Tuesday 24th of November 2020


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Yeah like Mitch existed 8 years ago so that kind of ruins this point automatically.
Yeah he is a centrist republican - Obamacare is based under what he implemented in his state. As Republicans go he is not so bad - a Mass. republican would be a Democrat in a lot of places.
Exactly. Like not even close.

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Agreed, the other republicans who are terrible today were still terrible back in 2008 as well. The party DID get worse, but the seeds had already been sown.

Also Sarah Palin was a thing.

Yeah the Tea Party was booming at that point.

Tea Party was around 8 years ago. Mitt wasn't even close. It is correct that Mitch is basically the same guy. Others have gotten much worst, or just follow whatever the GOP tells them and never stand-up for anything.

I think they're talking about public perception. Republicans didn't go full HAM obstructionist until after Obama won a second term IIRC (I think they had only had two years of even controlling any part of congress and were still testing the waters with how far they could be blatant shitbags).

Yeah, was going to say. No matter what you think of him he was *not* the worst Republican in the party. But the guy's not wrong about the whole party dragging itself into the mud and debasing itself. Just when you think you can't respect Republicans less...

I almost even voted for Romney back then. Only reason I didnt was I thought Obama was doing fine in office and I didnt see a need to vote him out. Also would have voted McCain gif it wasnt for his VP pick. I was straight down the middle for a while until republicans started to get super weird with the tea party business.

2012 GOP primary... Rick Santorum, anyone? Mitt was the best member of that clusterfuck that included Michele Bachmann, Rick "Brokeback Mountain Jacket" Perry, Herman "Nine Nine Nine" Cain and Newt Gingrich. This meme is fucking delusional.

It really is a terrible message. It instantly makes you think the Democrats are influenced by the same blind hatred and propaganda that the republicans actually are, deciding that whoever is the nominee each cycle is the worst person in the world. Romney had a troubling platform and he was running against Obama, who was awesome. But Romney was and is a smart, professional guy and wouldnt have brought the type of shame on America that Trump has. But also, he probably would have lost to Hillary. Hes not the best candidate but he wouldnt be an awful president. Remember when W was the worst person in the world? That one is closer to the truth based on all the messed up stuff W was doing.

Seriously. Romney co-wrote the MA law that was used as an example for Obamacare.

Yeah what a bullshit post.

Yeah I disagree with his politics but his scandals were stuff like "binders full of women" which was a actually harmless mistake with a positive subtext.

He wasn't. He was groomed and pushed into the spotlight because they thought he had the best chance of defeating Obama. And honestly, if he hadn't tried to play the game of appealing to the hardcore Obama haters, the vote might have been closer in 2012. I wish I could find the picture of the local GOP headquarters that said, "10 out of 10 terrorist agree, anyone but McCain". Yeah, terrorist, too, not terrorists. Some of the same people who agreed with that sentiment, probably also wanted to piss on his grave because Trump didn't like him.

Agreed. I live in an area that begrudgingly voted for the guy because he was too liberal. People thought he was the worst? They just don't have any understanding of other parts of the country.

Yeah. Did we forget about Sarah Palin, for example?

Yes, this post is funny when you first read it. But when you think about it, it's not factually accurate. Romney was a middle-of-the-road republican back then.

He was pretty close to being the best Republican then, too. Hes just widened the gap as the party fell apart behind him (and ran off anyone who actually tried being reasonable).

Ted Cruz and Rick Santorum were a thing then too. And Trump was talking about running for office then, so yea. Romney definitely wasn't the worst.

Romney was the Hilary of the GOP. They seemed inevitable but lost to the parties worse nightmare Of course the nightmares were very different, Dems worst nightmare was a racist, far right conspiracy spewing autocrat and the GOPs worse nightmare was an educated black man.

Yeah, he beat like 16 other candidates to win the GOP nomination, and he was clearly better than every single one of them. The Tea Party was terrible.

Super religious guy with a military compound in Mexico? Armed to the teeth and enough man power to take on local drug cartels. No, he is a problem too.

Yeah he was the (more) moderate guy who won against Herman Cain, Michelle Bachman, and Newt.

Mitt has always been a decent dude. He was just running for the biggest spot, so there was a lot of mud thrown at him. Romney would have destroyed Biden in this election, I think. Trump was just so awful that almost anyone was going to beat him.

As an outsider (Australian) I'm not fully in tune with everything that's gone on with the American political scene. So I'm curious what was so bad about Romney. He seemed like a solid candidate with strong values that could have been a decent president. What was so bad about him, bearing in mind I understand it's hyperbole, to warrant being the 'worst Republican candidate'.

I thought he was pretty good. You guys had an election between two very competent and smart people who had honest disagreements about how things should be run. You got to choose between two guys with Harvard degrees and two guys who made honest attempts to fix healthcare (with valid concerns and criticisms against both). As an outsider looking in, Romney vs Obama seemed to be precisely what a two-party system should strive to produce.

I wish Romney would be somehow appointed by Biden, as wild as that sounds. Decent people across the aisle should be encouraged to see that being decent is rewarding.

Ya, I mean, I disagree with Romney on almost everything, but I never considered him a horrible person like I do with Trump, McConnell, Cruz and the like.

Not as long as there was Newt Gingrich, the original "scorched earth" Republican. There there's Bush who officially and proudly made us a torture state. McConnell for removing all the guardrails. Really, quitea long list.

If you asked me 8 years ago I would have said Rick Santorum was the worst republican.

I remember trying to convince people that binders full of women was a good thing. He wanted to hire qualified women for his cabinet.

He was at the top of the ticket in 2012. To most Americans, that makes you The Worst, regardless of actual policies. Remember when W Bush was Satan? Remember when Obama was Satan squared?

Yeah, but he was pretty average, wasn't he? So the shift is still extreme.

Yeah, he was just the biggest threat to grabbing the next rung on the ladder of power and so anyone not republican had an increased disdain for him. If he ran for president again Im sure the perception would change once again.

Yeah. He was just under a magnifying glass for a bit. Put the same glass on Matt Gaetz or McConnell and you'll probably find narco involvement and dead teenagers 'n shit.

I mean, Obamacare was basically nationalized and modified Romney care. Literally that was a point of attack on Romney in the 2012 election by democrats and primary republicans. The only reasons republicans hate Obamacare is because they thought it was politically better to not work with Obama, and democrats, at all. Obamacare was supposed to be the bipartisan compromise, republicans just decided after 2008 they didnt want to give any credit to democrats. Same thing happened with cap and trade, it was a Reagan/bush era idea that worked really well, newt Gingrich like it and so did policy, but it was dead after 2008.

He's got nothing on Sarah Palin. I will go to my grave believing she's the catalyst for Trumpism.

I'd say Louie Gohmert has held that title for some time.

I may not have liked his policy, and I think Mormons are weird. But I always thought he was a pretty standup human being.

Steve King is (soon to be "was") a Senator from Iowa who had a confederate flag on his desk. Iowa got a rich, history with the confederacy? Steve Scalise - caught speaking at a KKK rally. Clayton Williams - 'rape is like the weather, if it's inevitable just sit back and enjoy it'. Todd Akin - can't get pregnant from rape Lawrence Lockman - 'why shouldn't a man be free to use his superior strength to force himself on a woman?'.

He was during the campaign, sorta. Whichever Republican is running for president is the worst Republican, otherwise they get shut out in the primaries. The decent ones change back once the election is over.

*Newt Gingrich enters the chat*.

Cheney. Dude was pure evil.

Human ones, no. But Romney will always and forever remind me of tying a dog onto the roof of your car and driving around until it has diarrhea all over the roof of the station wagon. Which is actually quite generous to Mitt because it leaves out the part where after hosing everything down, they put him back on the roof of the car and completed the twelve hour drive.

Wait what?

Newt Gingrich is basically the sole reason bipartisanship is dead in the house and senate today, so he's probably the worst in my book.

Moscow McTurtle is my favorite one so far.

His austerity platform was fucking stupid in the context of 2012 when he was pushing it.

>The worst republican has always been Moscow McTurtle. The Zodiac Killer is a close second.

The fact that Ted Cruz now seems like a middle of the road Republican is what REALLY shows how crazy the party has become.

He was the governor of Massachusetts for God's sake. He shepherded through a state healthcare plan.

And looking back on it, it was just a turn of phrase that came off as sexist the implication behind the whole thing wasn't that bad really.

Remember when Romney said he went out of his way to find a lot of qualified female candidates for positions when he was governor and the media said he was a misogynist because of it?

47%. He was a piece of shit, and the media merely reported on it.

See this will be the issue in 4 years. Everyone who should care will have forgotten the last 4 years or the actual things wrong will be watered down for the fox news and oan viewers such that the overton window moves again.

Eh I don't know what you mean about kissing Trump's ring, Romney and Trump have had some high profile disputes the last couple years.

No one is arguing that he is not a flipflopping asshole, jut that their are in fact worse evils out there than Mitt fucking Romney.

The term humor is used veey loosely around here.

OP probably thought it would be funny if Norm Macdonald's SNL host monologue was refurbished for politics.

Lincoln. Checkmate, liberals.

Even if Trump didn't exist, every single Republican politician is a puppet of moneyed interests and corporations. There are no "good" Republicans because each and every one is in bed with a party that sells their constituents down the river to make big oil and the military industrial complex more money.

Not "the rest of them". Romney, too. Could have voted for impeachment. Could have voted against ACB. He's all not regressive policies, just not the tone. He's in just as deep as "the rest of them".