Monday 29th of June 2020

Sign Along Bathurst St. Apparently Not Everyone Wants to Defund.

Okay, this is getting silly: Demands: (1) Cut police budget by 50% (2) Abolish the RCMP (3) Abolish the SIU More than 1,000 protesters rally downtown to call for defunding and abolition of police, SIU.

From sunlorrie: Shootings up 20% as city council debates defunding police.
While racialized minorities made up 53.7% of the GTAs population in 2017, they occupied only 17.4% of leadership roles in the charitablesector. We must fix the diversity problem on nonprofit boards.
I'd like PasternakTO to know that literally thousands of people are saying they want less police and have been out on the streets for almost a month saying so. How can he possibly say he hasn't heard that unless he's being wilfully ignorant?

Take note, JohnTory.
: Defunding the police reckless, shortsighted and.
Tory is frustrating. Where is the money coming from to make these changes?
Do our City Council understand that DefundThePolice is not only about mental health response!
Y'all see the move? Consultation. This is how they do nothing. This is how they always do nothing. This is how they say "Fuck your Black life. Fuck your indigenous life." The police union is apparently more important than our deaths.

John Tory: highways are more important than black people.
Imagine all these public deaths, and your primary message at council is: "The police need to be commended" Disgusted.
Please, please, please! Toronto stop re-electing this pile of deadwood.
WOOOOW Toronto.
What lack of ambition what a failure of imagination what gross negligence and incompetence.
94% of the Iacobucci recommendations have been implemented, shelleycarroll. Why don't you know this? Why is this being used as a stalling tactic??? Reforms Do. Not. Work. They haven't worked. Stop pointing at smoke and mirrors.

Tfw De Blasio is more progressive than the City of Toronto TOpoli defundtheTPS JohnTory are you watching? Because we are watching you.
NEW: Premier Doug Ford says he would not stop Toronto from cutting funding to police. Thats their jurisdiction. But he does not support fewer cops, though he says training needs to be improved. 98% great ... but a few bad apples.

Despite the crap that Holyday is saying, statscan shows that 50-80% of police calls are for non-criminal issues (alarms going off/mental health crises is what statscan cites as examples).
Toronto City Councillors have heard from THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS of residents this week demanding de-funding the police and yet, as they always do, remain focussed on the small number of community members who engage in inaccessible, irregular "community consultations".

I want shelleycarroll to tell us why she thinks she's smarter than all the studies that show that bodycameras are harmful to us. I want her to tell us why this will be different than the accountability measures already in place that consistently fail.

Skip DefundThePolice. Disband the whole lot, get rid of the crooked bastard at the head of the union, and start over. Rehire the good ones with no blemishes on their record, official or otherwise, and create new agencies for things they should have never been covering.

I do think that Josh Matlow's motion is a test to see if he should run for mayor.
Has only sat on the TPSBoard for 6 years. Talking about the "pace"?
Hours into this Toronto Council meeting and I'm tempted to get a movement together to Defund Toronto City Council.
Very disappointed in Thompson_37. There have been thousands out on the street in the last month daily demanding far more than whenever the consultations were done. Is this a democracy or not? How can you ignore all these demonstrations? People are dying.

Defunding the police wouldnt be such a crit issue if John Tory had used any of his power to drive city dollars into communities that need infrastructure and community investment. Now you have the nerve to undermine community led motion that would do just that. Garbage.

NEW: ONgov announces a new task force to look at criminal activity in towing. To all the bad actors out there ... the party is over, says Premier Doug Ford.
John Tory has spent his entire mayoralty doing sweet F all to invest real dollars in communities that need it and does nothing but run his mouth. He maintains the status quo through platitudes and flaccid incrementalism. And highways.

It's clear that City Councillors in Toronto are more afraid of the Mayor - than they are of cops killing Black and Indigenous people. The self-aggrandizing soapbox act against racism doesn't mean shit when you're shutting down any real reform.

.FrancesNunziata chose to use her time during this meeting to discuss the "good things the cops have done" instead of focusing on the MANY DEATHS and VIOLENCE that police are responsible for against BIPOC. Consider supporting chipadovani instead!

I see all the stupid, agenda driven peeps are on TOpoli this afternoon DefundCBC instead BackTheBlue against Marxist insurgents pretending to be peaceful.
I would love for someone to give me a list of these Toronto residents that are still calling for ~increased~ police presence on our streets that so many councillors keep quoting.
Lots of councillors at Toronto City Council talking about acknowledging anti-Black racism, but then bringing up that "many community members want more police to feel safe" as a way to derail the conversation without considering that racism is implicated there, too.

Given that, how can you not couple addressing racism with TPS funding? If there's a better model for policing in Toronto (e.g. CAHOOTS in Oregon), then "funding them adequately" would probably mean spending less money and redirecting to social services.

Acknowledgement is literally as far as John Tory is willing to go. Real action is incomprehensible to him. Flaccid, shameful garbage mayor. The existence of racism is news to him in 2020.
Heres a cookie.

What You Really Think

Many aren't communists!

If you think activists speak for anyone your fucking nuts .. this is a democratic society, we vote for our beliefs, if you loose wait 4 more years until next vote, not grab 10 buddies destroy a few things and call it a protest, 2 hr limit needs to be in place for protests.

I'd put one on my front lawn tomorrow!

The only people who want to defund our cops are punks who contribute SFA to Toronto. Better idea is to defund universities that produce this trash.


A little defunding would help the police as well. The Province needs to put funds back into health care & especially the mental health crisis that's been plaguing our streets for years now. Its a win win situation.

That's better.

Wont take long for that to be ripped down.

Look at all the t's in that message... The letter t should be banned. Black people see a t and immediately think of a burning cross...we all mus_ s_op using _ha_ le__er .


Why do I suspect this sign will be in a CBC news piece soon, it's triggering to some.