Saturday 1st of April 2023

A Toronto Mother is Outraged After Finding a Toy That Resembles an Inuit Person inside an igloo in Her Daughter's Kinder Surprise Egg.

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Toronto mother outraged after finding that resembles Inuit person inside igloo daughter's Kinder Surprise egg.

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Whats the problem?


Outraged? Not, maybe dumbfounded or perplexed?

The real issue is tax funded CBC actually thinks this is newsworthy-give me a break and my money back for funding this nonsense.

Teaching Inuit history.Inuit popularized.

Why is this a story.

The fact this is actually a story is sad. Do the Inuit not build igloos sometimes when theyre on long hunting trips? If this is her only problem in life, she should count her blessings instead of sniveling to CBC over a toy. Pathetic.

Why is everyone in torontarded in a constant and perpetual outrage.

It has nothing to do with Inuit. Its an Eskimo in an igloo AND just a toy. Kids dont think like adults. Adults overthink everything. Not everything is political. Grow up!

We call em eskimos here.

Society truly downfalling worried about this ..

So what???? People get offended at everything these days! Eat the egg and move on!

Yes and i find this story, that woman and everything else going on in this Fd up world OFFENSIVE.

Cool toy.

My kids and husband built an igloo outside after a snowstorm. This is any child or adult who wants to build an igloo and play in it. Why did she read so far into it? Like go away.

Get a life and be happy .

So its a white person ASSuming she knows whats offensive .. this whole woke thing has got to go. And she needs to smarten up.

I'm outraged that Kinder Surprise is banned in the US because the toys are choking hazards. Just ban them in Canada and shut up.

Who cares.

It's a toy but the child loved it, the mom can go get a lifeand get scock treatment.

I used to read and listen to cbctoronto daily now all it is just nonsense like this. This should be a parody article and its sad that it isnt.

A Toronto Mum needs to chill out! Needs to se a shrink instead of calling the CBC.

Its a toy and how would it be offensive?

Just a toy, Karen, relax and have your morning wine.

Thanks to this type of parenting todays children are over sensitive-delusional about real lifea toy? If you are so concerning, tell me how are you supporting native communities, with education levels, housing, lower income, higher rate of unemployment, Come on Karen!!!!

For Gods sake, get a life, lady!

I personally think it's an "outrage" that she wore that bright fusia pink sweater for the article photo!

Save your outrage for something that actually matters.

Theresa Miller. Doesnt sound very Inuit.

Ah?! How is that disrespectful or outrageous ?!

Yes Teresa has the right priorities in order.

Oh my goodness... Lady it's a toy. Do you remember what it's like to be a child? You get a kinder as a treat, open it, scarf the chocolate as you try and pry open the egg to put together or play with the toy for a few then toss it in the corner.

For the CBC, April fools is every day of the year!

I am tired of this nonsense,you are wasting taxpayers money again!

Um Inuit people not exist?

I dont understand the issue. Inuit have built and still build igloos. Whats the problem?

There's no hope for us. Hope I'm out of here before next civil war.

You have to build the toy, I think it's a lesson for the child.

Oh the outrage! Virtue signaling has become priority 1 for too many people.

April fools?

So lame.

Looks like a child building a snow fort to me.

People really need to relax a bit.

I hope she's getting the help she needs.

OUTRAGED!!!! For F**K sake.

Another cbc bs story.

Yeah the white woman is offended? ok.

White people have a responsibility to be mindful of the impact their actions and choices have on marginalized communities. One way in which this manifests is in the creation and distribution of toys that may perpetuate harmful stereotypes and cultural appropriation.

I wonder if Indigenous people have an issue with it or is this another bored, suburban lady, virtue signaling?

According to you the association is accurate. Although igloos are mainly associated with the Inuit people of Canadas Arctic (as well as being found in Greenland), they are also part of the common Canadian identity. - the CBC from 2005.

Give the toy a break. Reeeelllaaax.

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