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Friday 10th of July 2020

The Hype House Walking up And Seeing TonyLopezIsAStraggot Trending.

Tony lopez when he finds out elijah daniel turned the entirety of stan twitter against him at 7 in the morning.
Yall Im just thinking about his fans, theyre too young to be up this early but when they do wake up, theyre gonna be mad.
A straggot? Really? Could you morons come up with anything more retarded?
The hype house walking up and seeing TonyLopezIsAStraggot trending.
Everyone looking at elijah daniel ending tony lopez career.
We been knew.
Just a little reminder that mr tony lopez is a fetishizer of wlw.
Stan the gays especially this couple.
Elijah daniel gracefully ending tiny lopezs career.
Your dick should be in your pants not your personality.
Tony getting on twitter expecting to see 12 y/o calling him hot but then finding Elijah bullying him.
Fuck u Tony.
Elijah Daniels after leading the girls and Gays to bully Tony Lopez.
Tony lopez has a lot to say for someone who grabs his dick for children on tiktok.
Me after seeing elijah daniel bully tony lopez.
Maybe if yall stanned mr. cole sprouse instead of tony lopez.
The girls & gays bulling this man is something so pleasing to me.
Love you goodbye.
Who is tony lopez?
The word straggot is so fucking funny anyways this hyper sexual freak needs to go back to where he came from.
Tony lopez when he cant figure out why people dont like straight tik tok.
All of us tonight after knowing weve bullied the fuck out of tony lopez.
Thats all.
Can yall finally put nikitas weird ass out of misery too pls thnxx Stan miss Rihanna Barbados ambassador.
Since TonyLopezIsAStraggot is trending, lets take a second to remember this moment.
Nobody cares about you grabbing your dick for your young fans, get that shit out its disguating VnulbVnulb.
I hate fake peoplego stan Lauren jauregui.
Imagine being straight.
Bernie has more sex appeal than tony and he doesnt have to grab his dick to show it.
All elijah daniel fans looking up to him laughing about how hes canceling tony lopez.
Next time dont sexualize yourself for an underage audience.
Why yall even find him attractive? he looks like vector with a perm PLS.
Stop grabbing your dick.
Me trying to find out who Tony Lopez is and what did he do?
Ha he asked for it.
Me waking up ten minutes ago watching elijah d r a g tony Lopez.
After seeing tonylopezisastraggot is trending.
Tony lopez coming onto twitter after elijah daniel just ended him.
Do me a favor and stream anyways Tony nasty.
Whats your favourite one direction song? reply with.
Elijah daniel logging onto twitter today.
As if he doesnt grab his dick in every video pls stfuVnulb tonylopezisastraggot .
Awww someone's getting exposed?Vnulbtake some time to stan gracey instead.
I woke up to elijahdaniel bullying Tony Lopez, and it is the most wonderful thing.
Tony reading all the tweets of people bullying him.
What the fuck is a Straggot.
Tony lopez after he opens twitter.
Going to the store what do u guys want.
Stan zayn for clear skin.
If you dont know what hes done just look at these screenshots.
I just want more views.
Hey tony. hey tony. elijahdaniel came for your head. how do you feel?
And all u do is grab ur dick online, stfu.
For a second i thought this said tory lanez and i got so scared.
Kick the breeders off tik tok.
Stan hero fiennes tiffin for clear skin.
And us when we see an apology video of.
I just woke to this trending and yes i agree.
If you see this reply with TonyLopezIsAStraggot and then rt i wanna trend it.
To tony when he finds out TonyLopezIsAStraggot Is trending.
Straggots abt to be real pressed defending him rn tho.
Every time i see a new, semi-serious trend with 'hip hop and rap' or 'music' over it i know its the work of.
Tony lopez coming onto twitter and seeing tonylopezisastraggot trending.

What You Really Think

This video is everything.

Logan is like the quietest one there.

First time Im happy that there is a lack of diversity.



The onision vid always sends me, hes such a joke.

Onision genuinely scares me.

First time ive ever seen logan paul be the quiet one.

This is probably one of the best things I have ever seen.

Well stan Bad bunny either way chile.


Not charli tho.

Laura lee was my favorite!>nulb.

Wtf does this even mean pls explain im.


How is Logan Paul gonna be the one I hate the least at this point, the fuck.

This must be what the depths of hell are like.

My anxiety went like.

High school BOOLIES.

This video is giving me a fuckin stroke.

If anyone sees this, please share or donate if you can to help me reach my goal. Id really appreciate your support.


Why does this look like a CNN/Fox news panel.

Yesss kpoppies reply with ur fancams!! get those views.

This is the sound of hell itself upon entering.

Idk what to say.


This video is so entertaining.

Hear me out: Tony Lopez and Elijah Daniels are both enormous losers.

God that video makes me wanna vomit.

I- when you focus on one you can hear them over the rest I literally cant stop playing this video.

Why can I only hear onion while watching this.

Ive never seen a group of people I despise more.

You know its bad when logans video seemed the quietest.


Not Logan Paul being the least obnoxious person there.




When alll i hear is the onie dude i forgot his name already.

Idk if I should be sad these people ever got fame, or happy I can doe laughing at this vid.


OMG just STFU.

This video gives me nervous energy.

Shane def Thomas.