of bells on your house, and he gives interest on bells donated to infrastructure.

Sherb goes on a rant about that during one of his dialogues. Hilarious.


Hope I can sell flies too...

Americans did this when slavery was outlawed.

I mean tbf, the dudes giving us interest-free loans where the only time limit for payment is when we want to expand.

Never be satisfied. Thats the capitalist way.

I'm at that point rn lol.

How much does 300,000 bells cost in Stanley Nickels.

I do not know how much money I have, I do know how many pounds of money that I have.

Turnip Gang HOOOOOOLD.

Planting 10k money trees?

But the value of these shells will fall. Due to the law of supply and demand. No one wants to buy shells cus there's loads on the sand.

But the value of these shells will fall.

The shells she sells are seashells I'm sure.

Or just add inflation so that bells are worth less and things cost more over time until it gets devalued so much they move to a different currency just as you have enough bells to pay off your house.

I just started playing Slime Rancher and when I realized Id been saturating the market and destroying demand I really had to shift my play-style. Made me sad honestly, I was having fun hyper focusing on whichever slimes I thought were the best.

Flashback of old school Sid Meiers games.

Omg so fukin funny brah!!!

It teaches the kids about the joys of investing in cryptocurrencies.

Animal Crossing.

GTA: San Adreas.

The fuck.

Where the hell did I put my sea cucumber costume...

Mmm asspickles.

Profile checks out.

Repost, cause I have too.

That's like a whole dollar!

He adopted them from an orphanage in the city. The same orphanage that he gives 90% of his business profits to.

"stewdent athaleets".

Fuck Dave Ramsey. He is a literal personal finance terrorist that works for the banks. Teaching people to pay back debt by smallest size rather than highest interest rate is evil. ("But muh psychology!" Here's some psychology, do you like more money or less money?) Total scumbag and you should warn your friends. As a bonus, he tells people to invest in high fee mutual funds because he's paid to advertise them.

Tom Nook is a Tyrant? TOM NOOK IS A TYRANT?? Nook moved to the big city when he was young, learned business, went through severe depression, finally found success, then moved to a smaller village where he taught Timmy and Tommy how to be good young businessmen by running his shop. This is all canon, mind you. Now he gives you interest-free loans and all the time in the world to pay them off with not even a threatening note in the mail. All that just so some ungrateful COMMUNISTS can complain that he's "corrupt." Tom Nook is a tyrant? More like tie-your-shoes-and-punch-your-aunt. Such blasphemy.

Interest. Free. Loan. For a house. For real estate. Get the fuck out of here with that nonsense communist bullshit.

Bell are roughly Yen equivalent, not US $. Hence why an in game Switch costs ~30000 Bells.

Isnt that because what entomologist do?

Absolutely true, also kind of a cult leader.

If you are speaking about how the economy would be if the npcs were alive, then it depends. You only get inflation if someone prints money, but if they are just trading with the money they always had then no inflation, even if the prices are high for a certain product.

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