Toronto Police identified 16-year- Boy Victim

Monday 27th of March 2023

Toronto Police identified a 16-year-old Boy as The Victim of an "unprovoked" Stabbing at a Subway Station Saturday Evening.

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Toronto police identified 16-year-old victim "unprovoked" stabbing subway station Saturday evening.
Police theyve identified 16-year-old victim unprovoked, deadly stabbing inside Toronto subway station laid murder charge teens death.
16-year-old identified victim random deadly stabbing Toronto subway station Montreal Gazette.

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Toronto Police released the official images of the suspect.

Condolences to his family. Can't expect police or security to be everywhere, but how do you stop this sort of thing? Well, I moved out of Toronto. Mental illness is rampant everywhere, but there is little to no adequate infrastructure to deal with it.

How's that rifle/gun ban working for big cities' violence?

Remember when the TTC slogan used to be "The Better Way?" Not anymore.

Justin Trudeau's Toronto where the Liberals put Criminals First and the safety of Canadians last.

My condolences to his family and friends, especially the young man interviewed by the CBC. Take care, and if anyone needs support, reach out to one of the many organizations offering help.

RIP Gabriel. This is not acceptable.

Put Toronto Police officers on the TTC system isn't going to solve this problem. It showed that the cops were around when these attacks occurred. Stop wasting taxpayers' money on paying overtime.

What a shithole in The Better Way. And these elitists want more of this lousy system, costing billions that nobody in their right mind would take if they had a choice.

So instead of being shot we now get stabbed because of handgun bans.

Different vision means that Fat Cats, Servantry Get in Jail?


Monday will be a difficult one for all his friends, classmates & teachers. I'm sick of this crap. Stop with the mental health excuses for once & for all!

Stop letting homeless people on the TTC.

I think I'll drive and risk a car accident instead.

Since 2020 TTC CEO Rick Leary received 30.5% wage increase while cutting service & making TTC unsafe. Time for Rick Leary anti-rider, anti-worker leadership to end and restore TTC service & safety to what it once used to be.

The parents have to take some responsibility for this. When you willingly raise a family in a crime ridden hellscape what do expect to happen.

Only the woke left scum would defend homeless degenerates.

Poor child. My heart is with him and his family.

Torys legacy.

Where were the cops??? Oh thats right. They dont prevent crime. Its the conservative policy choices of cutting and austerity over the years that have not stood the test of the needs of the people of the city. Cops are not the solution crime problems.

Remember that the fares are going up. You can soon pay more for a dangerous commute. The ttc doesn't care about your safety. They just want your money.

Well well well, for you anti-cop activists who say to remove or reduce cops on the transit because they make criminals unsafe, is this what you wanted? Now, you activists have made it unsafe for the law-abiding riders. You cant have a safe transit system without security.

What a mess the TTC is. Do not take public transit in Toronto.

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