Wednesday 3rd of June 2020

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I want to be super clear about what happened tonight in Washington: The President of the United States deployed tear-gas, rubber bullets and military personnel on peaceful protesters so that he could cross the street for a photo op. There is no excuse.

Washington, DC is on edge tonight. It took decades to rebuild downtown DC to make it a safe place to earn a living. It took decades to rebuild downtown DC to make it a safe place for millions of Americans to bring their families on vacation. We could lose it so easily.

HUGE police and National Guard presence on Broad Street in Philadelphia, tonight. Many residents are upset with their presence.
Dear Tacha I just want to thank you from the bottom for my heart for making us so proud Tonight. Dat u can speak fluently is a blessing I just imagined it was d other person that Jack Called on face time, she would have brought shame upon Africa as a continent.

Prepping For a Project2020 Sale Tonight.Most cards between 1-30. Now is your chance for cards you missed out on! 8pm! $1.
During public comment, Sen. Claudia Tio announced that she will be filibustering tonight because she wants to have debate on "issues that matter to students." She said she will be objecting to some permanent Senate seats.

Tonight. Join us on Instagram.
Can anybody guess on the crowd size in front of the WH tonight?
Gamer Gremlins Reclear and Progression will be recorded and posted at a later day. There will be no livestream tonight, but please support the content creators whose work is showing up on your feeds, whether they be artists, writers, cosplayers, or streamers.

The BBC news tonight appeared to be little more than an undiluted attack on the UK & US Governments. I'm critical of both. But, the 'News' now crosses a line, it's politicised & it's clearly anti Tory & anti-Trump. The is a dangerous development as it is distorting our democracy.

Honored to have MichaelEDyson join us on tonight's show to discuss the death of George Floyd, the nationwide protests and how we can learn and engage with systemic injustice. (1/2).
Some Harrier tweets about the place tonight so we thought we'd consult the album of old photos that keeps on giving! GR.1 XV738 - we think it's now in the USA?
I would like to peer-pressure my non-black followers to watch 13th on Netflix tonight. Go watch that. Report back.
Might get interesting down by you tonight. hang on!
I'm gonna put it on download tonight bro.
When you bust 2 NUTS ??? in BoyButt_XXL PHAT OL PUSSY but keep fucking till you give him a 3rd LOAD!!!! ????NEW VID TONIGHT ON.
NY/PA/NJ: keep an eye on Ontario this evening and how things develop on the edge of the incoming EML and deeper moisture. Conditions will become supportive tonight for elevated severe threat.
Is looking amazing tonight in Red - Stunning & Live right now on.
, TEXAS? THEY KILLED A YOUNG PROTESTER TONIGHT. REST IN PARADISE KING.. ??THIS IS WHY WE FIGHT!! They opened fire on those trying to seek help for him. APD DID THIS ??
Yesterday would have been better...but tonight would still be a great time for a classic peaceful sit-down. Make the authorities have to pick you up and arrest you. No violence...they can control the narrative, and if the TrumpThugs use violence, get in on camera.

Last article for the night! This one's on the open safe D seat in New Mexico 3. I've called the win for the progressive, TeresaForNM! Look forward to this one, it's our best hope tonight.
Lmaooo. It really is not gist for tonight. But what I fear will happen it definitely will be a panel discussion during this reunion on this street.
The very beautiful busty blonde SarahlouiseIt is looking sexy as always tonight on BabestationTV RampantTV UKBabeChannels LiveBabesShow ????
When we were in school, it was always such a pleasure to see this guy do what he does best on the track. Now tonight, I listen to his experiences and my heart breaks. Check out what he has to say, and how we can move forward to a world of equality!

It's startedddddddddddddd!! Welcome JasonWardNY and JeffreyMWard with special BlackAFinSTEM guests over on the Instagram! Head on over!!!! AskABlackBirder happens tonight!
I was on my way home from the peaceful protest in uptown tonight when a cop tried to take a grudge out on a kid. The police are way too aggressive even with peaceful people. It seems like they relented because of the camera.

If the Secret Service asks you to clear the area so a President can walk to a church and you refuse - what should happen to you? I will answer that question on the No Spin News tonight.
RT if you wanna come help me ? full video posted on onlyfans tonight.
Ok, i'm gonna go to bed now! I've uploaded some of my favourite art to there already tonight, and i've decided i'm gonna use it as my second main place to post after Twitter! It's a really fun website! :o Feel free to follow on there and i'll give out invites next Monday!?

Me & palinode are discussing Co-op Refinery's oil/oil sludge/hydrocarbon/tarry pudding/petro-spunk/bitu-jizz spill w/ SeanTucker16 on the Queen City Improvement Bureau at 7pm tonight on.
Looks like tonight he is ordering bayonets to be used. At the very least they will be on the scene to threaten.
The National Guard is taking control on Hollywood Blvd. I hope with increased presence there will be less looting and rioting tonight. We need strong swift shutdowns to any illegal activity.
If shit goes down tonight and u need a place, I'm on Monument Ave. Dm me if u need.
Throughout York City tonight, many businesses are on lock down due to protests scheduled for the area. Reports from locals suggest people are being bussed in to take part in demonstrations.
I'll be checking out a new game on stream tonight. Check me out 8pm MST.
A look of jealousy. Tacha took away the shine even though she was a "disqualified HM". The show tonight was more about Tacha and she did not disappoint. She intelligently handled everything . Ebuka focus was on T. ?

Lockdown and curfew in Philly again tonight, helicopters all over the place. Altho pretty biz as usual on the streets but the air is tense.
Sleeping in my gaming chair tonight cos there's a huge spider on the wall above my bed!? But on the plus side, our first day of fundraising for TheTrevorProject we've raised $75! Thank you to everyone who's donated so far! What a fantastic start to Pride month!

This is going to be my last tweet tonight on race, you know who are more racist than white people, black people who white people allow to hang with them. If you doubt me. Look at non whiteS liming with whiteS & see how being adjacent to whiteness make them look down on other POC.

Over $3.2k raised as of last night, doing another charity stream tonight since the world wants to be on some BlackOutTuesday bullshit ?
Excited to have HopeLacrosse on tonight for the team zoom!
Five days ago conservatives were focused on seeing justice done for George Floyd Tonight? We are focused on seeing rioters arrested These riots are the biggest mistake BLM has ever made.
Hey guys! No stream tonight as I desperately need to get caught up on art,& do thing around the house that I have neglected. Love you guys, stay safe & stay well! I will be hosting people on my channel throughout the night so be sure to check it out to see some amazing creators!

We on the houseparty app tonight. Join us.
Police source says tonight's group that looted in Solano County apparently organized on social media, believes many are from the Bay Area counties of Alameda & Contra Costa.

For people coming back to boston to protest tonight- every CVS ive seen on harrison is CLOSED with no explanation. please come with supplies bcs there is nothing here!!!
: Police have recovered several handguns stolen earlier tonight from Guns, Fishing & Other Stuff in Vacaville. Guns were recovered from suspects caught following a pursuit that ended on Orange Drive.
Tonight we have a curfew as a deadline on protest, without a deadline to end PoliceBrutality Why do so many assume that guns and gear mean compliance and submission ? Deescalate.
I have a riddle on my page tonight ! Answer it right and ill send you a free picture, subscribers only ?
Quick update on the resolution to create an Ad-Hoc oversight committee potentially being voted on tonight at the Common Council Meeting. (a thread).
Summary: if you're out, stay vigilant. Have a plan. Follow tips from pros. Don't lose your buddy. I want you all safe. Be aware there may be a military response tonight. This is based on UNCONFIRMED info, some pictures, and conjecture.

Folks... I hope you can listen in tonight.. We always try to juggle many things at once and bring you highlights of quotes on here... tonight.. doing our best. You just cant type and LISTEN at the same time. LISTEN ... with us.

What a wonderful thought. In fact, it would be great if he lost votes in all states tonight, saw the writing on the wall and created an illness by tomorrow to give him the freedom to resign.
Are you going to cover the Antifa protest going on tonight at the MARKETPLACE?! Maybe give the people a heads up on what area they are RIOTING? I will be watching the news tonight ????? Facebook page says they will be taking "white [neighbor]hoods" tonight.

The fox was asleep on the lawn waiting for her dinner. Bloody love feeding her and her cubs. She had a banquet again tonight. Masses of chicken, sausages and sausage rolls.

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