Wednesday 20th of January 2021


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I know its glass but now I cant unsee a Borg cube. Which makes me enjoy this that much more. Thanks, stranger!
I was so confused with that too. I thought it was behind the pond and its reflection was in the water.
Tbh with how this year's gone, I wouldn't be surprised if it was.

What You Really Think

Is Futile.

But why are they behind glass and the others not? Why is there glass there!

Malarkey of borg.

Great all I see is the Borg cube. I am Hue.

I don't see the borg cube, can someone red circle it?

It's so asshole Americans don't try and shoot the legitimately elected next President. Kill him and you'll have a black woman president! I also understand trumpers will kill 'em all, and eagerly listen to former humans like Rudy Ghouliani.


Guys, it's bulletproof glass. They are at every inauguration, Biden is standing close to where he is going to take his oath. The fact Kamala is on the outside of it, I'd argue, they are trying to say something. Edit: actually that's not where he will be for the oath, but there will be someone of importance there.

I just laid down and turned the TV on while opening Reddit only to have First Contact on and this post pop up making me think the same thing lol.

2021 just got a whole lot worse.

Steve McQueen is dead.. who else has experience dealing with gelatinous blobs... well the ghostbusters I guess but anyone else?

Why isnt VP Harris standing in front of the bullet proof glass??

Well done, you earned it.

I miss when the occasional State of the Union address would come on and we'd be like "Oh yeah, that's what the president looks like.".

While I would also like for politics to be "boring" again, politics being boring and lack of civic involvement is exactly what slowly got us into this mess over the last forty years, and now we have record-levels of inequality. I look forward to getting involved again.

You mean you look forward to ignoring politics again.

I don't, I hope people realize how much in this country needs to change, and push for that change rather than becoming complicit in the status quo again.

Then you weren't paying attention before.

Unfortunately cable news isnt. I feel pretty certain theyre going to be chasing Trump around even after tomorrow.

I am too but we have to pay attention. We have to hold our leaders accountable. It's boring politics and our own complacancy that got Trump in the White House in the first place.

This is an extremely privileged thing to say. Bad policies wont go away. Youll just hear about them less because there isnt a big obvious boogeyman in office. Fuck Trump, but please keep paying attention and dont let Dems get away with the shitty things they support because politics is boring again. Police still need reformed, indigenous peoples need their land back and to be respected, black and brown people around the world matter and our disastrous foreign policy (that Biden supported heavily) needs to be eliminated. We need M4A, all student loans canceled, and a legitimate stimulus that the people actually deserve. None of that 1400 600 bull shit. Theyll try to slide everything under the radar and hope people will turn a blind eye because at least Trump is gone.

Same here my man! Surely, our leaders have no ulterior motives, and should absolutely not be placed under critical scrutiny, regardless of the colors they fly. Btw, are you excited for the next Marvel movie?

Friend, I wish you all the comfort and stability for the next two years, but please dont let yourself or your circle become too complacent. Biden has the chance to move the country in a direction to help people, but Republicans will try to stop him and then run in the midterms on his lack of success in getting anything done. Just dont fall asleep from boredom.

What an awful sentiment! We are still bombing eight countries. Climate change impacts are beginning and will accelerate.. 400k are dead from covid in the country. The deficit is ridiculous because of tax cut after tax cut. The justice system has been generationally stacked in favor of wealth and whiteness. There is too much work to be done for politics to be boring.

When it's boring they are fucking you in the ass.

Politics were never boring, you just stopped caring cause of a letter. Or cause of your privilege. Pick one.

'Politics being boring' was how we got into this mess in the first place. Joe Biden sucks, do *not* let him coast on the fact that he's still somehow objectively better than who he's replacing.

It's never going to be like it used to be.

Yeah because Reddit wont call out Biden on anything he does wrong. No more witch hunts either.

This is such a beautifully naive comment.

This is not a good thing.

Wow this is very ignorant way of thinking. The people not paying attention to politics is what got trump in office.

Man, that's what led to Trump getting elected.

What an obnoxiously liberal thing to say.

Nope Nopenopenopenope The Rubicon is crossed. If we don't work just as hard or harder than we have, then they could come back stronger than ever. Hitler was voted out and he came back in a flourish.

Only if it comes with actual progress. It was boring for the last 40 years and that got us nothing but trouble. The media better hold Biden and his administration to the fire.

What the hell? We should all know and care about politics.

I hope the media continues to scrutinize all the Presidents going forward. No politician should be given leeway in policies and decisions just because of their political leanings.

You and millions of shitlibs who wont bat an eye when Biden keeps doing the same shit Trump did. But this time they will be done *presidentially*.

Such an awful sentiment imo. Is Trump uniquely boorish and hateful? Yes absolutely. But if the media treated every president as they treated Trump, the general public would be fucking outraged by every administration. The media should always pressure and push powerful people. Now, Biden and the Dems are in charge, and you know for a fact that they are going to let up and well do return to the good ole days of terrible politics and politicians. How do you think we ended up with Trump in the first place?

You look forward to doing nothing again. Well done. Youre the problem that got us the last 4 years in this 1st place. Brilliantly said.

Probably not going to happen. The proverbial genie is out the bottle.

I keep seeing people say this and I couldnt disagree more. If Trump has done anything, it has encouraged people to get involved, pay attention, and vote. To wish for politics to be boring again encourages complacency and laziness. If anything, keep politics engaging and lets keep moving forward.

Ive been day drinking for the past year buddy, hell yeah Im in for another day.

A dear friend gave my parents a bottle of champagne in 2017, to open "when it was all over and back to sanity". We're cracking it tomorrow.

Nah, Im working on a covid unit tomorrow, taking care of people who probably didnt social distance over Christmas.

Fuck yah. And Im Canadian!

I stopped drinking a while back but I drank an entire bottle of champagne when biden was declared winner. I got another bottle sitting in my fridge waiting for tomorrow lol.

Yup I took off just for it.

I've never had a drink in my life. I don't know how I've gotten through the last 4 years without one. Probably by eating my weight in Cheez-Its.

Effective January 1st my boss decided we're closed every Wednesday. Since then I've witnessed a traitorous storm on the Capitol, a second impeachment of Trump, and now tomorrow is lined up. Yes, I'll be day drinking.

Party day all day!

This reminds me to chill my beer!

Youre god damn right we are.

Id planned on it. I was going to drink a Makers 46 for number 46 and smoke a hand rolled cigar from my favorite cigar shop (its owned by a fraternity brother, but I legit love these hand rolled). But my new VP of sales is coming in town and Im gunning for a promotion to put me in the market my wife and I have always wanted to live in. So as much as I want to celebrate, Im on promotion duty. Ill drink when he leaves town.

The bulletproof glass was lined up with the microphone where speeches were also given. The Vice President-elect was protected by the glass during her speech as well. They rotated positions a couple of times.

You should let secret service know, Im sure they didnt think of that.

Its called fiscal conservatism.

I'm not sure how the secret service handles candidates that have been elected but not sworn in yet. Biden is a former VP though so he probably has some higher protections in place by the secret service. Complete guess though.

Its a Magnifying glass.

I could be wrong but in the past Ive seen those glass partitions used as a teleprompter. I dont know the physics but somehow the teleprompter is projected at an angle where it is visible to the speaker at the lectern, but people or cameras facing the lectern dont see it. It gives the appearance of a speaker not using a teleprompter, but in reality they are. Or it could be a single pane of bulletproof glass. But that would be odd.

I appreciated this.

Straight to the top!

Youve earned more but this is all I got.

Here you go a poor mans gold.

I've been totally addicted to - watching trump disappear in the Back to the future photo is wildly satisfying.

It's genuinely pretty incredible how much better the internet has been since Y'all-Qaeda attacked the Capitol and the tech companies decided they'd finally do something. I think the ability to troll the world from the comfort of his toilet was far more important to Trump's success than we realized.

Millions of them are 100% convinced that the White House and country were stolen from them by China-loving commies. Biden's gonna be in danger every day he goes out in public.

Yeah because we never had chaos and disorder before Trump.

I hope you are right but I fear for Biden and Harris' life. Imagine if Trump came before Obama and Obama just got elected. There is so fucking way Obama would live through his term. Those fucking psychos would have done something. I think the only reason they didn't do something during Obamas term was because Trump cult hadn't fully started yet.

Fuck letting them slither back. I want people to face the consequences of their actions. If we just let people slither back to their holes then they're just waiting for another person to embolden them and they'll do the same shit or even worse next time. If there's anything Trump did good for us in the last 4 years, it's showing us people's true colors. Don't let them hide again.

I'm glad trump doesn't read this. He might think he found a loophole. He can stay president as long as he OUTRUNS THE SUN. Not physically of course, he couldn't outrun a chair with 4 broken legs.

Arvo? Is that Aussie slang for already? Or just a typo?

Thats what I was thinking too.


Nope, it's the end of Return of the Jedi. Now we get to live through The Mandalorian, where everything is fixed and there's no more problems ever again.

!remindme 24 hours.

I'm happy that more Americans showed up through the midterms and this last election but joy I will reserve for when we as a nation prosecute those who need to be held accountable so this never happens again. We still coexist in unjust.

Ah, to be young and bright eyed again...

Reddit moment.

Eh. Its still just joe biden. Worlds not gonna change as much as its going to go back to boring obama era policies that dont fix all that much. Well get a few bones like a 15/hr wage and 2 years of free college but make no mistake, unless progressives really do a bang up job in pushing him to the left, in 4-8 years we will be right back here. Talking about the same issues of increasing wealth inequality, worsening medicare debt/quality of care, and student loan debt that weve been talking about for the last 30 years.

Don't worry this is america there will be plenty more drama, they'll continue to print dollars at an increasing rate, more politicians will get caught insider trading and get away with it, it'll all be this guy or that other guys fault and we can all keep playing this giant game of monopoly forever and ever, what could possibly go wrong?

Peaceful only because they pumped in 25,000 national guards to clear the city essentially. We may have a different president but the country is still filled with people cant stand each other and increasingly believe riots, looting, violence and anarchy are the answers.

> Im almost going to miss the Jerry Springer-like drama. > > This is peaceful to look at. This is not the image that Fox and friends or any other conservative talking-head infotainment propaganda mill will be using. I'm sure that the drama continues at full volume, but just not in our particular echo chamber at this particular moment.

The drama didn't stop.

Dont worry it wont be long before cops kill another black guy somewhere.

I won't miss the panic attacks, shame of my country, and ritual doomscrolling.

Media on suicide watch.

>This is peaceful to look at. It's a memorial service. Each lit pillar lining the reflecting pool represents 1,000 American Deaths to COVID-19. There were 400 of them.

I see it too lol.

Speaking of tan suits, anyone got an ID on the VP-elects jacket? I like it.

Amen. Really wish it were bernie or even yang or warren but honestly anyone on the democratic roster is a real nice refresher after Trump. Now to vote in a real progressive in the future. Hopefully we dont fuck up and skip on the next sanders.

Might go for a train ride and boooo at trump tower. idk.

Corn Pop died of dysentery back in the early 1900s.

Yes, it means we have to hold him accountable, but that also means he's held to a much higher standard (as a POTUS should be). That being said, he's no where near Trump's level.

Scrutiny and criticism yes, harshness... well that's something you have to earn and Trump did in spades...

Definitely, the world over needs to do this. Luckily there are few who are quite as blatantly shit as Trump is, so at least the task is a little easier. I just wish people held Trump as accountable for his transgressions as they did the absolute heathen that chose to wear a Tan suit and ask for mustard. That lunatic.

Trump deserved the level of harshness that was directed at him because he is a sociopath and spent all of his energy antagonizing and tormenting the more than half of the country that didn't vote for him. Biden is clearly a different kind of person and doesn't intend to behave that way. So, actually, I think he *doesn't* deserve to be treated as harshly. On the other hand, he deserves to be scrutinized, criticized, and held accountable to the public just like any other responsible leader. I'm sure he expects no less.

Trump treated everyone who didn't kiss his ass like shit, he got what he gave. Biden doesn't do that, he deserves to be treated better.

You sir are an idiot.

I was hoping that one of the positives of Trump would be that the harsh criticism of the US President would continue beyond him. Unfortunately, this seems like it won't be the case.

The area of threat is probably in the direction where the glass is blocking everyone plus they are all open from the front too going by the picture but its probably not as big a threat.

They've been so strict on security this year they've given up on theater. Most the time the true, and expensive, bullet proof glass is only placed where it's going to protect from a measured threat. Then cheap plastic is placed all around to 1) look good and 2) provide a barrier against people throwing junk Fun exercise, pop open google maps, go to the Lincoln Memorial, and look at the coverage provided by that glass. In the direction they were facing while giving the speech (behind them in this picture) you have the entire Lincoln memorial blocking threats.

The glass is around the podium, not their photo-op spot.

No reason except for an election?

The only reason is "Orange man bad".

Shh the only bad thing obama did was wear a tan suit. (Forget about the hospital he bombed, or the outsourcing of torture).

Ahoy firemcd! Nay bad but me wasn't convinced. Give this a sail: ARGHHH! Ye took me GOLD! Enjoy there, Matey ! (Parrot on me shoulder squawks in a loving tone).

Seriously I hope Biden succeeds and does well, but god damn this is a cheesy and cliche photo.

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